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  1. outnaboutnak

    Starting A Placer Mining Operation

    Youve got a lot of work ahead of you. My advice is to look for work in the industry. If you're looking at placer mining, find an operation and put some seasons in learning. Think of it as paid on the job training. Ill tell you this, Ive been working at getting to a level where I can be full time make a living mining since I staked my first claim in 09. Even coming from a family mining background, and working with very skilled and beneficial partners, this has been much tougher than I had ever imagined. In the last few years I have met both ends of the spectrum, those who make mining mining and those who don't. I don't know the secret to making it but I know hard work never hurts. In my experience you cant part time mining, That has been the biggest slow down for me. Its either a hobby or its a business, pick one and go for it.
  2. outnaboutnak

    Gold Hog Yukon Mat

    I looked into running the Yukon Mat in section or complet replacement for our boxes that we built this spring but I'm told that it requires a steeper angle than regular moss and we don't have the flexibility. I would love to hear reviews from people that switch and try it. Maybe next year.
  3. outnaboutnak

    "currently Mineable Grade"

    Thanks Chris, yes I have the property. Probable reserves are estimated at $13 and $75 at todays price from two different sources. Possible reserves are whats "currently mineable grade" so its safe to assume the value of those are lower than the probable reserves numbers. I understand there is no limit to the variables in a question like this, I just thought that someone might ballpark an opinion on the statement.
  4. outnaboutnak

    "currently Mineable Grade"

    Thanks Geo. The last operation in the area was dozer/sluice and dragline / washing plant at $35 gold. It's remote with very large airstrip and winter land accessibility. I'm crunching numbers at this point and coming up with a plan of my own like you say. I have more information that may help my question at home that I could share. Thanks again.
  5. I'm looking for some opinions and ideas on the topic of a placer reserves described as "of currently mineable grade". The year that was written was 1975 and gold closed at $139 and averaged $160 over the course. Any ideas on what kind of dollars per yard that might be. The ground is easily mineable, pretty remote, low stripping costs, no permafrost. Etc. I'd take any ideas or guess'. Thanks.
  6. outnaboutnak

    Gold Cache

    That's quite a find. After all these years. I wonder if the cache is related to any unsolved mysteries of the day or just some miners cache that he never returned too
  7. Very cool. I wonder how they deal with the unevenness of the sea floor in regards to the sluice boxes on the plant? Though maybe its smoother than I think under the water?
  8. outnaboutnak

    Nice Cold January Gold

    Nice gold. You must not be in Alaska, 19? It's 47 degrees at my house right now. With the creeks opening up you could probably drop a dredge in around here!
  9. I'll share how our trommel is built. It's a 14' x 42" barrel with four 1 1/2" angle iron running nearly the entire length of the barrel. Water is supplied by a 2" pipe the entire length of the barrel. The trommel material is screened to 1" from 4" at the beginning of the barrel. The screen section is approx 48", though I can't remember exactly. With that said, our testing last fall showed that some improvements could, should and will be made. For example we adjusted the wash pipe a quarter turn to spray higher up the leading edge of the material in the barrel. Another modification will be to cut the lifters and offset the second half. Currently the water wants to rush right down them when the barrel is low on material. It still needs some work as I've said but its a start.
  10. Try an external photo upload through photobucket, imageshack or flickr?
  11. There was a brief shot of one of the large excavator barges in the last episode with a machine in the background. It looked like an excavator and it had four spuds sticking up. Yours? I'll have to go back and look at it again.
  12. outnaboutnak

    Small Trommels - 1 Yard Per Hour

    I like all the trommel pieces that they sell but shipping would be killer up here to Alaska
  13. That would be interesting to see what you've come up with.
  14. outnaboutnak

    A Journey Into The World's Deepest Gold Mine

    Wow that's quite a read. Thanks.
  15. outnaboutnak

    Blue Gumbo

    Interesting. Do you have any pictures of this type of material?