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    Gold Hits 11 Week High

    This fellow seems to concur that gold is on the way up: http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/breakout/lack-physical-gold-demand-spark-spectacular-rise-says-122848744.html Beav
  2. Beav

    The Show... Season Ii

    Well, learning you are not on the show anymore Jack, I will not be watching season 2, even if it does 'make it to air'. And as Chris astutely pointed out, I lost interest as well when they switched from Au to Rubies. Beav
  3. Beav

    Brown Compressor Parts

    Russ that would be awesome if you could post the parts/company address as I think I have one here like Madjack has. Thanks Beav
  4. Beav

    The 'secret World' Of Gold!

    I second what canadiangold said. Very informative and provokes much thought. Beav
  5. Hey John. Thanks for the nice picture but I can't seem to find anything that looks like that on Shaw's web page (will not post a link to Shaw as I don't want to violate posting rules). Not sure if it has a numerical part number or not(?) Any help appreciated. Thanks Beav
  6. I know the guys on #18 site in the report Steve posted. Great bunch of guys! Beav