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  1. K Rose

    Aa Spectrometer Assay

    deleted by Krose
  2. The first thing to do is to go ahead and start the process of filing the claim. If the assay comes back and it's not all that ,you can simply stop the proceedings from moving forward. IF the assay comes back to be what it is hyped up to be, you definitely don't want to drag your heels and have someone beat you to the punch. In the event of a 100 to 1 odds that the assay is that good don't trust ANYBODY until the claim is valid and you will not have any problems in finding takers to mine it. And like I said at the beginning, if the gold isn't there, your really not out anything but a little time. Just my humble opinion.----K rose chillin and mining in New Mexico (not really new, not really Mexico)
  3. K Rose

    Crushing And Milling

    Back to the little impact mill that sits on a bucket. A question came up the other day about just how fine it would take material down to if you were to keep running it through over and over. Does anybody know just minus what mesh it will actually take your material down to? Now keep in mind this is purely a hypothetical question. This is a matter of curiosity only. The manufacturer mentions achieving a minus 200 mesh in about 8 passes when starting out with 1/2" material.The implication seems to be that if you keep re-running the material, it will keep reducing to a smaller mesh.----K Rose
  4. Ain't no different than fishing. You tell one person and the next day you can't even put your boat in cause everybody and his brother is there in your spot.----K Rose
  5. K Rose

    Black Damp

    Not trying to be funny here but how much does a canary cost? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that what the Old timers used? I'm sure that there is modern technology that works better but in the mean time did the old time method really save lives? ----K Rose
  6. K Rose

    A Little California Gold With Minelab Sdc 2300

    Chris- A while back you did a thread on really small gold that you found with your Gold Bug 2. In comparison, I would be interested in you and Steve both , giving a break down between the two detectors, pro and con, from field operation to the cost of purchasing both the GB2 and the SDC.----K Rose
  7. K Rose

    Crushing And Milling

    Chris- thanks for the info. You learn something new everyday when your willing. I can definitely see where there can be a problem when dealing with free milling gold being extracted by means of gravity. I have been led to believe that when you are leaching, you want to have your ore as fine as possible. I realize that there are a myriad of different scenarios involved depending on the type of ore verses the type of leach. So hypothetically speaking, what range of particle size should a person aim for when dealing with free milling gold , then what range if you are going to have to leach, depending on the type of ore?----K Rose
  8. K Rose

    Crushing And Milling

    There is pro and con to everything. The con to the model you refer to takes minus one inch pieces. That's fine for sampling. The pro to the crusher that fits on top of the five gal bucket is that it is easier to carry into the field for sampling. Another con is that you have to make several passes to get the material under a hundred mesh nor smaller. If you are referring to a different model than the one that I am describing, please correct and educate me----K Rose
  9. K Rose

    Plans For "roller Crusher"

    I'm with Chis on this one. If you are already @ 1/4 " , the chain crusher that he is talking about will make short work of taking your material to minus 100 mesh and smaller. Mine is the one that takes 4" and smaller. Only problem that I've had is with really hard ores but with you starting at 1/4" , it will chew up and spit out practically anything you throw in it.----K Rose
  10. K Rose

    High Altitude Drywashing

    I have a question. When drywashing in northern New Mexico (which by the way is not really new and not really Mexico),I have run into a problem with the air/gas ratio on the blower motors.I have not been able to find a brand that has a manual adjustment . Does anyone know where I can purchase a leaf blower that has a manual adjustment for the carburetor ??? I have considered buying one in a high altitude community somewhere where I figure the factory has preset them for such places but would much rather have one that I can adjust as needed.----K Rose
  11. K Rose

    Gold Refining

    Amen to that brother!----K Rose
  12. K Rose

    Signatures Needed!

    Thanks Elijah. I just checked the web site and they're almost halfway to their goal. With the number of people that belong to this forum, we could do exceedingly way more than they could imagine. Now wouldn't that be a blessing?----K Rose
  13. K Rose

    Gold Refining

    It is in my own experience that if I hold the flame on the button until completely molten and it starts swirling round and round the impurities have time to coagulate and will rise up from the center of the button and settle on the surface as slag. It will be like a big black blister on top. Once cooled, it usually breaks off easily with a good tap with a small hammer, etc.. But trust me, I find that experiencing this visual is very addicting!----K Rose
  14. K Rose

    Signatures Needed!

    Thanks Flint. I know the guys over at the gold hog forum that started this petition deeply appreciate each and every signature. And again a heart felt thanks goes out to Chickenminer for coming to my aid and fixing the link so each and every one over here can support this cause. You know, if each and everyone that belongs to this forum took LESS time that it takes to sign the petition than it took to join this forum, it would really be a boost to our brothers of another.----K Rose
  15. K Rose

    Signatures Needed!

    Hey.....and it works!!! THANKS Chickenminer!!!----K Rose