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    Ground Penetrating Radar

    I have a gpr that I am still learning.But I see it picks up black sand and minerals as if it were metal.If there was actual metal compared to mineralization or placer.The edges will be sharper on the screen. After reading all the comments and putting them together,perhaps I may have wasted money on it. Never know though,it may come in handy for something.
  2. Over an ounce a pound.Sounds too good to be true.
  3. Look like a cute baby walrus.Nose is much too flat an wide for a sea lion.Real cute!
  4. james a.

    Salmon Populations Declines?

    We live in an area where there are 4 differant types of salmon.Since I have grown up here,I have seen a decline an jump back from each of these salmon.With no dredgeing here during that time.I`m am the only one who has a 4in dredge here an I recently got it a couple years ago. So I agree,that it is not the dredgers that are makeing a decline,it is natural from somewhere else.Too vast of an ocean to determine what it really is though.Someone would hafto fallow them from fry,to return of the river.
  5. james a.

    Water Pump Wheel Kits

    Baby Cairage.Sounds silly yagh.The kind with 3 big wheels you see wemon running their little ones on.They are lite,big wheels,an can carry a heavy load for there frame.I have sat in them an when my kids grew up.They still road around an play the hell out of it.It was still kicken when I threw it away.I rode in it myself an I way 166 lbs my kids had no problem pushing me. So baby your little engine an buy your baby cairage TODAY!
  6. Yup all over.Here in alaska.July 15th was the deadline to dredge recreational.Now it is going to be june 25th.Maybe that is only in my small town.4in dredge.The only one in town with a dredge,fish an game made a deadline for pink salmon. My litle 4in dredge,sound like it will distroy the ecosystem according to fish an game.They are the ones here who control the permits.Oh well.I put my 10.00 bucks in for the bottom of the ninth anyway.
  7. james a.

    Gemstone Geology

    Would be nice to learn how an find some thing around ak.We live not too far from some old volcano`s.Kept my eye out.But no real prospecting for them.
  8. james a.

    I Want Your River Trash

    How to fight the good fight?Usually,things go to court an miners would need to be reprisented by a lawyer.To enforce would be to have some kinda cop ,an how would dredgers have some kinda dredging cop to uphold an help the dredger? I am no brainiak,so I would not be a lawyer type,I am more physical an was a sgt.In the infantry scouts. Everyone I am sure would like to help with other dredgers.But without lawyers an enforcement.What would you suggest?
  9. james a.

    Gravel Transport

    Some of them tree huggers must be married,they must be wearing a ring that has gold on it.Cell phones need gold wemon want gold an the government needs an uses gold. How would that be possible without the minor?Small scale dredging has bin proven to help the fisheys.Human nature,people just need something to fight over an win since we were litle kids.It just gets more intelagent as we get older. Good luck California.
  10. james a.

    Gravel Transport

    Shucks.Trying to find gold so I can quit my day job.
  11. james a.

    Gravel Transport

    Shhhhh.Bill!You said something on the internet!
  12. Start off making your hole wide from the top,throw your rocks downstream behind you.I just use a small anchore tide to my dredge.When I want to adjust where I want my hose to be,nice an straight as possible.Just hafto throw the anchore in the position you want your dredge.Trying to dig straight down does make it more difficult from cave ins an haveing to throw your rocks behind you when your in a tight hole.
  13. james a.

    Why Are Dredge Sluices So Short?

    That 4 inch proline I got from amds,I would not change a thing.Had to buy a swivel nozzle,but that is worth it.To me,a bolt in that nozzle would make it cheeper.3 stage sluice is perfect. I would just change the bolts from the flare an put them on the sluice box.Seems it would be easier to bolt on the flare.Instead of going undernieth the sluice to bolt it together. No need to lengthen the sluice on that one beutifull litle dredge.Oh!I said I would not change a thing.Lol.Just reverse the bolts holding the flare.
  14. Sounds like lotsa fun!Rivers still frozen on the west coast an can still snowmachine on the river.Hope it gets warmer soon,record cold for springtime in fairbanks.Well that what it say on the news. Tough Man!Keep driving.
  15. Rodger that rotgrub.Eventually,evan a pawn can checkmate a king!
  16. james a.

    Small Scale Hard Rock Mining

    If there is mercury under water while you are dredgeing.How does it look or how can you tell you are dredging mercury?\ Is it a silver liquid pool on bedrock?Does it get stuck in your sluice box? If I ran into it.I would like to clean some of it up from the bottom of our river.I used to like to play with mercury too when I was litle.
  17. james a.

    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    Time an profit.I have a job an know that will keep me going on living.Having the time to prospect than having to come back to work. Time off for mine is work mon an teusday,then off the rest of the weak for a month. Sure would like to have more prospecting time.But it is fun when getting the chance to do so.The job gets the equipment anyway. Being maintenance for 22 years helps out in the field also.
  18. The dredge-Is the only way to be able to clean the bottom of a river.What better way than with a dredge?An we dredge in the places where everything settles in that area.Perhaps that may open an ear to envirnmentalists.
  19. I see a few things on geology.com that may help if you have not found that one already.Also shows differant meteorites an the price some of them may be,sat images of craters around the world.An tools you can get for adventures. I know there is more stuff out there that is just a litle thing I have found.
  20. james a.

    New To Dredging In Alaska

    Also.Remeber before you go into nowhere land.Make sure you see all that you have for your dredging.I brought all that I thought I needed with my 4 in dredge.40 miles upstream.I did not have the brass nipple fitting for my air tank to hose. Can`t get one in the bush.So geuss what?I had to travel all the way back to find one,then return a day later.One litle item can spoil your trip big time!
  21. How do we get it into someones thick head that recreational dredging,is a benefit to the envirnment than?
  22. Cripple river nier Nome is full of dredges an high bankers going.Then the gpaa members take a break an go fishing in the same river.Catch lotsa fish.That has been going on for years. Get gold-catch a fish an roast it.What day could be better than that?