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    Sifting dirt. Washing dirt. Paydirt...I have loader and truck experience with some backhoe and Bobcat. Looking to get back on a mining crew. I have a 2000sq.ft. log home for sale outside of Fairbanks on 5 acres, cheap.
  1. jeff08xx

    How It All Got Started

    Kurt, you slept in the cooking tent? Not me...
  2. Is dredging allowed there? I was on the Payette last year before I took everything up to Alaska. I wouldn't mind checking it out with you if its dredgeable.
  3. jeff08xx

    No Notice of Intent

    Lynx Creek comes to mind but its pans and shovels only. Hassayampa also.
  4. Would like to know how that trip worked out and see some pics.
  5. jeff08xx

    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    If you watch and read the news, everything is going up. I predict $1900 gold by summers end and breaking thru to 2K by October. Forget ETFs and buy coinage. You better get to digging it up and hang onto it. It will takeoff as the meltdown approaches. Get ready.
  6. I have a log home and slide out travel trailer for sale outside Fairbanks

  7. I called Idaho to get the permit as a resident advised me, and asked if it was ok not to list the specific site I was working and write "ALL OPEN WATERS" and they said no. I told them the permit should be good for anywhere and not what sites I list because I do not know where I will be in rugged terrain or who's claim I may lease. They said in that case I'm supposed to call and notify them. They want to come check on me...I said I'll be fine.....don't bother... What a bunch of BS. So I'm supposed to get verbal approval when I move? I told her nevermind... I'll keep my $30 and mine under the 1872 Mining Law...
  8. jeff08xx

    Good placer ground.

    Big nuggets hahaha they're forever as do not sell,protection for dollar dying and USA going into the toilet as current $10+ trillion debt suggests. John Hey John, this country is in worse shape than you think. You are off by $6 trillion. It is $16+ trillion now. God help us. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-57572177/national-debt-up-$6-trillion-since-obama-took-office/
  9. Just go green and get a wind turbine that drives a water pump and kill birds instead while you are dredging, i guess...
  10. Permits? We dont need no stinkin' permits....

  11. We must stick together or surely we will hang seperately.