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    John Oates got a reaction from MadJack_ME in The Art Of Dowsing   
    Exposure to the unthinkable-to most-was my Moms Doctrine/PHD in the Metaphysical Arts from the Church of the White Light in Pasadena where she was ordained and numerous colleges she attended. What can I say but Mom was a card carrying true 100%Czech White Witch. Dowsing has intrigued me due to the controversary attached to it. Anytime something can't be explained it is immediately attacked and called witchcraft or bs--just because one's mind is so closed as to accept the unthinkable and irrational does that mean it truly does not exist???  Seen it work and seen it fail as NEED and not GREED driven is all I can say. I got Ray Elam and the boys over $2 million outta Drivers Flats as dowsed. Done a huge demo in Douglas Creek Wyoming campground with a crowd a friends and made believers as at least 9/10 who tried accomplished it for fun. Won over $1,000 in dowsing bets with golf clubs at the LA fair when bored after the earthquake. Saw a map dowsing demo at the OC 49er meeting by Al Mahoney,in which 11 of us went out to the EF San Gabriels,hiked a mile or so up the narrows,up a draw about 1/2 mile and what ya know over 6 ozs of oro puro. Fun to play with but understand?? Some folks got it-some don't...be it mental,moral,physical,metaphysical or eclestatic sooo much fun to dabble......John
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    John Oates reacted to bill-costa rica in Headed To A Diferrent Country?   
    I have thought about moving to another country with better
    mining laws , I made the first move 16 years ago. now it is time for a new
    country. once you live in another country it becomes easier to move to another.
    Venezuela and Africa would be off my list.

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    John Oates got a reaction from Ronald C in Headed To A Diferrent Country?   
    Lookn' to eliminate calif income and sales tax as Nevada much better and gun/dredge laws much better also. Looking for new country to mine in as US bankrupt,mining laws bs and sick,tired,too old to play paperwork game. Gone all over Mexico-good place to die,Costa Rica gone environutz worse than US with caymen all over in the water. Seen what buds gone through in Venezuela,Bolivia,Peru and Ecuador and horrific in the end. Ghana and Sierra Leone--all of africa about as safe as downtown LA at 4 am drunk,naked and covered in 100 dollar bills. Yes new fewer taxes base of ops to leave this country to dredge elsewhere as I'll gladly take a ounce dredging than a pound tearing up a place and desecrating it forever. Just my personal preference. Run what ya brung but I'm in this for adventure,bit a danger and that ungodly rush of adreneline as the overburden slowly disappears underwater on bedrock and that righteous paystreak starts sparkling like a 1,000 lights and your young again,even for a second,is worth 100 hours a work to me-addict yes and proud of it-John
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    John Oates reacted to flintgreasewood in Who Got All The Gold ?   
       Though I posted prolifically on our summer's efforts, you've prompted me to do a recap for those who don't want to wade through the entire thread.
       We knew there was still a lot of snow around Fairbanks in May, but I just couldn't wait any longer so we left Colorado for the 3000 mile drive up to the claims.  I had to snowshoe in pulling sleds for the first week or so till I had the use of the Bravo snow machine.  By the time I got all our stuff unburried and set up, the snow was melting fast and water was everywhere.  I was able to resume jackhammering and hoisting ice out of the small prospect shaft in which I was down only 15'.  I made good progress expecting to hit bed rock within a few more feet.  But then it was 30' and then 35' and hoisting by hand became too strenuous.
    I put a small Superwinch to work with a control switch down in the shaft so I could raise, dump and lower the bucket without help from up top.  My partner got the steam equipment moved in and operational so we gave me and my jackhammer a rest and thawed out the ice.  The steam point hit mud at 37' and we were happy to know we finally hit bottom.  Or so we thought.  I still had to get down with my jackhammer and bust up the ice that didn't get melted and in doing so ran into a large chunk of frozen muck.   At some point in the long history of the shaft the muck had sluffed off and was encased in ice.  Doug's point had hit that chunk and we were fooled. 
        The deeper I went, the more difficult it was to remove seep water as well as ice.  I was unsuccessful in trying to get a deep well submersible pump to work so we reverted to pumping up to a hanging 1/2 barrel and then the remainder of the way to the top with another submersible.  I also had to keep adding ladder sections and when I ran out of aluminum ones, we made them out of wood, one of spruce poles and another of 2x4's.  From day one I had been assembling a hydraulic system to operate a Pullmaster hoist.  The hoist was old and worn out and after many hours of futzing with it along with several hundred dollars in rebuilding efforts, I gave up on it. 
       By now I was down to about 55' and we decided to do some more steaming.  This time we hit bed rock for sure...at 67'.  I had switched to a larger deep well pump which worked like a charm, so pumping out the melt water was a piece of cake.  Still I had to do some jackhammering and a final steaming to finish off the remaining ice.  But when I lowered and secured the final section
    of ladder and stepped onto the muddy bottom, it was a great feeling.  I could now see that we had about 12 feet of gravel, 4' of it mixed with mud and 8' pure gravel, rock and sand.
       Water, too much of it, was an issue early on and we went to extreme measures to try to keep it out of the shaft [to no avail].  Later in the summer water, the lack of it, also kept us from washing gold bearing gravel from the old dump pile.  To help ensure that we'll have sufficient supply next summer I built a dam on our little creek [in compliance] and it should help a lot.  It even survived a heavy rain late in August.  I'll be adding to it's height next spring.
       A shortage of funds kept us from opening the drifts off the shaft, but it will all be waiting for us next season.  We were able to build a boiler shelter [soon to be a boiler shack], deck the shaft and erect a shelter over it.  I'm eager to get back up to the claim sometime in March for a few weeks of work down in the shaft.  Could be I'll finally be on the pay.  Stay tuned.
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    John Oates reacted to JR BOI in Headed To A Diferrent Country?   
    Nice Job Rod, let's get you up to Idaho next year to do a little dredging.......I've seen a few dredges on the Salmon River but I think the EPA has most of us worried about getting cited......Should be out dredging this weekend since the government is shut down and therefore no EPA Nazis on the river.....
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    John Oates reacted to Rod Seiad in Headed To A Diferrent Country?   
    "and your young again,even for a second,is worth 100 hours a work to me-addict yes and proud of it-John"
    Totally understand.  I'm only 66 and need to get back to dredging for gold.  Time's a wastin'. 
    For me CA is over and done.  I dredged OR this summer for a total of 15 days, it's over too. 
    My own pride caused me to dredge the Klamath for 11 days in August after CDFW shut everybody down.  I suppose I was dareing one of 'em to cite me,  never did though.  I was stared at and photographed, but I was busy being me and ignored 'em.  Sad situation.
    I'm heading up north, I'm running away from down here.
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    John Oates got a reaction from Ronald C in Headed To A Diferrent Country?   
    Feels like I'm going to a different country this week as my ol'stomping grounds in Reno and Carson City sure have changed. Nevada over perverted sicko kalif does indeed seem foreign,just might be time again to buy another place there as kalif new gun laws unmanagable,mandatory queer education of my Gkids,over taxation and NO dredging has been just too   much to tolerate anymore-John 
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    John Oates got a reaction from JR BOI in Water Pumps   
    5 gallon poly paint seive sacks sell for 3 for $3 at Home depot,easily washed by reversal,last ages and keep everything nice and clean. The larger the surface area-filtering-the better off you are as then a lot less filter cleaning-John
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    John Oates reacted to Geowizard in Ophir Placer Gold Mine - An Example   
    There is a common theme in every gold mining story.
    - Geowizard
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    John Oates got a reaction from Geowizard in Ophir Placer Gold Mine - An Example   
    Hard honest work is offtime rewarded, but only to the stubborn who refuse to throw in the towel. REAL mining is expensive and much prospecting prior to production truly seems to be the key to any of my successes. The human factor is a real toughie. Case in point is dredging the Rucky Chuckies as every time we hit a huge paystreak the help disappeared over the hill into Reno casinos and brothels just as in days of old. They usually showed up 3-4 days later hungover,scratchn' their netherlands or in jail and of coarse FIRED as a reward. Same as the days of old when bars,brothels and equipment sellers made the real fortunes... Never regretted a second in 50+ years of serious prospecting and mining and truly enjoy others stories. thanx mucho-John
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    John Oates reacted to chickenminer in Selling My Gold For The Best Price   
    Oxford is offering you 65% only because they don't know your assay. You might be better off just paying to
    have the assay done this time, then in the future you and they will know.
     You can try all the jewelers around town for the coarse gold. I use to sell all my +10 mesh that way.
    Unique, specimen gold can command much higher price, but you have to be willing to market it !
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    John Oates reacted in Latest From Cobb Prospect   
    JR and John,  Thanks for the good wishes.  JR, the shaft has a 2" foam insulation barrier that sets down about 6' below the deck.  2x4 and plywood doors make up the deck and they will be insulated with 2" foam as well.  I'll pump out all the water that's accumulated over the past two weeks and what's left will eventually freeze as winter sets in.  If I don't get the shaft cleaned out completely before leaving, it will all be there just as I left it when we return in June.  I finally gave up on my hydraulic hoist...it is too worn out and may not be repairable.  I was able to get it to run up and down today but it is much too slow especially in the lowering mode.  So I transferred the wire rope to my little electric hoist and it seemed to do ok.  I just can't control the speed, but it's not too fast so it won't jerk the bucket around.  I also had to do some adjustment on the self dumping bucket carrier.  Tomorrow I'll run the trip line up to the gin pole and set the 3" diameter steel shaft I got for the anchor down in the shaft.  Then I need to add a couple of feet of muck, moss, willow branches and gravel to my dam.  I was happy to see that what I have so far held through the recent heavy rain that hit last week.  Already I have a good size pond which sure will help for washing gravel next year.  The last thing will be to consolidate everything under shelter of tent, shed and tarp what's left and then wait for the snow to bury it all.  We'll be in Colorado by then.
    So have a good winter, everyone.  Signing off from Cobb prospect.
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    John Oates reacted to leonard in The Show... Season Ii   
    The rubies part doesn't bother me as I was exposed to faceting a couple of years ago. It's an easy hobby for an "advancing in age" guy.
    All of these shows make me feel good about some of the claims we have. We can go just about anywhere on them and find more gold per pan than they seem to do.
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    John Oates reacted to leonard in The Show... Season Ii   
    Sorry to hear that. You were one of the few credible, likeable personalities on the show. About 1/2 of them would never get a second invite on any of my adventures.
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    John Oates reacted in Latest From Cobb Prospect   
    Thanks, Joe
      I'm a real fan of early miners and are fascinated by their equipment, methods and skills, so it's fun to emulate them and keep the mining simple [with a few modern conveniences].  Almost daily I am blown away by the tenacity, work ethic and vision of those guys who went after the gold a hundred years ago.  I couldn't stand with them in their ranks but I am honored to be considered of like spirit. 
       Today we passed the 50' mark and still no bottom in sight.  When I get weary of jack hammering ice and frozen muck in my cramped little shaft and hoisting bucket after bucket I just think of the guys before me who put down that shaft in the winter using fires to thaw the overburden and ultimately the gravel.
    My partner just discovered another prospect shaft about 200 yards from where Cobb shaft.  First pan from its dump pile was barren but we'll be checking it out more thoroughly later in the summer.  And equipment nightmares continue with the loss of my trash pump engine.  Fortunately I have another engine that's just waiting for a chance to do some work.
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    John Oates got a reaction from Alaska Range Miner in Wash plant for mini excavator   
    No one is perfect and BIG boulders do get by and ruin equipment,seen it 1,000s a times. In Carson City behind the airport off conestoga is/was a huge trommel builder who I visited regularly as ran a plant periodically 2 doors down. He was constantly repairing abused equipment from running too big a boulders through them. The direct proportional ratio of weight/size in conjunction with the of rate of spin magnifies the g forces expotentionally smashing into the barrel agitators. This effect is EXACTLY akin to hitting a wall at 5 mph in a vw vs a mack truck.All the ops on ak show killed washplants that a way or was that staged too hahaha yep never happens-John
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    John Oates reacted to Reno Chris in Beware Of Phony, Junk Metal Detectors   
    Ricky D  N -
    Seriously! What you are saying is like saying I've never seen a bank robbery in person, so I don't believe they happen. You are not aware of the market in Africa, and counterfeit detectors really are a problem here.
    The counterfeit detectors are a major problem in this part of the world. Here is some additional info:
    1) the authorized Minelab dealer here puts a special anti-fraud indicator on all the GPX units he sells. The one we were looking at did not have that indicator.
    2) After talking to the buyer, he admitted he purchased the unit from a seller who is known to Minelab and the authorized African distributor as a seller of fraudulent units.
    3) Are you saying you believe Minelab has no quality assurance and ships bad units regularly? You do know they have an analysis port and check the status of each unit before they ship it, right?
    Since seeing this fraudulent unit on the first day of my trip, I have now seen several more, including phony Teknetics T2 units. Because the GPX and T2 are the most popular units here, they are ones that are sold as counterfeits.
    I never said anything like all Chinese products are bad. I buy some Chinese items myself - no problem. However there are some folks in that country who are thieves. If you are a thief, why would you be motivated to give your victim a good, functional product? If you are a thief, its an extra effort that makes no sense. Most Africans who buy detectors are poor, and buying a $5000 detector is to them like a $50,000 purchase is to us. if they are told they can get the same thing cheaper, they will do it. Many don't know how test one when they purchase it. Like many American buyers of gold detectors, a large percentage are never successful in finding any gold with it. So the thieves look to take advantage of that.
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    John Oates reacted to Reno Chris in Beware Of Phony, Junk Metal Detectors   
    In this brave new world of international trade, you need to be careful if you are not buying from an established, legitimate, authorized dealers. Yup, sometimes good used detectors come available, but you need to be a little skeptical and be sure your used unit works properly before you put your money down to buy.
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    John Oates got a reaction from Ronald C in Best matting riffle combination for fine gold   
    I, and many 100s a others full timers,have utilized theis great Veranda  or Aggregrate style carpet for over 20 years. Its been made by Shaw and others for many years. Unbacked is the secret. It it twice as thick as ridged carpets.And 10 X the recovery surface area also. I compare it to pinecones-hollow in the middle but bristly around,it traps micron gold like crazy and as unbacked the 100 minus filters down and is captured. Not like moss that packs like cement when the flow is interupted and as I always use modified hungarian riffles,you can start/stop without being required to clean out the box or lose half of what ya run next. Does not cement,crush as I've used the same pieces in a couple a units for over 20 years and not had to replace ever after many 10s a 1,000 of hours of abuse. Great UV protection as indoor outdoor style carpet. CHEAP too. John

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    John Oates got a reaction from Ronald C in Smart Money Bullish On Gold   
    All my gold stash is found so cost is near nothing in relation to todays prices. I mark all containers with pertinent info as to who,what,when and my cost of retrieval. That way I can pick and choose whether to sell a oz that cost me $100 or $10 a oz to procure. Maxes out profits and will never sell best a the best as protection for times of dollars demise or inflation hedge on worthless greenbacks. Besides fun to visit in the bank and remember a ill spent youth running the hills like a gold crazed maniac with other madmen-soooo cool  --John
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    John Oates reacted to Reno Chris in Using Leach On Ore For Gold Recovery   
    Steve - to me Its like someone calls up AMDS and wants a part for his dredge but doesn't know what that part is, and is offended when you start to ask questions to try to help figure out what the needed part actually is.
    Leaching with iodine / iodide solution is a difficult and messy process, and the summary by Dr. Williams on the ICMJ website is correct, but far from complete, and in fact leaves out a lot of very critical information. Dr. Williams said it well: I really hate to see folks trying to follow a cookbook recipe to the point that when something goes a little wrong it wrecks everything. There really is no one size fits all answer on what chemicals to use or how much to add or how those chemicals will react - so simple cookbook directions are often totally unreliable. Some ores can be processed no problem with halides like iodine, but some are darn near impossible to process with halides, some could react to produce toxic by products, etc.
    Acid buffers control the acid Ph levels. They do not directly control oxidation levels or base metal concentrations.  Depending on what other chemicals are in solution, acid levels can affect some types of base metals, and can affect oxidation levels under certain conditions. Without knowing what other chemicals are present, the nature of the ore, etc. - its like trying to guess a dredge part having no idea of the dredge maker, size of the dredge, what the part does, etc.
    I have participated in the Gold Refiners forum and though a lot of guys there have experience in processing electronic scrap, few know much about ores, and the two are quite different. I found when I was there that some guys just wanted to tinker and mess around. That's all fine, and if K Rose wants to tinker - no problem. On the other hand if someone wants people to help figure out if the ore is amenable to that type of leach, and what is the best way to handle the ore, you cant ask those who are willing to help to do so in the dark and without any information. 
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    John Oates reacted to chickenminer in Epa Shuts Down Idaho Rivers To Dredgers   
      Under the Clean Water Act the EPA is responsible for administering the NPDES program. Which regulates discharge into navigable waters of the US.
     The EPA is not permitting dredging per se. They are permitting the "discharge" into navigable waters.
     Now we can argue terms such as "point source" and "pollution", but until a court rules in favor for a placer miner and against the NPDES permit, I think it prudent to comply. 
      I don't see where the EPA has authority under the CWA to ban recreational mining and placer mining on certain rivers. Maybe under NEPA ?
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    John Oates got a reaction from bill-costa rica in Recirculating Highbanker W/ Vortex Sand Separator   
    Convalution is NOT the solution. The working rule of mining for 1,000s a years has always been KISS -keep it simply simple -John
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    John Oates reacted to Reno Chris in Microcluster Gold And Pgms   
    "Microcluster gold" is a term used by modern day alchemists, and alchemy is just as phony today as it was 500 years ago. The term is used along with ORMUS, half atoms, monatomic high spin gold and other terms, mostly to mislead other folks.
    Because all of these terms are made up, they have no real scientific meaning and each alchemy practioner is free to define them as he or she wishes. Each person who has declared themselves an expert in the topic defines the meaning a little bit differently. "Expertise" or extensive knowledge in alchemy is something that is hard to define, as no one has ever been successful in magically manufacturing gold out of stuff that is not gold.
    I wrote an article discussing further the topic of modern day alchemy and how it is used to mislead and steal from real miners called "Good Assays and Bad" and it appears in the January 2012 issue.