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    Crushing And Milling

    One of my favorites for milling hardrock is the horizontal bar impact mill. - Geowizard
  2. Hi Everyone, Recovery of gold and silver from a good high grade concentrate into a near final end product is an important step in the process. - Geowizard
  3. Metal detectors operate on the concept of electromagnetism. Many people discover gold everyday using metal detectors. The concept is not new. - Geowizard
  4. Geowizard

    The Gravity Method

    The Gravity Method; Prospectors use many different methods to find gold and other precious metals. One of those methods is a geophysical method referred to as the "Gravity Method". - Geowizard
  5. There is a lot of interest these days in processing the tailings dump from past hard-rock mines. This thread provides a venue for discussion of related questions and answers. - Geowizard
  6. Geowizard

    Scrap Your Mba...

    The latest news relates to our economy becoming more directed toward commodies and away from WallStreet; Link: http://www.mining.com/trade-in-your-mba-for-a-farming-degree-jim-rogers-26827/?gce_var=lower-comments&utm_expid=17625373-0.wR1isPasQ6GSvnWKGYTdqA.1 - Geowizard
  7. Geowizard

    Financing A Hardrock Mine

    Financing a hardrock mining project represents a serious challenge. - Geowizard
  8. Geowizard


    Members of the ICMJ Mining Journal Forum may appreciate discussion on the subject of Amalgamation. I hope that this thread can develop into a productive discussion on the process of amalgamation. - Geowizard
  9. Geowizard

    Mine Gas Detectors

    Gas Detectors; This is a subject that is worthy of a dedicated thread. - Geowizard
  10. I have been studying the Reverse Helix Methods of gold recovery recently. I am impressed with the efficiency, compactness, and portability of these self-contained systems. It would be interesting to have open discussion on how well these work in actual practice. - Geowizard
  11. Hi, I am probably only one of a few prospectors that own an AA spectrometer. Feel free to ask questions here! I will add content on the subject in following days. - Geowizard
  12. Geowizard

    Gold Refining

    It might be interesting to some of the members to discuss the process of refining gold. - Geowizard
  13. You found GOLD and narrowed it down to 3507 square land miles! - Geowizard
  14. Geowizard

    March Issue Of Icmj

    Rick N has found gold. - Geowizard
  15. Geowizard

    Crushing And Milling

    Blasting large blocks of ore is NOT the same as blasting small blocks. - Geowizard
  16. Geowizard


    Vcella is a well known manufacturer of assay ovens. Do the math; The largest Kiln/oven made by Vcella is the Model 200. It is a 25.68 Kilowatt oven. Conversion of BTU's to Kilowatt-hours; 1 Million BTU = 293 Kilowatt-hours. That's equivalent to running MORE THAN TEN of the largest ovens available for one hour. Engineering requires an understanding of mathematics. Smelting is obviously an option for the small miner. - Geowizard
  17. Chris, I have always had the opinion that there's lots of gold still out there! Why won't you tell us where you found the "Summer Gold"? - Geowizard
  18. Geowizard


    Regulations; Every jurisdiction is loaded with regulations on almost everything we do. - Geowizard
  19. Geowizard


    68 pounds avdp of molten red brass = 68 pounds avdp (991.67 troy ounces) of molten gold. I would suggest not to worry about TRIVIAL costs in smelting precious metals. - Geowizard
  20. Geowizard

    True Cost To Mine Gold - Companies Under Pressure

    Servicing debt; Many mining companies borrow money for the purpose of mining. - Geowizard
  21. Geowizard

    March Issue Of Icmj

    Rick N, You may be close to a significant discovery. - Geowizard