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    Wash plant for mini excavator

    I have been feeding a small trammel plant running 3/4" minus tailings. The plant runs 20 YPH about right. I am feeding it with a 312 Cat excavator and a one yard bucket that I load a half yard in. Even with the thumb I am thankful for the grizzly bars. There are a few large rocks in these tailings and I don't want a soccer ball size rock going thru my plant. I have fed thousands of buckets into trommels for different mines over the years and it is a very boring job. Its very easy to miss a rock that you would rather not have go thru your plant. We are screening to 1/4" minus thru the trommel then to a sluice that dumps onto a sewer plant screen with a vibrator that screens down to -1/16". That material then goes to two vortex bowls for the fine gold recovery. It is working well. Where it is tailings we are running there is no need to wash the large rocks. A couple of times a day I get a surprise and a rock will hit the grizzly bars. After a few 14 hour days feeding the plant it is pretty easy to miss a rock even in a small bucket.
  2. Alaska Range Miner

    Molybdenum Mine Questions

    I just came in from my claims for a few days and got online and see that the Canadian company has paid the penalty and back payments for all of the claims they had. I ended up only claiming ten 160 acre claims in what I thought was the best spot. It was the area where the most recent drilling and trenching had been done. Right down the ridgeline. Maybe someday I can sell the claims to help out with the retirement fund. Eric you should give the Butte Creek area a try. The bottom 4 miles are state select only and there is some nice gold to be found. If you cross the creek be very careful the water is low enough. There have been a couple of drownings recently when ATVs didn't make it across.
  3. Alaska Range Miner

    Using A Trommel

    Sounds like a good outfit. I would love to see a picture. Have you thought about hooking a suction nozzle up to it? I built a 4" highbanker with a Hydro Force nozzle for using as a testing machine. It works great and the sluice design catches the fine gold very well, but the grizzly for the thing ended up weighing over a 100#s and I have to pump up to it 5 feet. I have been thinking about a small trommel instead of the grizzly. This would reduce the height I would have to pump my material and also allow me to size down to 1/4" instead of 3/4". The problem may be that with the 4" nozzle and a 3"x2" pump off of my 5" dredge I go thru a 5 gallon bucket of material in maybe 30 seconds. Is that going to be to much for the trommel to handle?
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    Molybdenum Mine Questions

    OK here's the deal. These claims have been owned by the same large Canadian mining corporation since 1983. This corporation has mines all over the world. The drill reports I have are from the late 1980s. In 2008 they came in and built a large man camp and did a large scale drilling program. They were supposedly coming back the following year to start mining. We have never seen them since. In 2012 these claims changed hands to a partner company with a different name. The proper paper work was not done and the claims recently became open so I went out and staked the claims but have not filed on them yet. I live a long ways from the recorders office and I am going in on Tuesday to file on the claims. The thing is the cost of 8000+ acres initially and then the yearly costs are enough to make me want other opinions. The original claim holder has filed on the claims again but I would be senior claim holder and they also made another error so their new claim will be returned. I am looking at this as an investment. Something to sell someday maybe when Moly is back up in price. Chris's information really makes me have second thoughts on the value of the claims, but I also don't have the information from the drilling done in 2008. I may end up reducing the amount of area I claim, just cant make up my mind. Thanks for your thoughts gentlemen. They are always appreciated.
  5. Alaska Range Miner

    Molybdenum Mine Questions

    So I have the chance to acquire some claims that have Molybdenum, Copper, Silver and Gold reserves on them. I have some of the drill log information and I would like to hear other opinions on the value of these claims. The drilling was done down a long ridge and into the bedrock. Depths from 50 to 300 feet. 22 diamond drill hole collars and 42 rotary drill holes were drilled. In one area there are a group of drill holes that average .09% Molybdenum for 536 feet. Other drill holes show Gold at 0.39 oz/ton over a 10 foot interval. These same holes also show copper at .23% and silver at .11 oz/ton. The reports say that the Molybdenum and Copper values are associated with a quarts vein stockwork peripheral to the stock. And the Gold occurs in the metasediments and intrusive and peripherial to the stockwork zone. My experience is with placer gold. If I could get .39 oz/ton of gold on a placer operation I could do real well but does the same hold true for hardrock? I don't know if these samples were fire assayed or not. I realize that just because a fire assay shows a high gold content that does not mean that I can recover all that gold in my plant. Is it the same for hardrock mining or is the recovery rate higher? Does anyone have any thoughts on whether these claims would be of interest to a large mining company. Someone that could mine all of the minerals on a large scale perhaps. There are about 8000 acres that I am looking at. Any thoughts and information is greatly appreciated.
  6. Alaska Range Miner

    Market For Garnets?

    Thank You for the information guys. It looks like I can make a little on the garnets so that's great news.
  7. Alaska Range Miner

    Market For Garnets?

    Does anyone know of a market for garnets ,garnet chips and red sands? I have some new claims that are have a bunch of tailing piles on them. Along with the fine gold that was missed there is huge amounts of red sand and garnet chips along with the occasional nice garnet. If I could find a buyer for these garnets it could help make reprocessing the tailings more profitable. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Outnaboutnak I really like that first machine. I think it would cost way too much to buy for a Nome beach mine, but I would love to operate it for a few days. The second picture is of a excavator with the long reach booms on it. This might work to wade out into the surf and reach out into the surf break and mine that area. I know that where the waves break is an area that the dredgers cant do and the beach guys cant either. That is where the ice dredgers are working mostly. That being said I would hate to have any excavator of mine sitting in salt water day after day. It would take a lot of gold to make it worth while.
  9. Alaska Range Miner

    Fuel Storage And Liners

    If it was me I would buy a cheap old 3/4 or 1 ton 4x4 pickup and make it your fuel- oiler rig. You could put a liner in the bed of the truck if you thought you needed one and even have a roof over it if you wanted. It is REALLY handy to be able to take the fuel,greese,air, ect. to the machine and work site. If the truck is left on site than it would not need to be licensed or road legal. Just a beater will do. I don't know if this would work for your operation but I have seen it work well at other job sites,