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    Camp Ground Closed

    Agreed Geowizard! Let me make myself clear. I don't want to dig up or use the campground I just want to cross through it to get to the stream / river to do some panning or sluicing. I also have seen the trash and holes left by those who don't care about anyone else. And with the powers that be pushing UN Agenda 21, any excuse to close off our forest and rivers to us is jumped on pretty fast!
  2. roirat76

    Camp Ground Closed

    Thanks gang! I guess I'll just have to ask the local FS station or Ranger if I can find one quickly. I don't know about you guys/gals but my pans and sluice and detector are always in the back of the truck ready to go. When you got the gold fever and you are out and about any stream/river starts calling me and I just want to pull over right there and start to prospect for that yeller stuff. Gold Fever once you got it you got it forever!
  3. I would ask the Forest Service this question but I'm not sure if I would get a truthful answer. So, we were driving through a NF ( Lassen in CA ) and we had to stop so the dogs could take a pee break. We pulled in to a turnoff for a campground to get off the main road. The campground was still closed for the winter, had a locked gate. There was a nice little river running by the campground and not much snow on the ground making it easy to get to the river. My question is even though the campground is closed ( no camping ) can I step over the locked gate and walk over to the river to do some panning or sluicing? Just because the Camp is closed off is the river also closed? This question is also for anyone in OR. I was at the Sixes campground, same thing, camp closed but is it still legal to go in and prospect? Just trying to keep myself out of trouble.