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  1. Underburden

    Cleaning Quartz/gold

    Are you using city tap water? Could be the water leaving the tint. Bob
  2. Underburden

    What Qualifies As Assessment Work?

    I'm wondering why just working the claim wouldn't count...or does it? Sluicing, panning, removing overburden, etc. ??? Bob
  3. Just received a package from the BLM in Washington, DC. (not my local Idaho BLM) Included is a new form for Annual Assessment Work. (Form 3830-4, October 2013) (OMB NO: 1004-0114, Expires October 31, 2016) The form asks for a description of work performed. As a non-commercial, small scale miner, what type of work would qualify as annual labor? Thanks Bob
  4. Underburden

    Bottom Feeder

    Chris The link I posted is to the write-up on my BLOG. I think the final sentence was that it is not a one man unit but something that my wife and I will operate together. She on the hose, me on the pump (human motor). Still a few months away from getting on the claim but I will update this thread some time this summer. Thanks Bob
  5. Guys, come one...you'll never get the last word...that's Geowizard's job
  6. Don't put the cart after the horse. They recovered $17.10 @ 50% effeciency. That left the other 50% ($17.10 or more) still on the ground. Old school math Bob
  7. Jimmy10, are more confused or less confused now?
  8. I'll address the issue that you put in the title of your post. Equipment that is powered by human strength (non-motorized) is legal in any water, any time per the Deputy Atty General for Natural Resources and IDWR. If you are running a highbanker in an upland location, obviously you are away from the creek, so IDWR says no permit required, BUT they recommend a Water Rights Permit to draw water from the creek to feed your upland located highbanker. If you're trying to run a highbanker right next to the creek with your discharge returning directly to the creek, however you filter it through the grass, etc, is a gray area. In that case, I'd seek forgiveness rather than permission. Bob
  9. Underburden

    Just Another T.v. Show?

    I think the "Money Pit" is appropriately named...spend, spend, spend with no return !!! Bob
  10. I've got the most incredible location for winter mining and just 20 miles from home. The location is underwater between April - September and only exposes itself in the winter. Imagine a one acre basalt sluicebox where all you have to do is clean out the downstream side of the basalt riffles. That's "Mother Nature's Sluicebox". I've been working this location for several years and I've developed an eye for locating the hot spots (those that pay 30+ pieces per sample pan) For the stories and pictures of the basalt sluicebox, visit my blog: Bedrock or Bust. This blog will be starting it's 7th hear in 2015 so check out the previous year's posts. Bob Yesterday's two bucket cleanout.
  11. Underburden

    Bottom Feeder

    I built a hand operated vacuum / sluice feeder for use on the claim next year. Pictures and description are here BOTTOM FEEDER Once the overburden is removed with a shovel and tossed onto a Bazooka Sluice, the Bottom Feeder goes into action to get all that good gold laying on bedrock. Feedback welcome. Bob
  12. Underburden

    Steve Phillips Nome Dredging Journal

    Noticed Spence relieving the walrus of it's head. That was a no-no when I lived in Alaska in the 90's, unless you were native. Have things changed since then? Bob
  13. Underburden

    Blood Nuggets

    I have full confidence in the response from Reno Chris. An old salt who has been mining this same area for years gave the same response as Chris. I see no need to go further...if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Bob
  14. Underburden

    Blood Nuggets

    Had a local elder miner give his opinion and it runs the same course as Chris's...a thin coating of hematite. Bob