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  1. New videos up! Short but eye popping! 1 scoop of the Bering Sea floor Looking for love | Seas Lion comes around daily to get his piece of the dredge hose. He is infatuated with it. Quick peak from aboard the barge. Small cleanup 2 weeks 30 ounces.The season got much better later! Thanks for checking out the video.Subscribe on youtube if you havent already!
  2. manVSgold

    Detector Purchase A Must.

    Oh and thanks all for the comments and especially geo for his vast writings. So much info but so good! Thanks buddy! I do appreciate it and read it all. haha
  3. manVSgold

    Detector Purchase A Must.

    How do you guys feel about the ATX display? Or better put,how do you feel about a digital display Vs. a more (analog?) style display like the ATX has? Do you guys just feel more comfortable with a display that shows all the various things it could be, as well as at what depth it might be found? Some of you old timers are sure to eat me up on this 1. But I used a 350 for a while this summer just because it was the only thing around and I enjoyed using it. Didnt find #&*(^% but it was kind of a fun detector! haha
  4. manVSgold

    Detector Purchase A Must.

    Well we made it back from another season of mining and this year some fishing as well. As far as metal detectors go, we somehow ended up with a Garrett ATX PI(wink). Way over budget but it showed up none the less. We did get some time to use it but not enough time to figure it out just yet. Kinda bummed about the display being so....so.....non digital? Hahaha, i somehow fell like i missing out on something. We did do some prospecting with it though and did come away with a bit of gold. We dug a 5' deep hole to then have it start reading iron,the last foot or so from the object. So that was pretty disappointing. But with the depth of the hole and the way the detector was acting,I kinda knew in my heart it would be junk. But i dug it anyhow. Did pull some gold off some bedrock walls with it. Just scanned somebedrock walls and found there was gold in the cracks. That was great haha! All in all I have no real feeling about the ATX thus far. We are to new with it to really know its abilities and the gold we did get was on bedrock, so there was no real depth challenge. But hey, I hadnt found a lick of gold with a metal detector before the ATX. So with that in mind,so far so good Got some video coming along when I get around to it. Thanks guys and gals!
  5. such a nice winter but im ready to mine!

  6. manVSgold

    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    My research seems to have brought me to the same conclusion as Steve stated above. But i do believe in 20 years, gold will be way way up.I think holding onto my gold is gonna be the best bet for me.
  7. manVSgold

    Rip Gordon Burton Of Golden Caribou Mining

    Sorry to hear about the loss.Hopefully someone picked his mind for all the great info he must have accumulated over his many years.May he rest in peace.
  8. manVSgold

    Cornstarch Replaces Cyanide

    Long time Geo! Thanks for the great explanation.I have zero chemistry experience and that explanation helps a lot!
  9. I've seen this pop up in the news here and there.Using cornstarch to isolate gold.Has anyone had any experience with this?Does anyone have the ability or knowhow to test this?Came across this article today and started thinking about it again. Cornstarch Replaces Cyanide In Clean New Gold Extraction Method Researchers at Northwestern University recently stumbled upon a solution that uses cornstarch instead. It involves some complex chemistry, but it's cheap, biologically friendly and nasty-ingredient-free. Led by Sir Fraser Stoddart, a chemistry professor at Northwestern, the team discovered this method by accident when looking for something else. A postdoc named Zhichang Liu was trying to make three-dimensional cubes out of gold and starch, aiming to use them as storage containers for gases and small molecules. But a liquid mixture of dissolved gold-bromide salts and a starch-derived sugar didn't form cubes, it formed needles. This was strange, so the team decided to try to replicate it and tested different forms of sugars. Alpha-cyclodextrin, a cyclic starch fragment with six glucose molecules, is the best way to isolate gold, they found. "Zhichang stumbled on a piece of magic for isolating gold from anything in a green way," Stoddart says in a statement. The spontaneous bundle of needles is made of thousands of nanowires, each 1.3 nanometers in diameter, which contain a charged gold atom inside four bromine atoms. The interaction between the starch fragment and the gold allows the precious metal to be selectively recovered from other materials, including platinum, palladium and others. The researchers already developed a process to isolate gold from scraps, and they hope this will lead to an environmentally friendly, cheap way to recover gold from anything. The research is published in Nature Communications. Read more here. http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2013-05/cornstarch-replaces-cyanide-clean-new-gold-extraction-method
  10. manVSgold

    Blasting Frozen Muck

    Found these pdfs. Might help in some way. Experimental study on blasting characteristics of permafrost Permafrost Considerations for Effective Mine Site ...
  11. manVSgold

    7.7 Ounce Gold Crystal

    Wowowow i didnt even know gold could look that way. If I found something like that Id never be able to let go of it. Excellent specimen!Thanks for the share!
  12. manVSgold

    Detector Purchase A Must.

    Thanks a ton guys! Appreciate the info!
  13. manVSgold

    Proline Or Keene Pumps

    If im not mistaken, the proline pumps are the highest rated gpm output pumps of all of em. At 360gpm proline pumps are just above the D&K nugget dk350 pump,rated for 350gpm.Last you would have Keene with the p180's at 310gpm. I have used all of them quite a bit and I do lean towards the proline pumps.In my opinion they seem to be a smother running pump.All of them did work great though.No problems to report and haven't lost a seal in any of them.I will however replace them all before this season.Best of luck to you. Proline=360gmp max D&k Nugget=350gpm max Keene=310gmp max
  14. manVSgold

    Dad's First Nugget

    Thats great! Haha Congratz!