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  1. Sometimes you just have to put away all the BS and go have some fun...
  2. RotGrub

    What If

    The National stage and our outdoorsmen issues overlap. It is my hope and the opinion of many others that this country is primed to move to the right. Trump is not my first choice nor my last but he has called out the ruling class in a manner that appeals to most Americans. You can argue his policies but the issues are more than valid. For similar reasons we see a socialist giving Hillary a run for her money. Point being everyone is feed up with the ruling class. Don't misunderstand me, I'm fully aware of the difficulty in front of us. Just know that there are people working on this and we are making progress.
  3. RotGrub

    What If

    Yes, Geowizard, I do know for the most part how things currently work. I also cannot accept what they have offered. A national unified organization that speaks for the nation (not just western states, not just miners) will never be created if everyone just accepts the conditions that they have create. There is over 70 million outdoorsmen nationwide with an annual economy of approximately 650 billion. 60 years ago did a handful of socialists give up? Was the United States of America culture and liberties too much to overcome for their collectivism ideology? The NRA has 5 million members and they have been very successful; we can learn from them. Why not outdoorsmen? are we too stupid? lazy? selfish...I cannot accept that they are smarter than us and just surrender. I (we) may be completely defeated; no argument, However I also know that if nothing is done we have no chance. You may be surprised of what we are capable of. I believe we are gaining some traction. We are working very hard and I'm excited about the future. You want to know something? politics are not restricted to government and politicians. The very same issues regarding power and wealth have creped into many outdoorsmen organizations... You need the people /members first, then the leadership will follow or be replaced... Regarding regulations... well yes, and when these regulations are created and enforced by the stewards of the land with science and commonsense policies instead of deception and lies issued by the socialist; I will agree with you. But when unelected unaccountable agencies use the environment to advance their socialist agenda I will disagree. The word regulation is a strange word is it not? Your knowledge and wisdom would be appreciated and strengthen our cause. We just need to be positive and continue grinding forward. If that is not possible, I would then request that you do not work against those still in the fight.
  4. RotGrub

    What If

  5. RotGrub

    We Are Miners

    I thought it was a great video as well. So I uploaded the video to a host of sites and it received great support. It had something like 300 views in a few hours. I received numerous emails and comments all in support of the video, then on the GPS site someone starting saying that the video was over the top and that we just need to all get along and all we need is a seat at the table bla bla bla.. In his next comment he suggested that I was promoting violence... The people over at GPS are really good guys and they informed me that they had to take it down; not because of the content, but where I posted it which was linked to the front page of the site. It was becoming a unsightly argument on the GPS front page so everyone saw all the bickering. I was in agreement with GPS and they instructed me to repost in a blog or forum that wasn't connected to the front page. I can't say enough about the GPS guys. They handled it respectfully and it's now back up here and on GPS. However, the GPEX Canadian Gold Prospectors site banned me without notice. I started receiving several PMs from the Canadian miners expressing their support and informing me how screwed up Canada was but were too afraid to post publicly. There were several more that posted openly their disdain for the Canadian regulations and the next day I was banned. The Australian's over at Prospecting Australia flipped out and told me to put it back up and "screw the greenies" They are great people and I've learned a lot about Australia and how they mine. So the only way to remove the link was to delete the video and re-upload it with a new url. I also spoke with Shannon at AMRA and he also loved it, to be safe I sent it to one of my attorneys and he confirmed I was on firm ground. Geezzzzee.
  6. RotGrub

    We Are Miners

    Sorry guys, I removed the We are miners video. It Seems that a few people were offended by it and that was not my intent.
  7. Been a little ticked off so I made this nice video... We have issues that need attention. Loud is good.
  8. RotGrub

    Rotgrub Moving South Part 1 & 2

    Chris, I agree. TP1 & 2 are located in the current creek which I believe is an old tailing channel. There are no big rocks and only a few cobbles in this area. The history tells us that the old timers stockpiled their material and waited for the creek to flow. I'm guessing they diverted the water flow to the north side of the claim and ran their long boxes in this area which is where TP 1 & 2 are located. The goal was to find the old creek and perhaps virgin ground, this is why we moved south of TP2. This claim has a small drainage area with a couple of lode mines nearby. The gold and material is course which tells me it did not travel too far from the source. The area between the current hillsides is only 300 ft or so wide. The old creek must be located in this area but TP3 suggests there is approximately 5-7 ft of overburden over the old creek. Even though we did not recover any gold from TP3 it still gave me some info that I didn't have. Our plan is to go back to TP2 and continue running this material until I get motivated enough to dig another test pit further south of TP3. I really cant complain about the gold we are recovering in TP2, we are averaging 2 grains per 5 gal bucket which doesn't sound like much but that is almost 1 dwt per 10 buckets which adds up over each weekend running 40-50 buckets of material. In addition we have taken 2 nuggets over 1 dwt. I call this gold second hand gold as it must have been mined and escaped the old timers long boxes.
  9. RotGrub

    Rotgrub Moving South Part 1 & 2

    Chris, The FS had issues with where we were parked... He thought that we might start a fire if we drove into the meadow where the dry grass is high. We were parked / camped in the dirt... This FS officer was one of the officers that pulled a Taser on 2 AMRA miners on another claim... This little claim has produced good gold (for us) in the tailing channel; our best weekend was 5 dwt... We decided to look for the old creek bed and began test pit 3 about 50 ft to the south of test pit 2 which we believe is located in the old tailing channel. In part 1 & 2 we test panned and even did 5 bucket runs as we went down through the layers and nothing but traces of fine gold. The cobble got me excited but I believe these cobbles were picked out of the old pay dirt and stacked in or near my pit. I like you diagram as it gives a dose of reality as to not just finding the old creek bed but more importantly the pay streak... I'm now right at the edge of safety and if we decide to further investigate we will need to bench or shore the sides. I'm at the point of abandoning this pit but we hit what I believe is bed rock at 7 ft. Take a look at the third video and let me know what you think. http://youtu.be/imdrvBB5jhA
  10. Trying to keep this forum alive... We've been prospecting a good AMRA claim in CA and the two videos below show our activities in search of the old creek bed. I'm no expert but give my theories as to past activities and where the old creek bed might be located. Any advice is appreciated... part 2
  11. This is just one of thousands of programs to destroy CA and ultimately the US. These socialist began their work over 45 years ago by infiltrating the public school system and now have 4 generations of indoctrinated mush supporting and/or running all facets of our government. Add to this the importation of multinationals with no regard of our culture and this is what you get.
  12. The nylon screen began to fail after 67 buckets... The next tailing screen will be designed with stainless steel removable screen trays that can be easily cleaned or changed in the field. However, the nylon never plugged during its use. If it were a bit tougher it might be a economical solution as the cost for nylon is about 45% cheaper than SS.
  13. Possible theories for my problem My tailing screen is plugging up and I can’t explain why. I’m at the point that I think there might be a physics issue occurring which is beyond my knowledge. Background: I have designed and built a recirculating highbanker which consists of a plastic 70 gallon supply tub which feeds a powder coated steel vortex cone that is isolated with rubber and plastic washers to a 24 gallon aluminum sediment tank. The vortex is connected to a 2.5hp Honda water pump with 1 1/2” flex PVC pipe and brass couplers. The pump feeds the highbanker with 1 1/2” flex PVC pipe and brass couplers connected to the PVC spray bar located in the highbanker’s plastic hopper. The highbanker is constructed from aluminum with a short rubber v-mat, miner’s carpet under zinc expanded metal, under a zinc riffle system. The tailing screen is made from ash & poplar wood with a stainless steel 60 mesh screen mounted to the wood frame. The bottom of the tailing screen is fabricated with galvanized sheet metal which slopes from both the front and rear to the center where a 4” PVC discharge outlet is located. The cavity between the SS mesh and bottom GSM is 1 1/2” on the front & rear and 4” in the middle at the drain outlet. Operation: The pump pulls water from the 70 gal supply tub up into the vortex where the heavier -60 particles are spun down the vortex into the 24 gal sediment tank. The sediment tank has a vacuum gage which operates between 60-30 psi. By design the vortex pulls cleaner water up into the pump and pressurizes the highbanker spray bar system. The highbanker washes the material and discharges the tailings onto the tailing screen which are brushed off with a nylon street broom. During the process the tailing screen is brushed constantly to remove the tailings and prevent the tailing water from filling up the screen. The tailing screen sits on top of the 70 gal supply tub with the 4” outlet extending below the water line of the supply tub into a funnel pipe to collect the -60 material into the vortex. I have used a similar system without any problems in other areas with different material with the exception of the vortex tank. The 60 mesh never plugged up as I’m now experiencing. My first thought was the new material had a higher concentration of fine particles which was the cause of the tailing screen plugging up. But after running 150 buckets of -1/2” material I can say the condition seems to not be created by the concentration of fine material. The more material you run the concentration of suspended clays increases which should result with more plug ups as the suspended clays build up. This is not the case. I have experienced these plug ups within a 10 bucket run with relatively clean water and have no plug ups in 40-50 bucket runs where the suspended clay concentration is at its highest. It has no pattern related to the water viscosity as it occurs randomly through the runs; at different times and different days. On closer inspection it seems like there is a vacuum on the bottom side of the 60 mesh. It almost has a sheen created by a film of water. If I beat on the screen with the brush and brush both forwards and backwards rapidly it seems to release the water and quickly drain and I can the proceed to run several more buckets without incident. So here are my questions: 1. Could a vacuum be created under the screen? 2. Could the minerals in the material and the brushing action with a nylon brush over the SS screen create a magnetic field or some other issue and be attributed to the problem? 3. Could there be magnetic particles in the material which are sticking to the SS screen which their concentrations are equally as random as the plug ups? It doesn’t make any sense to me. I was going to just replace the 60 mesh with 50 mesh and see what happens but I really believe something else is going on. There are videos of this system in operation above if you are interested in helping me solve this problem.