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  1. You found GOLD and narrowed it down to 3507 square land miles! - Geowizard
  2. Geowizard

    March Issue Of Icmj

    Rick N has found gold. - Geowizard
  3. Geowizard

    Crushing And Milling

    Blasting large blocks of ore is NOT the same as blasting small blocks. - Geowizard
  4. Geowizard


    Vcella is a well known manufacturer of assay ovens. Do the math; The largest Kiln/oven made by Vcella is the Model 200. It is a 25.68 Kilowatt oven. Conversion of BTU's to Kilowatt-hours; 1 Million BTU = 293 Kilowatt-hours. That's equivalent to running MORE THAN TEN of the largest ovens available for one hour. Engineering requires an understanding of mathematics. Smelting is obviously an option for the small miner. - Geowizard
  5. Chris, I have always had the opinion that there's lots of gold still out there! Why won't you tell us where you found the "Summer Gold"? - Geowizard
  6. Geowizard


    Regulations; Every jurisdiction is loaded with regulations on almost everything we do. - Geowizard
  7. Geowizard


    68 pounds avdp of molten red brass = 68 pounds avdp (991.67 troy ounces) of molten gold. I would suggest not to worry about TRIVIAL costs in smelting precious metals. - Geowizard
  8. Geowizard

    True Cost To Mine Gold - Companies Under Pressure

    Servicing debt; Many mining companies borrow money for the purpose of mining. - Geowizard
  9. Geowizard

    March Issue Of Icmj

    Rick N, You may be close to a significant discovery. - Geowizard
  10. Geowizard

    Crushing And Milling

    When I contract blasting, I specify the size of rock desired. - Geowizard
  11. Geowizard

    Crushing And Milling

    rabbitt46, The only concern is that you crush adequately to recover the most gold possible. - Geowizard
  12. Geowizard


    It's an International Forum; People all over the WORLD read this forum. - Geowizard
  13. Geowizard


    Cochran coke ovens; In the early 1900's, settlers in Arizona that mined near Florence, used coke ovens to produce coke for smelting copper, silver and gold. - Geowizard
  14. Geowizard


    Clay furnaces; The clay furnaces used by Spanish Explorers were fired using mesquite. - Geowizard
  15. Geowizard


    Make or buy decision; Anyone that is interested in smelting has the option of making or buying a furnace that is capable of smelting. - Geowizard