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  1. Got the bug

    2017 Plans

    I plan IiIII think I'm going to have a very interesting season myself. Gonna be doing some dredgeing, digging with my mini / mini excavator & feeding a highbanker, then moving up one sde of my claim and clearing some timber and overburden to check and see if it's bench off like I suspect, and of course with all that I'll do some metal detecting as well. And of course haveing some fun along the way. Happy & Safe Digging to You All !!!!!!!!
  2. Got the bug

    2017 Plans

    Hello dredgernaut, sounds like you have a good summer planned, hope all gets the OK. Just wondering what type / make of mini excavator and trommel you are useing. Have a mini / mini myself and can feed a trommel or big banker, just curious.
  3. Got the bug

    Hello All

    A little more spray in hopper ?
  4. Got the bug

    Hello All

    Very Nice !!!!
  5. Got the bug

    Pinpointer For Gold?

    Thxs again Harry, looks like I will have to give the AT a shot. They say the AT is good to a 10ft depth, I am dredgeing at around 5ft. should be OK, only time in water will tell.
  6. Got the bug

    Pinpointer For Gold?

    Thxs Harry, I am also working bedrock with the G.B.2, so that sounds like that part is going to work. Now 2nd part is I am dredgeing in shallow water and would like to use the AT under water any time spent using it like that ?
  7. Got the bug

    Pinpointer For Gold?

    Has anyone used a Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer ? And if so how did you like it ? Pros / Cons I am needing one that is waterproof and they say it's good to 10ft., that would work for me if it performs like they say. Would like to hear from someone other then manufacturer.
  8. Got the bug

    Gold From Old Tailing Pile

    Very nice ! Hope to find some quartz pc's like that on our claim's.
  9. Gold Bug 2 and Garrett AT Pro Pin Pointer
  10. Got the bug

    Weather Turning Cooler And Wetter

    Fall is definitly in the air here. Doing some rotten bedrock busting getting some nice fine but course ( if that makes any sense.) gold,along with a Gold Bug-2 with a 6" & 10" coils. It's just beutiful up at site. Also clearing and cutting in new trails to drop dwn. into canyon. Can never get enough done before snow reaches creek,it's already crowned the peaks and it's not termination dust. And when I get chased out of there I will be running some gold bearing crushed black sand from beach, over shaker table. (very fine / but very nice ! ) watching football ( college & pro ) while enjoying an adult beverage, dreaming of next season,life is good. GO BILLS !!!!!!
  11. Got the bug

    Don't Do This!

    If you dig it, you can fill it back in / if you pack it in, you can pack it out !! Simple !!!!!!
  12. Got the bug

    Wash plant for mini excavator

    Some of those mini-backhoes can dig a bit deeper, like mine can dig 12' deep.
  13. Got the bug

    1/3 Ounce Of Nuggets From Northern Nevada

    Very Nice !!!