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  1. GoldBellMining

    Gold Drops Under $1500

    Definately, I just meant that no matter the price, I'm sure most of us will continue to mine for gold! We are miners, because we love the job, not because we love the money, I'm sure there are professions out there that pay better for a smaller headache!
  2. GoldBellMining

    If You Were Dredging In Alaska, Where Would You Start?

    I had looked at their site previously, but did not see a way to join, so I would assume to just show up at the meetings?
  3. Im gonna stick to about 1650. Especially with the recent flood of gold on the market.
  4. GoldBellMining

    Fortymile And The American Presidency Project

    These restrictions are just getting more and more suffocating..
  5. GoldBellMining

    Last Summer in Alaska

    Yeah, Anchorage finally warmed up today, its a whopping 28 at Ted Stevens... Is anyone mining successfuly up here yet?
  6. GoldBellMining

    Gold Drops Under $1500

    Man, thats one candy store I'd like to knock over for Christmas.... lol
  7. GoldBellMining

    Gold Drops Under $1500

    It doesn't make much sense to me, Why not just sell the gold in smaller portions throughout time when it hits its high point instead of waiting for your nation to struggle and flood the market with all of your gold, thus hurting the rest of the world, but then again, I'm no world leader or businessman!
  8. GoldBellMining

    Camp Ground Closed

    I agree, Those areas are my winter targets So I have to research them more this summer and find that the laws are changing at the same times, so who knows what will be valid information by then. Might just end up Detecting in Nevada for the winter!
  9. GoldBellMining

    Gold Drops Under $1500

    Yeah, but when it really comes down to it... You dont mine for the money.
  10. GoldBellMining

    New To Dredging In Alaska

    Thanks Justin, when you wear your 8mm suit, averagely how long do you work? Worse case senario I take more breaks, Heck a couple breaks never hurt anyone!
  11. GoldBellMining

    Gold Drops Under $1500

    Gotta love people who sink the entire ship trying to launch the first life boat... Gold will jump back up eventually.
  12. GoldBellMining

    Camp Ground Closed

    Usually the campground is closed and gated off to prevent camping. Recreational activites that are prohibited in off seasons are usually posted i.e. Fishing.. but that really doenst say much does it.
  13. GoldBellMining

    Going Detecting All Summer Long!

    Good luck Steve! Maybe we will see each other on the road!
  14. GoldBellMining

    New To Dredging In Alaska

    Thanks for your advice once again Steve, I've been looking at a few suits, but being on a tight budget is not the way to go when you are getting into gold mining. I was just looking for ways I could scrape a few dollars off the top until I get a little return or get another paycheck lol, Gold mining is a very expensive habit.I am thinking my Gold dredging career is going to revolve around free sites like petersville, the pay to play sites like chicken and crow creek, and I have a few potential guys who might let me out with them for the first year, but noone wants to be held back by a noobie! lol
  15. GoldBellMining

    Welcome to all

    Thanks for putting this forum together so I may be a part of it and learn and grow as it does!