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    GoldBellMining got a reaction from manVSgold in Detector Purchase A Must.   
    I was pinned against sort of this same thing today, I knew I wanted a Fisher Gold Bug,, But 2 or Pro was my question...
    I liked the power and the price for the Gold Bug 2, but I found it to be more advanced than I wanted for my first quality detector. I am a novice in every since of the word and I felt I would spend more time fidgeting with the knobs and doing a lot more guesswork than actually metal detecting. So I decided that even though this may be the better machine for finding small nuggets at larger depths, this was not the detector for me.
    So I decided on the Gold Bug Pro, which ended up coming with 2 coils, the 5" and 5" x 10" ... I liked the ability to identify the signals and depths visually VS no Display at all on the Gold Bug 2
    Being a Noob, I think I made the right choice...lol
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    GoldBellMining reacted to gmeyer in Dredging And Mercury.   
    Geo- Chlorine is the answer, think about it... every American household has a bottle of bleach under the sink?.....The ancients had it right it was the Cl in the NaCl ...the chloride "cl" is what dissolved the gold.
    John- You wouldn't use salt in a modern process like the ancients did, so you wouldn't be killing all the plants the ancients probably did. Modern chlorine generation equipment uses the salt to make cl2 chlorine gas, used in a closed computer controlled reaction chamber make it a safe and environmentally friendly process. 
    Goldbellmining- hopefully this has answered your questions
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    GoldBellMining reacted in Gold Drops Under $1500   
    Gold will always push back up with the next money crises.  just around the corner.  
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    GoldBellMining reacted to Reno Chris in Gold Deposit Geology   
    This paper is kind of technical, but is packed with all kinds of interesting information about the geologic settings for hard rock gold deposits and how they form. Take a look and see what you think. If you want to post any questions about it, feel free and I will do my best to answer them.
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    GoldBellMining reacted to Steve Herschbach (Inactive) in Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?   
    "I think that only 5% of the people who go for gold can make a living isnt because of the lack of gold, but because of the lack of determination and hard work that it takes to get it."
    Try less than 1%
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    GoldBellMining reacted to Steve Herschbach (Inactive) in New To Dredging In Alaska   
    If I was doing it on the cheap it would be a good pair of neoprene chest waders and shoulder length gloves. My first ounce of gold would buy the drysuit. If you can't find the first ounce of gold - you do not need the drysuit!