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  1. I guess it would depend on which state you are in. Here in New Mexico all mining claims claims are located on Federal land. To mine on state land you can not stake a claim. You must lease the land from the state. If I locate a mining claim on Federal land where there was a previous claim that was abandoned, I would guess that whatever was left on the claim would now be mine. Guessing that if the claim was abandoned, so was the equipment. The only paperwork required would be a location notice of a new claim on the abandoned one.
  2. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Dry Washing - Finally!

    You're lucky. Where I wanted to dry wash, has coarse gold; but nuggets are rare.
  3. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Dry Washing - Finally!

    I'm having the same thing here, rain, and more rain. It sure messed up my plans for this summer.
  4. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Bears On My Claim

    Well, I tried to get up to the mine the other day to put up the camera. It had rained for a week solid. The road was real bad, so I turned around. I may try again tomorrow.
  5. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Bears On My Claim

    Yes, and they are very good at it. Hopefully, they won't notice the camera. I'll try to secure it very well.
  6. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Bears On My Claim

    The bear is going in the portal (entrance) to the mine. That's the only way in and out. The footprints and dropping are everywhere. There are a few trees near to the portal that I will put a camera in one beyond it's reach and see what happens.
  7. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Bears On My Claim

    It's been there for a while and there is plenty of food and water nearby. It ain't leaving any time soon. It has found a den and it plans to stay there.
  8. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Bears On My Claim

    Bear on my claim and living in the tunnels somewhere. How do I get it to move out? I sure ain't going in to tell it to move out. It might get real mad and I bet I can't out run it. Can't shoot it inside the mine as I might bring some rock down and I'd end up trapped. Don't want to hurt it any way. Maybe I should set up a game camera and monitor it for a while and see if it's a loner or a family with cubs, etc. If I can find out when it's out of there, I can put a door on the mine. Any better ideas? Thanks! Jim
  9. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Dry Washing Icon I Once Knew.

    I found this magazine and article yesterday. I met "Dowie" out near 29 Palms, California about 1988. He passed away at the age of 93 and was still dry washing in his late 80's. The article starts on page 28. I hope you enjoy it. http://mydesertmagazine.com/files/197602-DesertMagazine-1976-February.pdf Best wishes to all. RSJ
  10. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Mining Claim Lease Or Rental In Alaska

    Where we worked wasn't real easy access. We had to cross a couple of creeks and the water was pretty high. Of course that was 35 years ago. Maybe I'd be better off finding something in the lower 48 closer to home. Thanks for the reply. RSJ
  11. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Dry Washing Secret Weapon

    It's sort of trial and error, as it depends on how tough the material is.
  12. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Dry Washing Secret Weapon

    Here's a secret weapon that works extremely well when the dry wash gravel has a lot of caliche or clay in it. I've also seen an impact mill driven by a small gas engine that worked fairly well to break up the material. http://billandlindaprospecting.com/dw-don.html RSJ
  13. Jim Rattlesnake S

    Mining Claim Lease Or Rental In Alaska

    Here's a video taken at a public prospecting area close to where we worked back in 1980.
  14. Back in 1980 there was a Gold rush in Alaska and else where, as the price of gold hit over $800 an ounce. I and 3 friends went to Alaska to spend the summer mining for gold. Researching at the BLM in Anchorage it seemed pretty much everything accessible by vehicle was claimed up. One lady had staked 900 claims. After piddling around some public areas for a while, we made a deal with a claim owner to work one of his claims. His cut was 20% of what we found. It worked out well, as we found 27 ounces one week with our Keene super 4" dredge. My question to those in Alaska is, are there any claim owners willing to do that this coming summer? Thanks in advance for your replies! RSJ
  15. Jim Rattlesnake S

    March Issue Of Icmj

    Nice specimen!