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  1. 907Au

    Auger Feed System

    I have more pictures but I couldn't seem to get them to load, the pics that did load are of the 1-1/2" wood auger and the flange bearings, the other is the start of the housing which is either steel conduit or automotive exhaust pipe the auger goes into the pipe and then a hopper was built, the drive motor is a small gear motor that turns very slow I can check but if I remember correctly about 1 rpm, I use a rehiostat switch (ceiling fan switch) to adjust the speed of the auger, when I use it I screen the concentrates with a 12 mesh screen everything smaller than 12 goes into the hopper and across the table
  2. 907Au

    Auger Feed System

    I don't know where to buy one but I built my own using a wood drill bit for an auger a steel hopper that holds about 5 gallons of concentrates and a small gear motor that turns the auger
  3. 907Au

    Visiting an old ore processing facillity

    Thanks for sharing ! Is that a large jaw crusher in the pics ?
  4. Thanks for the reply, all things considered I think I'll stick with my existing sluice set up for the dredge to discharge into.
  5. Has anyone had any experience with horizontal centrifuge's ? I am considering building one to work with a 6" dredge for fine gold recovery, is it possible for a centrifuge to recover fine gold from the large quantity of water a 6" dredge will produce ?
  6. I dont dare guess what it will be then, but I'll take all I can get, hope gold dont drop below $600. that would make the fall sale "limited"
  7. Its my understanding that fuel stored in quantitys less than 1250 gallons do not need secondary containment, and yes fuel on wheels do not need any secondary containment either..