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    Magnometer To Survey 400 Acres Of Placer Ground?

    Harry, I usually post an answer to a question no matter how old the topic. The reason is that New info is always welcome to all that have an interest in a topic. What I hate to do is Search for a topic and find multiple topics and have to go through all just to find which ones have useful info in them. So why start a NEW Thread when there is one that can be Bumped Up. Sincerely Bill "Lost Adams"
  2. William A

    Magnometer To Survey 400 Acres Of Placer Ground?

    Peter, I would suggest you use the Resistivity method, specifically the Wenner Alpha, Wenner Beta, or Wenner-Schlumberger array configurations. These will measure the electrical resistivity of the ground depth at 1/2 there distance apart. So if you had a 3 meter spread then the Depth you would be measuring would be 1.5 m. This could be reduced to one meter spread with 0.5 m depth. By the same token you can increase the Spread to gain greater Depth. Any difference in the Electrical Conductivity of the Over Burden, down to Bedrock, 'and deeper 100s to 1000s of feet' would be measurable and be able to be displayed on the computer screen as a color cross-section with Dr. M.H.Lokes' RES2DINV or RES3DINV Software. The software can be found here http://www.geotomosoft.com/downloads.php the paper explaining the layouts an procedures can be found here http://www.geo.mtu.edu/~ctyoung/LOKENOTE.PDF for further information and discussions I would reference Carl Moorlands GeoTech website and forum. here is a post on the EPE Resistivity Logger that you would need to preform the surveys. http://www.geotech1.com/forums/showthread.php?15674-EPE-resistivity-logger scroll down to POST #21 and read from there the rest above it just troubleshooting talk to get it to work. Hope this Helps!!! Sincerely Bill "Lost Adams"
  3. Jim, the "Lost Adams" moniker is from my different Names and pursuits. My name is William V. Adams I hunt and Find Lost gold mines and treasures. I spent a good bit of time researching the "Lost Adams Mine" on the Border between Arizona and New Mexico. I do Admit I have NEVER been LOST in the Boonies. At times I have been a mite bewildered as to where I was though. Only when I was much younger though, Not Recently! If you look on my Facebook page or my LinkedIn page you can see the Pic of me Looking Lost. couldn't figure out how to post a pick here??? As far as the Lost Adams Mine is concerned I believe that it is at or very near the Ancient Apache Chiefs burial grounds, where ever that is. I personally wouldn't go near the area, even IF I knew where it was, as I believe it is Guarded by a Warrior or two that aren't bound by anything except Ancient Tradition. Hence IT NEVER Being found in modern times. And If you do you never LIVE to tell the Story. Sincerely Bill "Lost Adams"
  4. Kev, You can also be on a Widely Low Grade Disseminated Schist Deposit that when overthrown could have Redissolved/Melted the Micron Gold and Then Redeposited it IN-AT-Near your "Contact Zone", by any of the common methods, without Quartz being present. Just some Thoughts to mull over. Sincerley Bill "Lost Adams"
  5. Jim, Why don't you use a Discovery TF-900. It uses 6 AA batteries with an estimated life of 20 hrs. It has "All Metal" mode with ground reject, and a TR Cave Mode that responds to no or low mineralization. It had a depth capability of 15-20 ft on a 50 gal barrel and 20-30ft on a car, to the best of my relocation. I also use an ArcGEO Logger to record the grid responses to use on a laptop to display the data. I have never used it on these targets, but used the 73khz Pipe Finder circuit to locate water lines at 4-8 ft. It uses a separate transmitter and different coil to find pipes. If you get good you can even accurately estimate the depth, by using the 45 deg response technique. A Better method to MAP Black Sand deposits is the Hand Held Magnetometer, an inexpensive model that should be adequate is the Flux Gate Magnetometer by Carl Mooreland at the GeoTech Site. Another method would be to use Induced Electrical Current sensing system, ie Electrical Resistivity. It is accurate to Hundreds of Feet, and will give you a color map of the deposit if you use ResDev 2d or 3d software These can all be researched on the GeoTech website. Sincerely Bill "Lost Adams"