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  1. We have a hard rock mine in Montana and we have got a lot of our small scale equipment from Jason and his dad at MBMMLLC.(Mount Baker Mining & Metals LLC) We bought one of their first shaker tables and impact mills to use to process some of our old mine dumps for free gold. Our mine has small pockets of high grade ore with fairly large chunky gold. So far, all we have been doing is locating these pockets with metal detectors and using hand tools (impact drills, hammers, chisels, and a micro blaster) to chip out the ore that shows visible gold and packing this ore out in 5 gal. buckets. We crush the ore, pick out the larger chunks of gold, then re-run the picked material through a smaller jaw crusher, the impact mill and then onto the shaker table to recover the finer gold. So far we have recovered 50.2 ounces. In order to step up production we would have to clean up the tunnels so we could blast and move out material in small ore carts. But for now we'll continue to look for those places that the early miners missed. We are operating under a Small Miner Exclusion which lets us do just about anything as long as we don't disturb more that 5 acres on the surface and reclaim any areas that we do disturb. No other permits are required for the type of mining that we are presently doing.