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    gold prospecting, metal detecting, gold nuggets, gold specimens, gold dust, gold, gold, gold
  1. IDdesertman

    Gold From Old Tailing Pile

  2. IDdesertman

    New Contest: Can You Recognize Gold?

    Fun contest! 1. y 11. y 21. y 2. n 12. y 22. y 3. n 13. n 23. n 4. n 14. n 24. n 5. y 15. y 25. y 6. y 16. y 26. y 7. n 17, y 27. n 8. n 18. n 28. y 9. n 19. n 29. n 10. n 20. y 30. n
  3. Absolutely gorgeous country, I guarantee you will love the scenery. I've never prospected there though. Keep us posted on your trip, I'd love to hear how it goes.
  4. IDdesertman

    New Nugget Detectors (Lack Thereof)

    I have wondered the very same thing Steve. It seems like every month there is some newly designed gizmo coming out (sluices, fine gold recovery stuff, highbankers, etc.) but new gold detectors only show up once in a blue moon. With the huge interest in gold the past few years you'd think the major players would be cranking new models out more frequently. Would have to agree with your Minelab comments though. They are running the show on the PI's with no real competition, so I guess they can do what they want.
  5. IDdesertman

    Going Detecting All Summer Long!

    Sounds like a blast Steve! Look forward to reading about your adventures! Matt