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    Locating Gold

    Sorry I misread the link on YouTube. I will see if history provides this video freely !
  2. Hey guys, If you didn't have a claim, and you wanted to make friends, learn, and just have an overall good year with chance of getting some real color, where would you guys suggest? I want to have a good year, and find at least some color to make it worth it. Of course none of you know EXACTLY where the gold is, but I'm sure you guys have your favorite areas. I know most of the grounds are claimed, and the free and pay to play areas aren't that great at producing, but you have to start somewhere and I would like to see where you guys would have started, if you could have gone back knowing then what you knew now! Thanks! Cory
  3. GoldBellMining

    If You Were Dredging In Alaska, Where Would You Start?

    Thanks Scott, I will edit out my link so not to cause any confusion!
  4. GoldBellMining

    Locating A Claim

    Edited for Removal... Repost....
  5. GoldBellMining

    If You Were Dredging In Alaska, Where Would You Start?

    Searching the internet has lead me to this great article from your old site! *LINK REMOVED SEE BELOW* So I thought I would share it here, great information in this article.
  6. Whopping 37 Degrees Feels like summer!

  7. GoldBellMining

    Camp Ground Closed

    xD Well, I guess it would just depend on the Ranger If im right or not! lol
  8. GoldBellMining

    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    I see, I seen on a youtube video that they were doing "Cobble Pushes" in McGrath And the people would then go out and look for nuggets, It looked pretty cool but its probably more rewarding than profitable A few 1/4oz nuggets were shown.
  9. GoldBellMining

    Mineral Identification

    Iron Oxide? LOL!
  10. GoldBellMining

    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    Gawsh, Tell em they can take a picture with Blue from Jungle Book
  11. GoldBellMining

    Dredging And Mercury.

    Can we not repoduce this method enivoronmentally and economically, with today's technologies?
  12. GoldBellMining


    What is the association between magnetite and gold? Also, I know that Hydrocholoric Acid will not effeft gold. Do miners use this successfully? Why or Why Not? i.e .http://www.google.com/patents/EP0408185A2?cl=en&dq=gold&hl=en&sa=X&ei=PQlrUeukCsjmigKltoCoDA&ved=0CDQQ6AEwAA
  13. GoldBellMining

    Other Minerals And Precious Metals.

    Cool! *Images GoldMan the Golden Superhero* He would probably just weigh alot and be soft as hell!
  14. Hey guys, I've been doing a little research to see what else I can pull out of the waterbeds, or at least what has been found already, but I havent been able to pull much on the other kinds of shineys one might find in the riverbed in Alaska, Gold is great, but so is finding many of the other things, even if they aren't worth a profit! So my question is, what other kinds of shineys can I expect to see in my Sluice this summer ?
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    Thanks for all this Geowizard! It really helps to have someone to discuss my questions with and be able to get an answer that makes sense.
  16. Sun Sun Sun Lets hope it melts all the Snow !

  17. GoldBellMining


    So then, Quartz carries no electrical current vs gold that carries electrical current well. Which is not the same with Magnetite and Gold. Where as Magnetite will absorb an electric current, and gold conducts it . So any material that obstructs electricity ( High Resistivity ) Makes it more difficult to locate gold. I think!
  18. GoldBellMining

    Gold Drops Under $1500

    Its the only thing that never goes down it seems.
  19. GoldBellMining

    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    AKMD, Disneyland, Whats the difference?
  20. GoldBellMining

    Dredging And Mercury.

    How did the ancients do it? Is it that it was just plentiful in pure amounts in those days? Does gold purity degrade over time?
  21. GoldBellMining

    Camp Ground Closed

    Pisfers hmm, not sure I am familiar with that termonology.. but if I had to guess.. I would say they had pissforbrains?
  22. GoldBellMining

    Keene 4" Deluxe Or Ultra Mini?

    Ive had a few other people mention proline, but I get conflicting information. Yes, Proline is a more expensive brand, but what about it makes that big of a difference? The keene is about 500 bucks less. Which isn't much, but when your trying to get started, all those little savings stack up, Aside from just the brand, is there a reason you would pick proline over keene? Or is this more of a preference thing.. Dodge vs Ford?
  23. GoldBellMining


    Ok so, from my new understanding... The Low magnetic resonating area (the rainbow 3 colored) is characteristic to a gold lode because it is a deep non-magnetic anomaly. This is because gold doesnt produce an magnetic signature? Not meaning that there is gold there, but the likelyness of precious metals ?
  24. GoldBellMining

    Gold Deposit Geology

    Man, I want to print this out, great link, Is this pinned? If not i think it should be!
  25. GoldBellMining

    Geochemical Sampling

    Thanks Scott, I really enjoyed this read and book marked it. Was very informative and gave me those "Ah Ha" moments that answered questions I had been asking myself.