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  1. Sent a PM. - Geowizard
  2. Geowizard

    Bears On My Claim

    Very true! I use the "buddy system". I always have another miner with me that I know I can outrun! - Geowizard
  3. Chris, The maintenance problems have been resolved. Logistics - getting fuel, oil, grease, hydraulic fluid and parts to keep equipment operating is part of the business of mining. - Geowizard
  4. I am reminded of a statement made by Patrick Henry in 1775.., "Give me liberty or give me death." Many Americans have given their lives in order to preserve liberty. Government tyranny has an objective. The objective is to take away liberty. When liberty is taken away, we become "subjects" of a tyrannical government. It has become apparent that government wants to control "the people" by taking away our ability and/or liberty to mine and to produce gold. - Geowizard
  5. diggingbar, Option B is prospecting. - Geowizard
  6. diggingbar, I'm shipping a limited amount of gold. There isn't enough water this year to do much good. - Geowizard
  7. Geowizard

    Buried Treasure!

    You can join me in the search for Buried Treasure right here on the ICMJ Prospecting and Mining Journal Forum! There are clues. - Geowizard
  8. Geowizard

    Buried Treasure!

    Finesse is a noun; The origin is from Middle English and Middle French and is derived from the word "fineness". Meaning "Degree of excellence or purity". Definition: 1. Extreme delicacy or subtlety in action, performance, skill, discrimination, taste, etc. - Geowizard
  9. Geowizard

    Gold Mirror Test For Gold

    Basement Chemistry for the Prospector; Dr. A. K. Williams created a website devoted to understanding chemistry for prospectors. The website is/was called "Prospectors Paradise". www.prospectorsparadise.com The website contains many useful and informative pages including a page on "Halides". Although it doesn't address this topic directly, it will help in understanding the chemical process involved in using Iodine to extract gold. My understanding is that Doc Williams suffered a fatal concussion as the result of a fall in his home. He should long be remembered as a great writer that brought chemistry to a level of understanding for the average prospector. - Geowizard
  10. Geowizard

    Starting A Placer Mining Operation

    Social factors; Humans are social animals! Everyone wants to get involved in the process. We may want to perform the task of mining and the neighbors may have an objection based on their other interests. Placer mining has an impact on a long list of "interests" held by others. To avoid conflict with the interests of others mining has to be done on certain terms and conditions that are acceptable to the public at large. Rules and regulations are in place at all levels of government and policies are varied according to the "domain" on which a given mining project is proposed. So, it comes down to "social responsibility" and concern for the sensitivities and special interests of others. Certain groups control the regulatory process to the extent that they lobby political and regulatory bodies to promote and protect their "special" interests at the cost of mining interests. There's nothing new about this. The process has evolved most markedly since Teddy Roosevelt. The establishment of National Parks and reservation of the public lands for "special" purposes that exclude mining continues to evolve. In other words a proposed mining project might meet certain standards and obtain approval today and then with evolution of the social pressures and special interests of those in opposition, it may not reach fruition. The Pebble Project in Alaska comes to mind. - Geowizard
  11. Geowizard

    Starting A Placer Mining Operation

    Factors that control success; Your success isn't based on being a 2 percenter or a 98 percenter or the number of months needed to get into profit mode. Success depends on many variables... Depending on how you apply yourself to the process of learning about placer mining and/or hard rock (because you mentioned both) can take many years. Being a welder is good. Mining on a commercial scale requires certain types of heavy equipment; like a dozer or loader or excavator. The mining plan and method used depends on the mining project. The mining project depends on your selection of mining property. The selection of property is foremost. The selection process involves an understanding of all of the social, political and economic factors that control what you can and cannot do on any given property. Each of those three areas require gathering of information. Most properties when subjected to critical evaluation do not qualify for investment of time and money. Yet, much time and money is required to evaluate properties. - Geowizard
  12. Reality; A placer deposit usually contains 18 inches of placer gold. This number pops up frequently in historic placers. Can we assume it is an undiscovered placer gold deposit of historic proportions? Unfortunately availability of sufficient water for large scale placer mining is intermittent or insufficient. A 200 cubic yard per hour (solids) operation requires 1000 cubic yards or 200,000 gallons of water per hour for 20 percent slurry in the sluice. Unfortunately the gold is intermittent and the grade becomes sub economic. Low grade must be offset by an equal amount of higher than expected grade. The probability of lower grade is usually greater than the probability of higher grade! Unfortunately placer deposits have extensive overgrowth in the form of trees, roots, moss, and other vegetation. If the placer deposit is continuous, the area for the example given above would be 400,000 square yards. Large placer miners (historically) have been known to mine 400,000 square bedrock feet in a season (in Alaska). Given 9 square feet per square yard... the project would likely involve a period of 9 to 10 years. - Geowizard
  13. $8.00 Deposit model; The large scale production required for $8.00 placer gold demands a large deposit. Considering the volume at 200 yards per hour and 2000 yards per day, to recover $1,000,000 profit on a $500,000 investment, at $10,000 per day net, makes the deposit size 100 x 2000 = 200,000 cubic yards. Note: Investment in capital equipment for mining leaves the equipment paid for and $1,000,000 in the bank. $8,00 x 200,000 = 1,6 million Gross revenue. $100,000 is paid out over the 100 day production campaign. - Geowizard
  14. $8.00 Gold? A business model for $8.00 gold requires high volume production. The investment in a Dozer, loader, trommel operation that runs 200 cubic yards per hour might be in the range of $250,000 to $500,000. Production of $1600 per hour with costs in the range of $600 per hour would provide a net profit of $10,000 in a 10 hour day. - Geowizard
  15. Capacity; Gold production - even on a low grade placer deposit can be profitable if certain levels of production can be sustained. A Bobcat loader can handle one cubic yard. Running 10 cubic yards per hour and $13.00 placer will generate $130.00 per hour. A two man crew with wages and fuel are covered. Another scenario is 40 cubic yards per hour, same machine and manpower generating $520 per hour at the same cost. Net profit might be around $400 per hour and on a 10 hour day works pretty well for most entrepreneurs. - Geowizard
  16. Peter, I have spent the past few years elaborating on the subject of mining a low grade placer deposit. Every mine has a unique set of variables that affect cost of operation. If your objective is to mine gold commercially and generate a profit, the method or process of recovery has to be decided with attention to all of the cost factors. Cost control and grade control are borne out of sound management. Since mining involves a number of steps, each step in the process has to be given close attention. Given a value of pay, for example $13.00 per cubic yard defines the level of production required to suit your ambition. One cubic yard per hour pays $13.00 (less cost of operation). Mechanical placer mining such as I have done has a grade requirement based on the hourly cost of operation. Working the numbers from the cost side; Given the cost of operating a 23HP Vanguard Water Pump and a Bobcat, fuel cost alone in the interior of Alaska is $18 per hour. Is your labor free? Do you support the cost of other helpers? Do you have debt that has to be serviced? How do you plan to replace worn out equipment and afford repairs? If there really is a "profit motive", then how much profit is expected? All of these factors and more control the requirement for "pay" as determined by extensive sampling of the deposit. - Geowizard
  17. Geowizard

    Mine Gas Detectors

    Gas Detectors; This is a subject that is worthy of a dedicated thread. - Geowizard
  18. There are various ways to leach copper, silver and gold out of rocks. - Geowizard
  19. Geowizard

    March Issue Of Icmj

    Rick, Yes, I understand. Another feature of XRF is that x-rays don't penetrate gold and silver. The metals are too dense - just like lead is a shield for x-rays, From the results you have Gold and Silver! - Geowizard
  20. Geowizard

    Extremely Fine Gold Recovery

    Flotation relies on the principle of "surface tension". Miners wives observed gold floating in the suds when doing the laundry! Cleaning the surface of the gold to be floated is done using a mild acid solution. Most acids do not react with gold but will remove other metals that might coat the surface and work to reduce surface tension. One metal that coats gold frequently is iron. H2SO4 is used by industry to remove rust. "Naval Jelly" is an example. "Clean gold" will float with a little help! One off the shelf product is referred to as "Pinesol". Pinesol is inexpensive. It's available almost everywhere. There is a difference between floating crushed ore with minimal exposure of gold and floating free gold with 100 percent exposure. No, you can't float nuggets - but everyone has seen fine gold float in a pan. Add a drop of Pinesol and you will see gold float. Detergent "suppresses" flotation. It is referred to as a suppressant. Gold panners usually keep a small squeeze bottle of liquid detergent handy to keep gold from floating while panning. A flotation cell can be constructed. A tub - almost any tub can be drilled and fitted with tygon tubing or other hose types to apply compressed air to the bottom of the tub. The objective is to agitate the gold in the tub when the tub is partially filled with water. A regulated supply of compressed air is provided and setup at an elevated level to eliminate reverse flow of water to the compressor. Experimentation is required in any new endeavor that has variables involved. Unfortunately, there isn't a universal recipe! Starting with a small, low cost flotation cell is easy. - Geowizard
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    Electro-winning, normally a "recovery process", can be used as a final method that will recover fine gold. The issue for many miners is the loss of fine gold. Fine gold becomes increasing difficult to recover by gravity methods including panning and many times is lost in clean up of concentrates. Micron and sub micron gold can be dissolved into the appropriate "bath" and recovered by plating the gold onto a cathode. - Geowizard
  22. Geowizard

    March Issue Of Icmj

    Rick, X-Ray (XRF) measures only a small, approximately 1 centimeter "window". If your sample was pulverized into a uniform blend, then it's close - there's still a problem with "nugget effect" with XRF. XRF should be calibrated. There are companies that sell calibration standards for XRF. XRF is also prone to interference between metals. The response peaks overlap. - Geowizard
  23. Geowizard

    Black Damp

    Annual refresher courses provided by MSHA are always enlightening. There are endless, new, creative ways people find to get in trouble. Surface mining has its dangers. Underground mining requires an extended course! - Geowizard
  24. Geowizard

    Prospecting 101

    Differences of opinion can lead to confusion in the process of learning. Prospecting is no exception. There will always be opinions that evolve from experiences that result from different working environments. The perception of the observer in one case versus another may be affected by having a different purpose or objective. Citing trivial differences for the purpose of gaining or maintaining "the high ground" in discussion is not productive. I encourage respect for others and tolerance for differences in experience. - Geowizard