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  1. Blind Bedrock Profiling I have a large bench next to the creek on one of my claims. Digging with a shovel to determine depth to bedrock was way too time consuming and hard on an old man's back. This year, I'll be 'Probing' for bedrock depth. This bench was made up of a foot of sod, then two feet of clay/mud and finally, when the hole was less than a foot in diameter, rusted river gravel...and still no bedrock. This is what I'll be using this summer. Simple steel fence post with the bottom blade cut off and the tip cut at a gentle angle. The horsepower to drive the post will be my trusty fence post pounder. This illustration will help explain my plan. Bob
  2. Had a great summer with my mining partner (wife of 43 years) and our weekend guest Ebuyc from Spokane. Lot's of color found and plentiful adult beverages back at camp. For the full story and pics, visit my blog at Bedrock or Bust Bob
  3. Underburden

    Cleaning Quartz/gold

    Are you using city tap water? Could be the water leaving the tint. Bob
  4. Just received a package from the BLM in Washington, DC. (not my local Idaho BLM) Included is a new form for Annual Assessment Work. (Form 3830-4, October 2013) (OMB NO: 1004-0114, Expires October 31, 2016) The form asks for a description of work performed. As a non-commercial, small scale miner, what type of work would qualify as annual labor? Thanks Bob
  5. Underburden

    What Qualifies As Assessment Work?

    I'm wondering why just working the claim wouldn't count...or does it? Sluicing, panning, removing overburden, etc. ??? Bob
  6. Underburden

    Bottom Feeder

    I built a hand operated vacuum / sluice feeder for use on the claim next year. Pictures and description are here BOTTOM FEEDER Once the overburden is removed with a shovel and tossed onto a Bazooka Sluice, the Bottom Feeder goes into action to get all that good gold laying on bedrock. Feedback welcome. Bob
  7. Underburden

    Bottom Feeder

    Chris The link I posted is to the write-up on my BLOG. I think the final sentence was that it is not a one man unit but something that my wife and I will operate together. She on the hose, me on the pump (human motor). Still a few months away from getting on the claim but I will update this thread some time this summer. Thanks Bob
  8. Guys, come one...you'll never get the last word...that's Geowizard's job
  9. Don't put the cart after the horse. They recovered $17.10 @ 50% effeciency. That left the other 50% ($17.10 or more) still on the ground. Old school math Bob
  10. Jimmy10, are more confused or less confused now?
  11. I'll address the issue that you put in the title of your post. Equipment that is powered by human strength (non-motorized) is legal in any water, any time per the Deputy Atty General for Natural Resources and IDWR. If you are running a highbanker in an upland location, obviously you are away from the creek, so IDWR says no permit required, BUT they recommend a Water Rights Permit to draw water from the creek to feed your upland located highbanker. If you're trying to run a highbanker right next to the creek with your discharge returning directly to the creek, however you filter it through the grass, etc, is a gray area. In that case, I'd seek forgiveness rather than permission. Bob
  12. Underburden

    Just Another T.v. Show?

    I think the "Money Pit" is appropriately named...spend, spend, spend with no return !!! Bob
  13. I've got the most incredible location for winter mining and just 20 miles from home. The location is underwater between April - September and only exposes itself in the winter. Imagine a one acre basalt sluicebox where all you have to do is clean out the downstream side of the basalt riffles. That's "Mother Nature's Sluicebox". I've been working this location for several years and I've developed an eye for locating the hot spots (those that pay 30+ pieces per sample pan) For the stories and pictures of the basalt sluicebox, visit my blog: Bedrock or Bust. This blog will be starting it's 7th hear in 2015 so check out the previous year's posts. Bob Yesterday's two bucket cleanout.
  14. Underburden

    Steve Phillips Nome Dredging Journal

    Noticed Spence relieving the walrus of it's head. That was a no-no when I lived in Alaska in the 90's, unless you were native. Have things changed since then? Bob
  15. Underburden

    Blood Nuggets

    Got quite a few pieces of gold with host rock still attached this summer. Sold the lot to a friend of mine and he sent me some close up pics. I copied them to a black background. Anyone know what the red mineral is? Thx Bob
  16. Underburden

    Blood Nuggets

    I have full confidence in the response from Reno Chris. An old salt who has been mining this same area for years gave the same response as Chris. I see no need to go further...if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Bob
  17. Underburden

    Blood Nuggets

    Had a local elder miner give his opinion and it runs the same course as Chris's...a thin coating of hematite. Bob
  18. If I were in pursuit of gold, I sure wouldn't be in a whirlpool or other turbulent fast moving water. Gold doesn't settle there, yet you want to make a TV series?
  19. Wall-to-wall highbankers lined the Clearwater River east of Lewiston Idaho this weekend. What a beautiful sight. See pics at my blog. Bob Highbankers Rendevous
  20. Please tell me you didn't buy your 10 acre claim from 'Hipdawg'. What creek is it on? Bob
  21. Underburden

    Digging Underwater With A Shovel

    A quick tip on using the underwater shovels. When you lift, favor a downstream motion. Material tends to stay on the shovel better when it's not fighting the current. Go with the flow. Bob
  22. Video of the full meeting Excellent job by the presenters.
  23. Recent update from a fella from Caldwell, ID who was in attendance. When he references "Ex-EPA" guy, that's Joe Greene. (quote) What he is trying to say Bob, when the Ex-EPA guy was doing his presentation, We were watching the faces of the Reps. that was in attendance. Some how looks of downright shock, while other seemed that they were amazed. I think over all they have been for the most part awakened to the fact that they may have been misled. I can honestly say 90% of the reps in attendance were paying close attention, some even taking notes but one or two couldn't keep their eyes open. I'm sorry I have no names, If I was to look them up I could put names to many by the face. The Ex-epa guy made a excellent presentation based on his years of research. The Sheriff from Idaho County also make a great presentation, he even sort of threated to have any EPA official arrested if they showed up in his county on what ever charge he could come up with. He is defently on the side of us and doesn't like what the EPA has been doing, one straw at a time. The guy from the Waldo Mining district also made a heck of a case. He made reference to both Oregon and Cali, and how the EPA want all dredging to fall under the permit that big dredges have to have to dredge harbors, river way and for construction and such. I feel optimistic on the outcome actually.(/quote)
  24. Awaiting feedback from Vic who spearheaded the meeting. I'll post as soon as I hear from him. There is one update at the TreasureNet site but nothing of any real substance. Bob