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  1. bill-costa rica

    Does Anyone Here Actually Hard Rock Mine?

    try these guys, they are in the PNW . they do all different kinds of mining and building stuff for mining. they will be able to give you the right answers http://www.mbmmllc.com/ bill/cr
  2. bill-costa rica

    Small Trommels - 1 Yard Per Hour

    the gold machine\ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLUZXiOV8hQ
  3. gave me a good laugh eric, old and grumpy that me, at least 2 more weeks for my ribs to heal also

  4. bill-costa rica

    How It All Got Started

    good read , please keep it coming. bill/cr
  5. bill-costa rica

    Headed To A Diferrent Country?

    no , my friend was not a tourist, he was working and his company rented a apartment for him. he said it was plenty dangerous. any big city is . the other fella i spoke of lives in brazil. good luck to ya. hope you hit it good. bill/cr
  6. bill-costa rica

    Headed To A Diferrent Country?

    I have talked with a gringo that lives in brazil and he hides his pistol that he needs for protection, metal detector and dredge because of the mining laws. also had a friend that lived in rio a few blocks off the beach, also lives full time in Guatemala said it was dangerous. have you taken off your rose colored glasses ? have you checked out mining laws yet ? bill/cr
  7. bill-costa rica

    Headed To A Diferrent Country?

    I have thought about moving to another country with better mining laws , I made the first move 16 years ago. now it is time for a new country. once you live in another country it becomes easier to move to another. Venezuela and Africa would be off my list. bill/cr
  8. bill-costa rica

    Epa & Chicken, Ak

    in costa rica they use the same reason to raid or watch some place . drugs and human trafficing. be it true or not. things are getting out of hand all over the world. alaska is just the newest place. bill/cr
  9. bill-costa rica

    Keene 2 1/2" Dredge

    years ago I had a 2 ½ Keene dredge . served me well. it had a nozzle jet and that went inside the hose that had external spirals but smooth inside. sure didn’t want any spirals inside. then the hose went into the header box tube and was held together with a hose clamp. real simple. bill/cr
  10. bill-costa rica

    Gravel Transport

    well, good luck with that. i wish i could do the same. bill/cr
  11. bill-costa rica

    Gravel Transport

    james, don't quit your day job. comedy is not for you
  12. bill-costa rica

    Gravel Transport

    there is a old , old saying ……loose lips sink ships….. well guys … you sank your own ship. there were more than a few people quietly working , not posting and happy. then came the internet blab…… too bad , but just deserts.
  13. just saw this, looks kinda the same http://www.goldlands.com/ bill/cr