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  1. It's my understanding, the U.S. mint doesn't melt jack... except for the gold coins that were confiscated from the People of this country. The U.S. mint instead buys it's gold blanks from the Perth Mint. Made from newly mined U.S.Gold, as mandated by Congress. When power and money are at stake "People Conspire"
  2. rockygulchJoe

    100 Year Flood Gold

    I remember the floods of '97' too, thay were quite the display of, the power of hydraulics. My brother and I dredged our claim in the goodyears bar area the summer of '98' and we were absolutely amazed at the amount of the gold rush era workings and tailing piles that were gone (sluiced down the creek). Reno Chris is right in that the gold was really good for the next couple of years. What struck me on this creek the year after the big flood, was good size nuggets suspended up in the streambed material that had not hit bedrock yet. Its a surprise when you look in the sluice box of your gold-dredge, and its full of nuggets that you did not "see" or suck off the bedrock. Sure miss dredging California's Gold laden rivers and creeks, did not realize how good I had it. Joe
  3. rockygulchJoe

    Latest From Cobb Prospect

    flintgreasewood, I really dig your reports of your mining, it sounds like you are a throwback to yesteryear when miners were brave and hungry. Be safe and I pray the bedrock is yellow with gold for you.
  4. rockygulchJoe

    Gravel Transport

    Pretty inevitable given it's, California. Communist states get "No Dredging" and more control, semi-auto firearms will be banned next. Non communist states get to dredge, and enjoy FREEDOM.
  5. rockygulchJoe

    Small Trommels - 1 Yard Per Hour

    I like that Summit trommel and the Goldclaimer trommel. One thing to think about when you are shoveling-in, is if the motor is mounted on the trommel you might get some exaust fumes while working. I believe there are some water powered trommels.
  6. rockygulchJoe

    Small Trommels - 1 Yard Per Hour

    It's not a trommel, but I have had my little wash plant (Goldfield Prospector) for over fifteen years. The prospector is heavy duty and very reliable. The shaker screen is powered via a high pressure jet of water turning a water turbine attached to a shaft whith an offset weight. The speed of the screen is adjustable via a ball valve and it can really humm. The unit has really nice brass spray nozzles that emmit high pressure fans of water that do a very good job of washing material and emulsifing clay. The screen can be had in different sizes, mine is 1/4", the over size from the screen passes over a grizzly and 3/4- is run thru a small nugget trap sluice. The main sluice box is flared from 9" too 12" and is around 4' long. I sent Goldfield International a thank you email whith a picture of my unit, telling them I was very happy whith the long term durability of the prospector. The picture was featured in the goldfield add on page 59 of the August 2012 issue of ICMJ. What a pleasant surprise it was to see my machine in that issue.
  7. rockygulchJoe

    Into Africa

    All the best ! RC You know you're truly free when you are living among Lions.
  8. rockygulchJoe

    Digging Underwater With A Shovel

    Steve, I received the prospectors shovel as a Christmas gift last year and love it, has a old time, modern look if that is possible, it would look good hanging on my wall, but that is out of question. Mine has a two piece break down handle. The shovel blade and handle coupler have a brass colored plating of some kind, and the wood handle is oiled not varnished. The Prospectors Shovel works real good, if there is not to many big rocks and cobble in the material, bringing up big heaping loads from down under, that would make the operators of the Christine Rose jealous.
  9. rockygulchJoe

    Anyone Use A Rocker Box?

    Bob, I like your mod for better water distribution on the screen. The old timers used puch plate in the hopper box of their rockers. From what I have read, punch plate pools water providing a better wash on clayey material, but it would seem you could wash more pay dirt faster whith a screen, any thoughts on this. "The Rockin Gold Grabber" sorry for misspelling the name in my previous post.
  10. rockygulchJoe

    Anyone Use A Rocker Box?

    Thanks for the Great Journal Mr Harn, I have learned so much over the years from ICMJ. Checked out a rocken GG a couple years back at a gold show in Redding, and was quite impressed, its good sized, and being able to pump water while rocken-the-cradle is really cool. Gonna get one soon, chickenminer suggested using reversed expanded metal, that sounds like a great idea, kinda like the traps in a plastic gold pan.
  11. Hi guys Dan H, I saw a picture of a similar machine in a book called "Operating Small Gold Placers" second edit.1920 The G-B Placer Machine, introduced in 1931 by the Mine And Smelter Supply Company of Denver CO. There where a couple models of the machine, it used a riffle pan that oscillated from side to side. Denver Equipment Company of Denver CO. made some gold machines too, like the Denver Mechanical Gold Pan. All the best whith your resto.