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    Robert Thomasson got a reaction from dredgernaut in 2017 Plans   
    That is a good looking well designed and built trommel!  A similar one is on my  project list.  How did your season at your 80 acre prospect work out?   My prospecting this year was a series of distractions and I didn't get to nearly as many places as I planned on.  Wait 'til next year.
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    Robert Thomasson reacted to dredgernaut in 2017 Plans   
    hey bud , thanks , me too , I built the trommel with a friend , I call it the "dredgenaut" , it is meant to be bucket fed , or small excavator , but the trommel will require direct supervision pretty consistently if using a mini ex. to feed it ,    and I have not purchased a mini yet , but I am willing and able too, should the need arise , California will not let me use one on my claim , and I am praying the will let me run my trommel , that is why I'm considering other opportunities  ,  I work by myself because I don't have anyone to work with , lol , so I built the trommel to be very mobile , meant to be carried in pieces , 6 to 7 trips , heaviest piece is about 75 lbs. , I can carry each piece like nothing , made a backpack to carry the motors  , here is a short , first test run , with old concentrates with some hammered lead added ,
    do you have a place that will allow you to use your mini ,

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    Robert Thomasson reacted to Harry Lipke in Old stamp mills   
    Don't have it yet but will....  It is a 5 stamp and all there.

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    Robert Thomasson got a reaction from Blackbird in New Rock Drill Design   
    Sorry about the dead link. As I recall the drill was a Rube Goldberg type of contraption. The operator turned a crank and a series of hammers on a rotating wheel hammered away on the drill steel. The New Rock Drill Design thread title is sort of a joke.
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    Robert Thomasson got a reaction from Geowizard in Don't Do This!   
    Chris, detectorists like you that have been detecting for many years were taught in the beginning to fill their holes. Now, there are so many people with detectors who haven't been taught and just don't care. Not sure what can be done about it, other than all of us taking a more vocal approach when we see people not filling their holes.
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    Robert Thomasson got a reaction from Sampson Resouces in Ac To Dc Converter   
    A lot of the automatic car battery chargers have a built-in voltage sensor that detects the battery voltage. They won't put out any current unless they're connected to a battery. An older manual battery charger should work. Or you could buy a 10 Amp 12 Volt DC power supply but it might be expensive.
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    Robert Thomasson got a reaction from Sampson Resouces in Ebay Chinese Jaw Crusher   
    Chris, that's understood and thanks for the explanation.  I hope that Sampson Resources comes back.  Decades ago I lived in what was then a small town with no radio station (Mammoth Lakes, CA).  One of the local residents went to great expense and effort to get the proper equipment and licenses to start a station. After literally years went by he was finally all set up and ready to Rock 'n Roll.  However, it turned out that advertisers wanted to decree what type of music the station played.  So, he was faced with the choice of going out of business after all his effort, or playing what the advertisers wanted, which was very close to elevator music.  Unfortunately it's the old case of who has the gold makes the rules and the advertisers have the gold.
    About the no advertising rule, it's a little bit vague.  Advertising to me means a link to a product or service that I'm profiting from.  In the recent case, I think he was  just pointing out a product that he had no connection with, although there may be advertisers who sell similar products and this was a conflict.  Maybe the rule could be re-worded to make it more specific and clear. 
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    Robert Thomasson got a reaction from Geowizard in Reverse Helix Recovery Systems   
    Using less water is a reverse helix advantage I haven't really considered.  It puts reverse helix in a better light, especially here in the high desert where we usually have to recycle water.  However, I've assumed that conventional trommel water usage was high not just for the necessary sluice but for effective material washing, again especially here where gold is solidly bound up in clay and very hard dirt clods.
    Does your estimate of one third the water usage also consider the water needed for thorough material washing? 
    Last but not least, how's your trommel project coming along?