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  1. MadJack_ME

    Mining Based Reality Tv Shows

    <p>ICG will starts second season March 6. It will be interesting to see the scripting I was told about & how they were forced into situations when they knew better.</p> <p>From the sounds of how things went, I'm sure glad I wasn't involved!</p>
  2. MadJack_ME

    Ice Cold Gold!

    Oh my gawd, right out of my brain and out through your mouths! Almost everything said above is right in line with my thinking while being filmed in GL last summer. Of course I can't say such things due to a confidentiality agreement that protects the 'third-party production crew' [as ignorant as they are about mining-science-life in general], as well as discovery communications llc and animal planet's behind the scene secrets. Steve62, budgets must be seriously "padded" for the lush champaign parties, extra [read unnecessary] travel, and better accommodations for the *gold rush* production crew!
  3. MadJack_ME

    Ice Cold Gold!

    I made it a point not to piss & moan about the others... on camera. And, I have more time mining/prospecting than any one of the others... longer than 3 of them have been alive! Too bad they dumped my good stuff and interviews on the cutting room floor.
  4. MadJack_ME

    Ice Cold Gold!

    Season II is in the can & the guys are back home. I was "not invited back". I have heard season II will air Feb/March.
  5. MadJack_ME

    Worry The Bedrock

    Nice page UB, nice photo's and beautiful specimen!
  6. MadJack_ME

    The Show... Season Ii

    Leonard, thank you for the flowers and the invite. Would love to visit before we get too old to go out! John, I was hoping to meet ya after 17+ years of online dating! LOL IF I can get the guys to stop, I'd love to pick your brain in person. So much stil left to learn from an older full-timer! Chris, you said it, I didn't! P.I.T.A. is an understatement. Thom Beers formula for Reality TV... says someone must leave the show, drama through creative editing, element of DANGER must be portrayed at all costs!
  7. MadJack_ME

    The Show... Season Ii

    Well gentlemen, I am not returning to Greenland. I toiled with the idea of going back all winter/spring but ultimately the network or production company made the decision for me. Official word is that I "was not invited back". The other seven left Monday. Now, while I have been released from my contract with Discovery Communication LLC [owns animal planet] I am still under a confidentiality clause. I will answer some questions but don't be pissed if I answer "can't say". Now, on to the rest of my summer... I will be heading to Kalifornia for the month of August to help assess a claim owned by some friends, just north of Hoser's neighborhood. September/October will find me in Quebec checking another friends 9 claims just a few miles from where we have found a 1/3oz nugget and a 3/4oz nugget in Maine. Yes we had 4 detectors on site, one being a Minelab 5000. No air-time. Yes I prospected though most wasn't shown because the editors decided I needed to be the "wilderness guide". I'm a Licensed Master Maine Guide with 25+ years experience, not just a wilderness guide! Not sure if season II will air but they're heading back...
  8. MadJack_ME

    Ice Cold Gold!

    The show... season II I will start a new thread under the above name.
  9. MadJack_ME

    Brown Compressor Parts

    RussP, ever find that parts list and address? Love the old pics Steve!
  10. MadJack_ME

    Brown Compressor Parts

    Steve, the one you posted [ebay listing] above is the one I have. Looks like someone got a smokin' deal on that one for $49!
  11. MadJack_ME

    Brown Compressor Parts

    yes, I talked with Bob. He put these on his dredges while retooling for his own design. This one was NEW in 2002, yes I believe it is a WR Brown. Nothing on it says 'speedy' though. 'Brownie' never responded, it's been TEN days! Russ P, I'm looking for the intake/filter cap that snaps into the top center of the compressor and will buy two so I have a spare. Thanks in advance for the information!
  12. MadJack_ME

    Brown Compressor Parts

    Steve, there is nothing on that site to indicate they had anything to do with the compressor on my dredge. Mine looks like an oversized T-80 with less but larger fins and a top intake. Anyone else know of another site?
  13. MadJack_ME

    Brown Compressor Parts

    thank you Steve!
  14. My Dahlke Micro 4-B came with a Brown compressor. I apparently lost the air-intake/air-filter (snap-in top of comp) Does anyone here know where I can purchase a new one? Is Brown still in business? Thanks...
  15. MadJack_ME

    Why Are Dredge Sluices So Short?

    GoldHog.com Doc has a whole webite including a discussion forum on his mats. Bolt through nozzle=newbie or a lazy-dredger. There are tons or video's where experienced dredgers never drive the nozzle into material being dredged. "Hoggers" get plugs, people who won't stick their face in the water get plugs, people afraid to lay down in the water get plugs, because dredging takes two hands! As far as short sluices, I'm with Steve... Since I rarely dredge roadside and carting long items through tight woods sucks!