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  1. goldtrader

    Small Trommels - 1 Yard Per Hour

    Hi Chris I forgot I posted the trommel with pictures on AOs clasified forum.
  2. goldtrader

    Small Trommels - 1 Yard Per Hour

    Hi Chris I have a friend that has had a trommel for a long time and i could not find one so this winter while it was slow i built one. Due to the high cost for the reverse helix i build a couple to offset the cost. I dont know how much it runs in an hour but i put two 2.5 gal bucket in about 3 min. No problem whith rocks to 2 or 3" i wash of the larger ones and toss them to the side. I set the angle to get aprox. 3/16 concetrates then use the hose to wash it through a clasifier. It get gold I have to use the blue bowl to get. It weighs 55lbs, 45 with the motor taken of no tools needed so it is easy to get to remote places. It is a reverse helix and i run it on a 1" water pump at idle can run it all day on a tank of gas. my friend has had his for about 15 years and still going strong. Several times we have paned the tail pile and have yet to fing even black sand. first time on the forum but if you can tell me how attach pictures or send me an email adress i can send you picks. I am asking $1400.00 for them but will take things in trade. Need new coil for the 4500, one of those gold screamer batt packs and i have a couple of specifc guns i have been looking for. Anyway this may be the trommel for you. I could ship it or just to meet ya i may bring it up to ya so you could test it out for gas or some lessons on using my 4500. havent used it that much althougt the first and only nugget i ever found was 55.5 grams Matt