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  1. The Gold Machine


    I have to admit I am VERY excited about this technology Geowizard! I appreciate all your Wizard Wisdom and look forward to exploring and drilling with your help
  2. The Gold Machine

    Drill Drill Drill !

    Geowizard! Thank you so much for your time and talent in helping me find the hotspots on our claims! We will be sure and let you know this summer how much of a WISARD you really are;) Nice meeting you!!
  3. The Gold Machine


    We are going to be WAY BACK there by Sheldon Maire on Confederate Creek. You are welcome anytime
  4. The Gold Machine

    Gold Drops Under $1500

    Great artical you posted there Cochetopa by Larry Edelson!! Wow what a hit on comodities today!!! What happened? Terrible tragedy in Boston!! Gold and silver dropped BIG TIME... looks like a great time to BUY;)
  5. The Gold Machine


    Hey Dick! We lookforward to meeting you someday? I was just in Chicken last week, I hauled in a D9G and a 235 excavator. What a crazy adventure that was!! We are getting the 120 YRD per hour model and are super excited to try her out! Rob
  6. The Gold Machine


    We are VERY excited to be running the Gold Machine built by Ray Brossik in Revelstoke, BC this year. My son and I are driving down to go pick her up next month! www.thegoldmachine.ca
  7. The Gold Machine

    Gold Deposit Geology

    Really good artical, Thanks Chris!!
  8. The Gold Machine

    Posting Rules, Terms of Service, etc

    Thank you for setting up this forum! We are new to prospecting and have learned allot from Steve H. and the chicken miner. We lookforward to learning more and sharing our ideas and adventures!