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  1. We run a recirk down here in the desserts of south Arizona using a 75 gallon horse trough just catching our tailings in a 5 gallon bucket. One goes in one comes out I run 50 buckets per day on 120 gallons of water using a 5hp trash pump. Gotta shovel out silt at lunch time and refill, dont notice too much sand in there though. Doing the recirk thing is a real pain in the butt except we average 1/3 oz a day or sometimes more
  2. Ill say $1300s for a bit and in oct. $1500 but hopefully I am wrong and it booms, someday it will be at a high though that is for sure!
  3. border boy

    New To Dredging In Alaska

    Cory, I usually do a 6 hour dive but I am 32 years old and seasoned once I see yellow it all goes away anyhow lol
  4. border boy

    Going Detecting All Summer Long!

    Wow Steve, Sounds like an adventure for sure. I have the kids at home still so I will have to do the dredge thing ( and some detecting ) to make sure my bills are paid. Going out on a detecting trip like that would be a retirement dream! I hope you make some great discoveries out there, we all know the possibilities. Justin.
  5. border boy

    New To Dredging In Alaska

    Cory, A dry suit is real nice to have and sometimes you can come across one cheaper on ebay. Being a little less fortunate than some I use a 2 layer 8 mm wet suit ($200) and it works for me in 35 to 40 degree water with a full face mask, adding a heater ( $3-400 ) would work great. Good luck out there!! Justin
  6. Steve, I know........ i just got home from appendix removal and this was one of the first things i read, I get a little upset sometimes I just see the future of dredging in the US coming to an end and know that its up to us to do something about it.
  7. Wow, Ill agree with Clay on this one. What a crock of crap I would like to see how the first court case goes!! I think I am just going to go full on outlaw this year and if anything comes up I will fight it in the supreme court as a clear violation of my rights. Justin. Clay give me a call when you get a chance.
  8. Sure is hard to beat some good ol miners moss, we experimented last year with several name brand rubber mattings in our proline 5 inch. After many hours of dredging we ended up putting the 3m moss back in the box. John Oats, I will have to agree, that carpet is a great value! Justin.