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  1. Back when I spent a lot of time in the water, I had an APMA. As I recall, the application takes 5-6 weeks to get returned to you. So, send it off early. Be sure to include a sketch of the area that you intend to work. Might have changed, but I also remember calling the water board to get the water use permit.
  2. Glen Oates

    Last Summer in Alaska

    Definitely NOT what I was hoping to hear Dick. I am worried that we will have a repeat of the last 3 years. If it does, at least I have somewhere else to prospect now. But it hurts having all that money tied up in fuel and equipment that is sitting idle.
  3. Glen Oates

    Aa Spectrometer Assay

    I have an older Varian Spect5AA that I acquired when the local university upgraded all their equipment. I even got all their lamps for testing various other metals. Sometimes, it helps to be a chemist, even an old one!! My only problem is that mine is not portable. Samples in AK must come home for testing.
  4. Glen Oates

    Last Summer in Alaska

    I think that my plans echo some of Steve's. Different sequence though. Evaluate claims in Bettles to find out how far downstream the deposit goes. Acquired another 2 1/2 miles of claims on the 40 Mile. Got a twin-engine 10" dredge nearly completed, but dunno if it will go to 40 Mile or to Nome. Went into new ground south of Faribanks and did some winter staking of ground that we explored last summer. Still not thawed completely from that one. Like Ron, I have a Sevtec started in the shop. After building the first one, the next one only takes a couple of weeks to complete. Might be cheaper this time to buy another one already on location. I am hoping for a low-water year on the 40 Mile this season. Not much snowpack there last time that I looked.
  5. Stop by on the way thru, Steve, and say Hi. We are the operation immediately upstream of Dean.