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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) reacted to Scott C in Following A Line Of Gold With The Gpz   
    Another deep target thanks to the GPZ. 6 dwter from the weekend. Another deep target for the GPZ, took me 30 minutes to get down to 20 inch hiding spot for this nugget.

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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) reacted to Harry Lipke in Gold From Old Tailing Pile   
    Irfanview is a free imaging program that I use all the time.  You might look at it.
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) reacted to Reno Chris in Don't Do This!   
    I was out prospecting in Nevada and came across an area where a prospector had left one open hole after another, some close to a foot deep. Right in the middle of the open hole area was trash left probably from the guy's lunch.  I later came across another area of open holes in California. I just want to encourage everyone to pick up your trash and fill in your holes! Nothing marks you as a bad operator more than leaving behind a bunch of trash and open dig holes.

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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) reacted to Reno Chris in 1/3 Ounce Of Nuggets From Northern Nevada   
    Here is a bit of gold I have got on a couple recent trips to the northern Nevada goldfields - Been a really wet last 6 weeks or so up this way with thundershowers and lightning on many days. The total weight for this gold is about ten grams, or roughly 1/3rd of an ounce. The bigger pieces were found with Minelab's GPZ 7000, while the smaller stuff, mostly to the right side of the photo, was taken with their SDC 2300 - both very definitely have their place for the types of detecting I do. I've had rain shortened days prospecting where I had to sit in my car and wait out a storm, etc. and some partial days that were spent with some time prospecting but some time driving back and forth to the gold fields and later returning home. I'd say this gold represents the equivalent of about 5 full days of prospecting.

    I wish I could claim the biggest piece was some faint warble of a signal that I had the talent and skills to hear and identify, but it was a loud booming target less than an inch deep that any metal detector could have heard. When it boomed through my earphones I was sure it was trash, but I dug it and in much of northern Nevada there is not a lot of trash. The second swing of my pick a dirt clod flipped over and the big nugget was shining back at me. That was a nice feeling!

    Good gold is still out there, it just takes some work, persistence and a bit of luck - and sometimes you need some patience while waiting for the thunderstorms to stop.

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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) reacted to Jim Rattlesnake S in Metal Detector Theory   
    What a waste of time it was reading this thread.
    Just like the time and money I spent on electronic engineering classes back around 1970.
    My thought was to design and build better metal detectors than what was available at that time.
    Didn't happen.
    The only things that concerns most folks that purchase metal detectors are:
    "Will it find the good stuff?"
    "Will it function as advertised?"
    And since this is the Metal Detecting for Gold forum, I would guess that tips and ideas to help others find more gold would be more of an interest than how the electronics work. Showing finds and telling stories of the hunt is nice and shows that there still is stuff out there to be found. Research tips to finding places to hunt, etc. would of great benefit to some folks.
    Just my 2 cents!
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) reacted to Scott Harn - Editor in Reno Man Finds 6.5 Oz Gold Nugget (And Then Some)   
    Responses in this thread were deleted -- sounded like someone was trying to pick a fight and we're not going to tolerate that.  Thanks.
    Scott Harn
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from IdahoJim in Using Leach On Ore For Gold Recovery   
    I feel for K Rose on this one. He asked a specific question. "Anybody out there versed in using iodide as leach? I need a little more info on using an acid buffer during oxidation and precipitation."
    After reading this thread I also would be feeling like I was getting grilled if I was in his shoes.
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) reacted to Mgusto4north in A Little California Gold With Minelab Sdc 2300   
    Hi Steve,
    Wow! those are nice!  I'll bet it never really gets old when you dig a target.  I enjoy reading your stories and looking at the pictures you share.  May you continue to have great success and please keep sharing.
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from manVSgold in Detector Purchase A Must.   
    My Gold Bug 2 is one of my favorite all time detectors. That said, some place you just need a PI detector. If the area is bad run the GB2 in disc mode and if that does not shut it up then a PI may be the only solution. If I had to have a PI on a budget I would be looking for a used Whites TDI SL for under $1000
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Dan H in Largest Gold Prospecting Show In The United States   
    Great show, good time had by all I do believe. Thank you Scott Harn and ICMJ!
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Ronald C in Nice Nevada Gold Specimen   
    Here is a closeup of a 1.7 gram specimen I found recently near Winnemucca, NV with my White's GMT. This and a few other pieces are my first Nevada gold! The GMT is excellent on gold like this that PI detectors have a hard time seeing.

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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Dan H in New Garrett Pulse Induction !   
    Ok, you guys trying to make all my hats not fit! I know remarkably little about anything. I do consider myself a student of metal detecting which means I have a lot to learn. Learning is fun.
    Actually, the technology employed in the ATX and GPX 5000 is not the same. Both are PI detectors, yes. But one only need hook both up to the appropriate equipment to see the transmitted signals are not the same. The signal processing is most certainly not the same.
    I can arrange any test to prove anything I want. I can show a Gold Bug 2 finding more gold than a GPX 5000. Gold a GPX 5000 cannot detect under any circumstances. Tests can be contrived to make an ATX look good, as is being done now far and wide on the internet. I can also do tests making a GPX 5000 look good. All of which is beside the point.
    People keep wanting to prove something is best. Best at what? Which is best, a screwdriver or a wrench? Hopefully you say it all depends on what you are doing. I employ numerous detectors because no one detector does everything. There are plenty of do-it-all detectors but by and large they are jacks of all trades and masters of none. Specialty machines usually excel at certain tasks, so I mainly employ specialty units.
    The trick is to analyze the history and geology of an area to try and choose the appropriate detecting tool for the task. I would be foolish to use a GPX 5000 in an area of low mineralization where all the gold is known to be less than 1 grain in size. I would be better served with a Gold Bug 2 or White's GMT.
    In heavily trash infested tailing piles where trash targets outnumber gold targets by 100 to 1 or more I would probably be better off employing a good discriminating VLF. I would say Ganes Creek proved this time and again, much to many a Minelab owners dismay.
    I like large gold and so I target areas likely to produce large gold nuggets. In that quest I still believe a GPX 5000 is my best most appropriate tool for numerous reasons, sheer performance being only part of the equation.
    I want to metal detect for gold in and around water, like mask and snorkel in the Yuba River. I think the Garrett ATX will be perfect for this task.
    I almost never go with one detector. This summer I relied mainly on the GPX 5000, Gold Bug Pro, and Gold Bug 2. If I get into an area where one is not working for me I pull out the other.
    Anyway, I am a bit fed up with all the ATX versus GPX nonsense going on right now. I honestly do not care what people want to believe as all that matters is what works for me. If I am heading up into the Sierras where there is some hot red ground with potential for big gold I will be packing my GPX 5000 and leaving my ATX at home. If I. Head for the Yuba with my and snorkel, I will take the ATX and leave the GPX at home.
    The ATX is a good machine in its own right and will certainly serve many people well as an alternative to the GPX 5000. But for my stated goal of finding large gold at depth in mineralized ground I rely on the GPX 5000 and will continue to do so. That is just me, my opinion, and what I am doing, and I do not intend to produce any videos or tests or proofs. Frankly, I have better things to do with my time than try and prove things to people. If my opinion based on my use is not good enough I can certainly live with that. I honestly am just trying to offer helpful advice as I see it. But again, I am not out to prove anything one way or the other.
    Thank you though for the kind comments though they are over the top. I just like metal detecting. Chris and I hit a park for a couple hours yesterday (I used the ATX, he used an MXT) and we are going out again today. I think I will go with my CTX 3030 today.
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from manVSgold in Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?   
    "I think that only 5% of the people who go for gold can make a living isnt because of the lack of gold, but because of the lack of determination and hard work that it takes to get it."
    Try less than 1%
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Geowizard in Moore Creek Geology   
    Here are most of the reports and a summary.
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Ronald C in Nice Nevada Gold Specimen   
    Here is a closeup of a 1.7 gram specimen I found recently near Winnemucca, NV with my White's GMT. This and a few other pieces are my first Nevada gold! The GMT is excellent on gold like this that PI detectors have a hard time seeing.

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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Coeur_D_Alene in 100 Year Flood Gold   
    It is never good that property and lives are lost in floods but they can be a real rejuvenator of mining possibilities anywhere they occur. Gold can be spotted eyeballing bedrock and ground if you are first on site immediately after a flood recedes.
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Geowizard in Claim Trespassing, Posting On The Internet - Youtube   
    "Why does everyone stick there head in the sand when people like this are blatantly entering areas marked no Trespassing? What the video he goes over fences with marked signs. What's it take to pull a community to work together before the problem is being shoved down your throat and your loosing money. This is easy compared to working a claim! Are you scared of the guy doing a video about miners. What if its one of your families children that copy him?
    I've always made safety #1 with my working, whats it gonna take for you to become the same way?
    I really wished I had more input from this community, miners used to be strong, protective and pillars for the communities, there voice carried weight, as employers we created jobs and communities. I would have though some of you would be concerned about children and young people following in Mr. YouTube's foolish footsteps, and yet no one commented about that? I guess no one has kids or grand kids? But today as miners were nothing but targets for lowlifes, tree huggers, under educated state and federal employees."
    Well, since you asked for a comment, mine would be that you have an issue and are angry everybody is not pitching in to help you with your problem. Then you accuse everyone of sticking their heads in the sand and not caring about the safety of children.
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from leonard in Alaska 2008   
    That is basically what happened in the Fortymile the last couple summers. Rain all summer long. Thankfully for me it went back to more favorable weather this summer. A couple weeks of solid rain is not unusual in most of Alaska and in southeast rain is actually more the norm than not.
    Anchorage ties record for consecutive rainy days
    Published: August 13, 2010 By JAMES HALPIN Anchorage Daily News
    WHEN WILL IT END?: Dubious honor just adds to the gloominess of summer.
    Anchorage tied its record Friday for most consecutive days with at least a trace of rainfall, according to the National Weather Service. As of 4 p.m., the service had recorded .02 inches at its station in Sand Lake -- enough to tally the 27th consecutive day with at least a trace of precipitation, said forecaster Neil Murakami. That ties the record set in 1951, according to the weather service. The weather service was calling for showers tapering off to cloudy skies overnight, so it wasn't known if the record would be broken Saturday.
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Dan H in Going Detecting All Summer Long!   
    I will be living in a tent as I have bills to pay also. Easiest way to make a profit is not have any overhead!
    But stuff adds up. 300 minutes of sat phone (Alaska/Canada only) is $258, expires in 6 months. Cheapest I have found so far at least. There goes 4.3 grams of gold just to pay for that!
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Dan H in Going Detecting All Summer Long!   
    Anything you do all the time just becomes a job, and mining is one of the most difficult to succeed at. People like you are rare indeed Dick. We are lucky to have your perspective here.
    Prospecting really is the fun part. It is the hunt! Mining is when the real work starts.
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Dan H in Going Detecting All Summer Long!   
    Well, as my article in the latest Journal relates my dredging plans are off for the summer. One door closes, others open, and I am hot the path of some excellent metal detecting opportunities in Alaska this summer. I am going to have three main targets. First, sniping bedrock with a detector which is going to get gold no matter what, but the average size will be very small. That will basically to make sure the bills get paid. Then I will put in significant amounts of time hunting tailing piles. This is not Ganes Creek or Moore Creek type stuff, which is exceptional in nature, but run of the mill tailings. That means lots of hours, very low odds of hitting gold on any given day. But the hope is a larger nugget will make the time pay off. Then finally something I have never done in Alaska - hunting virgin ground in hopes of finding a patch of gold. Extreme long odds stuff with low probability of a find, which is why I have not done it in Alaska before. I literally did not have the time! Despite the low odds however it is the type of hunting where results could be newsworthy if a find is made.
    The bedrock detecting will be with high frequency VLFs like the Fisher Gold Bug 2 and White's GMT. I will be doing lots of "scrape and detect" and hitting every tiny bit if gold is more important than depth when doing that. The tailing pile detecting will be with either the Fisher F75 SE or Gold Bug Pro which are good at sorting out ferrous from non-ferrous. Tailings are full of junk. I detect about 12 hours a day so these models have ended up being what I prefer hunting tailings simply due to their light weight. Many other units would do as well but add another pound on my arm, and that is a critical factor for me, having experienced arm strain in the past. If the VLFs prove an area of tailings relatively free of trash, I will switch to my Minelab GPX 5000. The blue-sky prospecting in deep ground will be with the GPX 5000 almost exclusively.
    Going to be my first real go at it in Alaska for an entire summer with a detector. I will be staying very mobile and may end up all over the state by the end of summer, or parked in one spot if I am doing well. That is one very nice thing about detecting - I can stay very light and very flexible. The entire time, I will be scouting for possibilities for 2014 and beyond.
    When fall hits I will head for Reno and start my new gig as a Lower 48 prospector. The whole time I will be shooting photos and video and writing articles for the Journal. I will check in here as often as I can throughout the summer.
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Hard Prospector in New Nugget Detectors (Lack Thereof)   
    I find it odd that gold nugget detectors are selling at absurd levels the last few years, yet there seems to be little interest in catering to the gold nugget market specifically on the part of the manufacturers. Most detector manufacturers hedge their bets by producing multipurpose detectors, and the few dedicated units undergo little change if any over time.
    Fisher - I have all but given up on there being a Gold Bug 3. The Gold Bug Pro seems to be the designated successor, and no apparent interest on Fishers part on producing a more compact GB3 or better yet a version with selectable frequencies. And as of yet no PI entry at all.
    Garrett - The Stinger inexplicably still lives but I do applaud Garrett releasing a capable successor, the AT Gold. Some nice out-of-box thinking on the AT units. The Infinium has always suffered by being a hybrid - be nice to see a dedicated prospecting PI with a better coil selection. The waterproof case adds unneeded weight and expense plus touchy coil and headphone connections.
    Minelab - I guess I have to forgive Minelab on the PI units as the only competition they have is themselves and they have done a great job taking the PI tech to the max. What the GPX mainly needs now is a physical makeover. But the Eureka is overdue for retirement and good as the X-Terra 705 is I think Minelab could do much better with a new dedicated VLF nugget detector if they tried.
    Tesoro - How long can they milk the Lobo? Add manual ground balance or at least a GB "Lock" for the automatic ground tracking. Reintroduce the uMax Diablo with iron disc added.
    White's - Please put the GMT in a box made for prospecting, not coin detecting. And lose the 1980 coils.
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Got the bug in Meet Your Moderators   
    And I am honored to be associated with the most respected magazine in the industry. Thank you for the opportunity Scott!
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    Steve Herschbach (Inactive) got a reaction from Grant Coleman in Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?   
    Smoking deal, would have snapped it up myself!
    I am happy with my GMT page, probably more tidbits there on the GMT than you will find anywhere else. I plan on expanding the equipment information pages on my website with more photos and details so that eventually a person can find anything they want to know on a model all in one place. I hope you find it helpful.