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  1. Robert P Miles

    Small Miner's Amendment to NDAA

    I have just read the full text of the NDAA Proposal for the second time and urge all other members to do the same (at least once). Do try to get the word out to other small miners as to the outstanding work being done on our behalf. I am 74 and as excited as I am about the progress made, I am sorry to see that these agencies will be given up to two years in many cases to "right the ship". As with many of you, I have been fighting this wrong since 1994. That being said, I sincerely thank PLP, Scott Harn, and Clark Pearson.
  2. Thank you Scott and Clark for your untiring work on behalf of miners large and small. I will be ordering the book you referenced and calling my state rep. and my senators. I call on all PLP members and ICMJ subscribers to get the word out. Let's get some energy behind this. Bugler
  3. Robert P Miles

    SB 145

    A big thank you to ICMJ, PLP, and MMAC for proposing SB 145. Even realizing the passage of this bill may take some time, what a proposal ! Bugler
  4. Robert P Miles

    2017 Plans

    Good Luck to all who hope to reap the rewards of a strong runoff this spring. One recommendation; do not declare yourself as a "recreational miner". There is no protection under the 1872 Mining Law for "recreational miners". Consider yourself a "small miner". Only trying to make life a little easier out there. Chris, I think you will back me up on this. Bugler
  5. Robert P Miles

    Don't Do This!

    I'm with all of you on the holes! I had people "jumping" my claim and not filling in their holes! So, I put signs up indicating "under video surveillance" and it stopped. Of course that won't work over the whole of public lands. I just fill the holes as I come across them. I don't want the government to have another excuse to close us out. Glad you brought this up Chris. Great book "Fists Full of Gold" and I enjoy your web page. Bugler