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    All forms of mining,diving,kayaks and gettn' in trouble with adreneline filled adventures
  1. We are greatly dimished by the passing of one of our true oldie but goodies. Sorry to post here but PREVENTED from posting in news and announcements. RIP ol'friend as you'll truly be missed by many.......respect-John Oates
  2. John Oates

    Dowsing Debunked

    44 minutes--never--1 incident does NOT prove nuttn'. I've seen/done many 100s a times when it didn't work but MUCH overshadowed by success for folks in desperate need is good enough for me.-John
  3. John Oates

    The Art Of Dowsing

    K Rose this thread is why I specifically utilized 2 examples where ,in a public meeting with 50+ in attendance, to witness Als map dowsing and the hunt by 11 with at least 100 who filled the hall to see results the next month. Same with Ray at Drivers Flats as he was hired as campground host and dredged there for just shy of 2 whole years and told many 1,000s a visitors the spot was witched hahaha burn me on the cross. THEN he brought a 2 1/2 lbr along with a few 1/2-1/4 pounders to a Shasta Miners meeting to show off the huge strike underneath a greyhound sized bus rock that was moved with 4 floating barrel winches and 2 landbound also.All the folks at DC camp,18 or so, I didn't know except Russau Pierce and the only 1 who would not relax and stop saying it don't work finally shut up sat down and it worked once for him too as he strained to hold them rods still no matter what ya say, or how much undisputable proof given, or done some always naysay with 1,000s a witnesses over many years sooooooooooooo funny as doors of closed perceptions never open-John
  4. John Oates

    Headed To A Diferrent Country?

    Youz d man Bill-walked the walk ,talked the talk and nuttn' like feets on the ground for many years to open eyes or great friends like you to send pix and info to educate us soft americans. You and Ken from CR (RIP) have educated soooo many to the truths in the field in CR. thanx and tons a au 2 u 2-John
  5. John Oates

    The Art Of Dowsing

    hahaha--o ye of little faith and closed minds do not seek what isn't on paper. Why is their faith in humans of a higher being in all faiths---why does man seek to leave a planet when we haven't even seen or explored even half??? Seek and ye shall find-cower in an unopen state a mind and apathy soon follows, It was NOT that many years ago that even the ideas of geochemical or geophysical prospecting was a tongue in cheek pseudo science,thank god for the few who pursued and didn't naysay the thoughts of others but built upon them-John
  6. John Oates

    The Art Of Dowsing

    I joined the American Dowsing Society in Santa Ana when running my biz in the OC to learn/understand more. I sold a great book on Geochemical Prospecting called Gold -New Method of Prospecting 3rd edition by Russel Axworthy that is extremely informative. I use any/all tools in any arsenal to get as much gold as possible as 4 kids through college as a single parent is no easy task and required mucho oro puro. tons a au 2 u 2-John
  7. John Oates

    Who Got All The Gold ?

    Never fails to amaze me at the extreme lengths we miners will go to find a little oro puro. Read every post numerous times in exacting detail and enjoyed them all. Looking forward to a much better season next year for ya as you sure WORKED like a man possessd by the FEVER FGW man......respect to any honest miner,successful or not-John PS-didn't mine much this year,2 1/8 ozs. as multiple deaths,house remodel and such took up much time and DROUGHT killed my best hidey holes as MUST be careful in kalif (land of stupidity) when gravel suckn'
  8. John Oates

    The Art Of Dowsing

    Exposure to the unthinkable-to most-was my Moms Doctrine/PHD in the Metaphysical Arts from the Church of the White Light in Pasadena where she was ordained and numerous colleges she attended. What can I say but Mom was a card carrying true 100%Czech White Witch. Dowsing has intrigued me due to the controversary attached to it. Anytime something can't be explained it is immediately attacked and called witchcraft or bs--just because one's mind is so closed as to accept the unthinkable and irrational does that mean it truly does not exist??? Seen it work and seen it fail as NEED and not GREED driven is all I can say. I got Ray Elam and the boys over $2 million outta Drivers Flats as dowsed. Done a huge demo in Douglas Creek Wyoming campground with a crowd a friends and made believers as at least 9/10 who tried accomplished it for fun. Won over $1,000 in dowsing bets with golf clubs at the LA fair when bored after the earthquake. Saw a map dowsing demo at the OC 49er meeting by Al Mahoney,in which 11 of us went out to the EF San Gabriels,hiked a mile or so up the narrows,up a draw about 1/2 mile and what ya know over 6 ozs of oro puro. Fun to play with but understand?? Some folks got it-some don't...be it mental,moral,physical,metaphysical or eclestatic sooo much fun to dabble......John
  9. John Oates

    Quartz Gold

    My absolute favorite to see-all rough n' gnarly,glittering and shimmering-fantastic finds!!! Hope ya find a few pounds more-John
  10. John Oates

    Headed To A Diferrent Country?

    Get it on man!!! YAHOO truly hope ya suck up a pound or two-I'm a addict and proud of it as healthy for not only me but the economy and them fish sure need it now as drought has cemented gravels waaaaay beyond any uses for spawning here in kalif-John PS-spell check hahaha forum blog and NOT literary prose.....
  11. John Oates

    Headed To A Diferrent Country?

    Lookn' to eliminate calif income and sales tax as Nevada much better and gun/dredge laws much better also. Looking for new country to mine in as US bankrupt,mining laws bs and sick,tired,too old to play paperwork game. Gone all over Mexico-good place to die,Costa Rica gone environutz worse than US with caymen all over in the water. Seen what buds gone through in Venezuela,Bolivia,Peru and Ecuador and horrific in the end. Ghana and Sierra Leone--all of africa about as safe as downtown LA at 4 am drunk,naked and covered in 100 dollar bills. Yes new fewer taxes base of ops to leave this country to dredge elsewhere as I'll gladly take a ounce dredging than a pound tearing up a place and desecrating it forever. Just my personal preference. Run what ya brung but I'm in this for adventure,bit a danger and that ungodly rush of adreneline as the overburden slowly disappears underwater on bedrock and that righteous paystreak starts sparkling like a 1,000 lights and your young again,even for a second,is worth 100 hours a work to me-addict yes and proud of it-John
  12. John Oates

    3D Imaging,pulse Induction,etc.

    Back about 12 years ago I allowed the students at Cal State San Louis Obispo run some test on my claims utilizing radioactive isotopes. Encapsulated isotopes with calculated radioactive outputs were buried 3 feet down and gridded out at 10 yard intervals in a complate grid. They utilized varying isotopes to test with at different times. The radioactivity ability to permeate--and affinity--to certain metals ability to absorb the radio activity was the comparable results utilized on where to dig. Was a fun 3 week project to watch. They had gained some beta ray backscatter information from the geology dept and took it BIG and off to the field. Science started in the pc industry with beta ray backscatter qc machines for composition and thickness readings. Was supposed to get a copy of report but them lil'party animals never sent the completed thesis papers..bummer. FUN FACT-after all that testing they found the best gold where my ol'brass dowsing rods said to dig a few days prior to their testing hahahaha-John
  13. John Oates

    Headed To A Diferrent Country?

    OMG they kilt Reno too-would someone please help me tear down the Biggest little City sign downtown as soooooo much empty,burned down,impoverished it's sickening. 50% stores empty all over town as the Wells,kietzke area signs in Spanish and NOT english,car lots on every corner. On the VC higway overlook to look at that mess my great ol 1977 Reno has died,yuppies and cash on the outside and poverty on the inside. All 3 of my rehabs on Broadway bankowned sic sic sic BUT Schells sporting goods-biggest on the planet to me was bloody amazing in Sparks-tear down a couple a new dead malls(you build them and they will not come) was amazing. Scratch one more spot offa my hidey hole ideas........John
  14. John Oates

    Into Africa

    Chris which country in Africa. I have friends with decent success in Sierra Leone but other countries?? Whats your take on safety and gettn' the gold outta the country??thanx for any info-John
  15. John Oates

    3D Imaging,pulse Induction,etc.

    Wish ya all the luck in the world-been there a couple of adventures back in the 70-80's a a beautiful place to see. BUT between the insideous bugs, bloody cold, permafrost, bears up the wazoo and them unfriendly moose, mud Muck MIRE, lack of sun and COSTS beyond comprehension I'll never go back again. And to make it unliveable NO ALCOHOL AREAS-well that's the end game-John