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  1. hardrockpaul

    Manganese Markets

    Chris : Thanks for the comments. I agree that the transport is the big issue. I know of several deposits on BLM that could produce big tonnage, but after dust and smoke settles good possibility that the transporter is only one that comes out on top. I think China buys it too, but on other side of the earth. Another possibility might be someone that uses it for something besides steel, and possibility of trucking to somewhere closer.
  2. hardrockpaul

    Manganese Markets

    Been a hardrock prospector for years here around Wickenburg, Az. Have often run across what looks like some reasonably good Manganese deposits. Is anyone aware of any potential manganese markets for the small miners, I understand that big companies and big government try to keep monopoly on things to try to keep the little guys squeezed out, but there might still be an opportunity somewhere. Thanks for any comments.
  3. hardrockpaul

    Small Scale Hard Rock Mining

    I don't know much about the other states, but here in Arizona there seems to be all most no interest at all in small scale hardrock property. A person would think after the price of AU went up a few hundred percent interest would have also went up. Seems like there was more interest 8-9 years ago when the price was around $250.00 per oz.