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    Any Clue What This Is?

    Hey guys, I got my Gold Bug Pro out today for my first real day with it, decided to hit a place in Anchorage I thought would be a good test for it, After about an hour I found my first real hit that seemed interesting. Hopefully one of you can help me identify it. It's conduvtive, non-ferrous, and not malleable.. Thanks!
  2. I mostly planned on dredging this summer, but after reading some posts ive reconsidered my thoughts on detecting in alaska, do you guys think tis worth it to have a detector, or is it just person preference. sometimes you feel like a nugget, some times you dont?
  3. GoldBellMining

    Signatures Needed!

    Signed it.... We all have the right to the pursuit of happiness... and finding gold and having places to do so, makes me happy!
  4. GoldBellMining

    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    Hey guys, Just wanted to say thanks for the advice about the metal detector, decided to get a Gold Bug Pro and I am really enjoying it.... can't wait to find that, oh so, elusive first nugget with it!
  5. GoldBellMining

    Detector Purchase A Must.

    I was pinned against sort of this same thing today, I knew I wanted a Fisher Gold Bug,, But 2 or Pro was my question... I liked the power and the price for the Gold Bug 2, but I found it to be more advanced than I wanted for my first quality detector. I am a novice in every since of the word and I felt I would spend more time fidgeting with the knobs and doing a lot more guesswork than actually metal detecting. So I decided that even though this may be the better machine for finding small nuggets at larger depths, this was not the detector for me. So I decided on the Gold Bug Pro, which ended up coming with 2 coils, the 5" and 5" x 10" ... I liked the ability to identify the signals and depths visually VS no Display at all on the Gold Bug 2 Being a Noob, I think I made the right choice...lol
  6. GoldBellMining

    Dredging And Mercury.

    So, green question here, what's the deal with mercury. I've tried to find information on the process of gold and mercury and was reading that interesting pdf, Is mercury a required part of dredge mining and nugget detecting, if so, where can I find more information on this process?
  7. Any thoughts on the 3 stage system vs the single stage? Some thoughts already are that the third stage is almost useless.
  8. Hey guys! My names Cory and this is my first post on your fine post. I was brought here by a post from Steve on the Alaska Mining and Diving Stores site, whom has given me much knowledge on my research phase this winter. I am quickly approaching the time for gear and I would like to get some of your guy's veteran input on the subject. I am probably going to purchase a 4" Dredge, because from my understanding this is the smallest dredge that one should purchase if seriously considering an sort of real income. I am interested in the dive suit and what I should seriously consider purchasing, I am pretty sure the dives arent that deep in the creeks and beds, but being a novice in the matter I would like to know what some of you use in comparison or what you would suggest, I intend to work long hours. I listed these two things because, I feel they are the most important buys at this point. Any input to a newbie like me is Welcome! Thanks, Cory
  9. So, I went down to the USGS and found that Livingood is available but in Open Files, so they don't keep them on file. I went and tried to pull the report for Arlis, but the section was missing. I assume someone already had them somewhere. I don't suppose any of you guys would have a copy ? If I find it first I'll post here that I found it! Thanks Cory Oh, I think I found it here: http://www.dggs.alaska.gov/pubs/quad/livengood Yay google....
  10. People see their money dissapearing infront of their eyes and they get a little freaked out.
  11. GoldBellMining

    Your Finds This Year?

    Wow very gorgeous! Is that small bits fo platinum in the background?
  12. Anyone have any good pictures of finds this year? Gold or otherwise!
  13. GoldBellMining

    Gold Price Crash

    Dick, I hope that your right and it levels out soon!
  14. GoldBellMining


    Sorry! Wasn't trying to junk up your thread, your completely right. I guess I got a little over excited about Geophysics, It really is such an exciting subject I guess I tend to over do it.
  15. GoldBellMining

    Locating A Claim

    Do you guys know anything about the colorado creek trail at all? I found the claim but its about 5miles NE of the Elliot ... only way I can see out there is colorado creek trail, but it looks like it may cross over the creek.
  16. GoldBellMining

    Locating A Claim

    So I have been offered to work a claim by a very friendly person, but I am unsure on how to locate the claim on the map. I have a ADL Number, And I located the region, but none of this information help me with google maps, or with the Alaska Mapper, Would anyone be willing to shed some light on how to view a claim on a map whether it be google maps or if i need to go buy a map book to match the regions.
  17. GoldBellMining

    Locating A Claim

    Thanks Geo! Apparently I was overlooking it, Looking too many places and not focusing hard enough I guess!
  18. GoldBellMining

    Keene 4" Deluxe Or Ultra Mini?

    Thanks for the advice! These are the kind of things I wouldn't know about til after they happened, so having a heads-up really helps.
  19. GoldBellMining

    Locating Gold

    While looking up information and trying to arm myself further with more knowledge, I found this .... WHOS THAT GUY I SEE? I think it might be our very own Chris Ralph! Thanks Chris for this useful information!
  20. It seems like the daylight just keeps getting longer and longer. I remember why I love Alaska.

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    I just started diggin into this, http://www.dggs.alaska.gov/webpubs/dggs/aof/text/aof100.pdf Some Geophysical Anomalies in the Cook Inlet Region South Central - Alaska
  22. GoldBellMining

    The Hanging Flume

    Wow, I hadn't looked at this post earlier, but just out of curiousity I looked and I am glad I did, this is truely a symbol of their genius.
  23. GoldBellMining

    Keene 4" Deluxe Or Ultra Mini?

    Thanks Steve, I just couldn't justify the expendature. I'm trying to save up for my own claim so I won't have to travel as much, and get stuck doin the free claims :\
  24. GoldBellMining


    I found this link http://www.zonge.com/PDF_Papers/GeophysicalProspectingMethods.pdf while researching Geophysics to understand more about the subject, and it really helped me to understand alot of the terms that I was having to look up and figure out the meanings of and their relations.
  25. GoldBellMining

    Locating Gold

    Shucks, I can't even find any information on this video on the History Channel :*( Oh well, better luck next time.