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    Brown Compressor Parts

    i use a Brown compressor on my dredge for about 8 years now. it works fine! i have (somewhere) a exploded veiw of this compressor and part numbers. i also (somewhere have a address of a place that sells these and parts. they are in Chicago Illinois. ill look for their address and post their contact info if i ever find it.
  2. i tossed my miners moss after John "Hoser" showed me the Veranda carpet and how it works better than the MM i had. i now use it in my over/under 4 inch dredge and retrofitted a Highbanker with it.i used it on my friends claime on the Arkansa River 2 years ago and im sold on it now!
  3. Russ P

    Camp Ground Closed

    one way to find out, call them and ask if it is ok! that way youll know for sure. the FS sometimes give different answers when asking different fs people a question. its best to ask at their HQ.