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  1. This is from a visit in Colorado about 20 years ago. It's probably still there, just in worse shape. A lot of good equipment just left to rot! This was a mining area near Jamestown, Colorado. Flotation mill Leonard
  2. leonard

    Visiting an old ore processing facillity

    This story is about an old Florspar mine above Jamestown. It was being used as a dump. This was near the old Burlington mine. No trace anymore of this or the Burlington. They have been entirely reclaimed. http://golddredger.com/fluoritemine/fluorsparmine1.htm
  3. leonard

    Visiting an old ore processing facillity

    I wandered around the area quite a bit in the late 90's. I have a lot of pictures taken in the Rip Van Damn mine a couple of miles downstream from Jamestown. I'll hve to dig them up and post a few.
  4. leonard

    First Nugget this year

    Glad to hear things are kind of pointing back to normal. I wish both you and your dad best wishes. Leonard
  5. leonard

    Visiting an old ore processing facillity

    My pictures were taken in the late 1990's. Research shows that they were of the Bueno Mill. As close as I can make it, the mill was built in the late 70"s. It seems there is some interest in reopening or rebuilding the mill. There are newspaper articles and pictures from 2012. http://www.gettyimages.fr/photos/bueno-mill?excludenudity=true&sort=mostpopular&mediatype=photography&phrase=bueno mill You can see more pictures of some of the equipment shown on my web page at the above link. I will do a little more looking as I'm interested in following up. Leonard
  6. All equipment has been sold. Pages are for information only Here's a setup using a horizontal centrifuge. It's been sold long ago but the pictures still apply. It's somewhat larger that what you wanted. Portable plant
  7. Traffic is way down on most forums. I've heard this form others also. I still check 4 gold forums every day but don't post much as my dredging days are over. It was a great run though but it's hard to fight old age. Leonard
  8. leonard

    California Flooding

    I was only there for a day or so. I was using just a pan. I watched a guy using a homemade sluice made out of plywood with the rough side up and no riffles in it at all. He was just shoveling it in and there was gold all over the plywood. We went back the next year and were dredging. We found some really nice gold in areas that weren't worked. Not in multiple ounce category but nice gold. You can see stories on 2 trips at http://golddredger.com/bdownie1.htm http://golddredger.com/downieindex.htm http://golddredger.com/rivercrossing/rivercrossing1.htm Leonard
  9. leonard

    California Flooding

    I remember the summer of 1997 after the flood. Tremendous gold! Leonard Union Flats 1997
  10. leonard

    We Are Miners

    I saw it on another site and I thought it was great! Leonard
  11. I was just out of the hospital from 3 weeks of battling meningitis with 200 antibiotic IV's. I would have liked seeing you. I have a couple of good 16-1 and Allegheny stories that I tell sitting around the campfire. It's an interesting place. Leonard
  12. I had a chance to do a little prospecting there about 15 years ago. I even found a little gold. Actually, it's me holding the Whopper. I've never found anything that big. Leonard
  13. leonard

    Ebay Chinese Jaw Crusher

    All you need is someone that is willing to spend their own money for the forum and the time required to monitor it. After you have that a few years later, you might have enough members to make it worth while. This forum is relatively new and wouldn't have the followers it has this soon if it wasn't for the magazine. That brought a large number of big name members immediately. New forums are hard to start. Even when they are as good as this one is. Thanks for the forum, Scott. I visit every day. Leonard
  14. leonard

    Ebay Chinese Jaw Crusher

    To bad you weren't looking about 10 years ago. I sold all of this for a widow friend. It's all gone now regardless of what it says. Leonard Mills/Grinders/Accessories Impact mill, Stutenroth (new 2002 never used) 15 tph 40 hp 440v 3 phase with 6" x 16 foot auger bagfiller with forklift base Sold $8,500 Impact mill, Stutenroth with new set of plates, complete, needs assembly Sold $1,000 Impact Mill 1998 ERP Engineering 5"x24" Sold $1,700 Impact mill, Hercules double head Sold $10,000Reduced to $9,000 Ball Mill Little Giant Rib Cone, skid mount $1,500 Ball Mill Oremaster Sold $150 Hammermill Willams 18" $2,300Reduced to $1,900 Hammer Mill with hopper $200 Jaw Crusher Atlas 4"x8" Sold $700 Mixing Drum with motor $500 Fine grind bags polyethlene inserts 36" x 36" x 36" 2200 lbs capaciy 50 ea
  15. leonard

    Spring Trip To Petersville Rec Area

    Now is the time to pursue your dreams. The time will come when it just isn't as possible as it once was. I getting ready to quit dredging as I will soon be 71 and it just isn't as much fun as it once was. What I do have though is hundreds of hours of video and thousands of pictures. I had my time and it was great. Now I really enjoy sitting around home with the wife. Leonard
  16. I have 2 claims in the Douglas Creek area. We work them mid-summer when the runoff levels are too high on the Arkansas River near Buena Vista. Leonard
  17. Wyoming is very Mining friendly with coal and oil. I've always had a great experience with them. Leonard
  18. Thanks. I think I'll continue doing as I have in the past. I mentioned this the the lady in the Public Room at BLM in Cheyenne Wyoming and she hadn't heard anything about it. Leonard
  19. "To add further to the confusion, BLM has changed the rules. Used to be that all Affidavits of Annual Labor were filed at the county recorder and BLM. Now, the BLM filing is mandatory and the county filing is optional. So, the county recorder is no longer a certain point of recordation for Annual Labor.: Where did you see this Geo! I hadn't see this. I think I'll continue filing mine anyway. Leonard
  20. My last trip to Alaska was in 2010. I had 125 pounds of "stuff" in 3 big bags. That included all of my dredging gear. My biggest problem was moving it from one airline terminal to another by myself in Nome. That was the beginning of the adventure. From there everything went downhill and we ended up on the east beach of Nome camped in a small tent for 9 days. The dredging stuff was a waste. Noone was dredging for 2 weeks. http://golddredgervideo.com/alaska2008/tentfever.wmv Leonard
  21. leonard

    How It All Got Started

    I was lucky enough to get into this adventure in it's early stages. I had read Arctic Homestead also and Lester Cobb had left Colorado from Longmont Colorado. 5 miles down the road from me and one of my neighbors had been one of his friends. In 2006 I made a pilgramage to Lost Creek with an invitation from Mark Exeter. We actually stayed in the cabin Lester built in the book for a week. I didn't run into kurt then. I did a couple of years later when I took these pictures. I met John Schilling there also. In fact, the year after Kurt's trip to Nome. I was to follow up to the claim. A friend and I went to Nome and no one else was able to make it. The problem with that was they were to have made all of the arrangements. We got there with nothing prepared. See http://golddredgervideo.com/alaska2008/cleanupmusicvideo.wmv http://golddredgervideo.com/alaska2008/nomebeach.wmv http://golddredgervideo.com/alaska2008/tentfever.wmv and http://golddredgervideo.com/alaska2008/2008part3.wmv for the explanations. John Schilling saved me from the wilderness god's and drove me to Fairbanks. I've posted these before but I will again since they fit into Kurt's story. Leonard If I'm not mistaken, here's Kurt welding on Tobbies jig. Heres the trommel. More of the plant. Jig on the left, trommel on the right The jig and Tobbie.
  22. leonard

    Alaska 2008

    Some of you oldtimers may have seen this but for the newbies, here's a little video of my 2008 trip to alaska. First, my trip from Fairbanks to Nome. http://golddredgervideo.com/alaska2008/nomebeach.wmv Now the reality of camping on the east beach. http://golddredgervideo.com/alaska2008/tentfever.wmv The reality of returning to the wilds of Alaska to near Euerka. http://golddredgervideo.com/alaska2008/2008part3.wmv Finaly some of what actually can be found if you have the right operation. This is the results of 8 hours of trommel operation.. http://golddredgervideo.com/alaska2008/cleanupmusicvideo.wmv Leonard http://golddredgervideo.com
  23. leonard

    Jig Or Centrifuge For Flour Gold Project?

    Here's a plant with a little of everything. Unfortunately the builder passed on so there really isn't much information available. http://golddredger.com//details/plant.htm Leonard
  24. leonard

    Jig Or Centrifuge For Flour Gold Project?

    Outflow from finishing jigs. Test sample. Results. Looks like a lot but the time spent getting it would produde a lot more of the coarser stuff. You can see a cleanup video at http://golddredgervideo.com/alaska2008/cleanupmusicvideo.wmv One big advantage that I saw for jigs was cleanup time. At this site he cleaned up every day and it took less than 30 minutes. Leonard