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  1. Looks like ya all had a good time. What's it look like up that way for dredging this season? I'm not a political guy but we have a good group running for office, for starters Jim Chimlic out of Idaho county is running for Lt. Gov., he has been fighting for mining every since the EPA started in on us last year. The whole group running together are what we need IMO for Idaho. Take a look and pass it on if you like what you see, these guys all want the fed's in all form out of our waters and forest. Thanks Ken
  2. I have used both pumps on dual 6.5 Hondas 6" dredges. From what I have seen the Prolines volume is better, and water in the box runs smoother, with a little loss of suction at the nozzle. Keene has a little better suction but I get class 5 whitecaps in the box at the same rpm. Jeff is pretty proud of his pumps but fill the action of water in the box is worth it. Am I the only one to ever notice this? Chime in if you have more to add. Thanks Ken
  3. Ken Byers

    Little Help Please

    Thanks guy's. Wish me luck. I won't post what's going on because to many enviro's use these sites to head us off. We need a private site that is invite only. Thanks again Ken
  4. I have a meeting with the state land board and lost my files, some I have found but am really looking for the one from CA where they did a study on dredging and found no harm to fish or water from this year. Any other links of modern science and fact would be great. Thanks Ken
  5. Ken Byers

    Headed To A Diferrent Country?

    EW Good luck with your dredging in Brazil I have heard more good then bad about that area.
  6. Ken Byers

    Headed To A Diferrent Country?

    Anytime, maybe we will get the 8" out on a test run and we will see how much you like that monster............lol
  7. Ken Byers

    Headed To A Diferrent Country?

    rockcrawler88 got to feel what it's like on the end of a 6" this year and now he................WANTS ONE...............just tell the wife it's NOT my fault. I started this thread and I miss understood it's Honduras he was talking about.
  8. Ken Byers

    More Garbage From The Icl

    Thanks for posting it there. Yes, I checked my spam seems I always have problems with that site when I forget things. I am still on the river one of the cafe's was wifi sometimes will check again in the morn. Took the day off got one ear that is mad at me. Thanks again. Ken
  9. Ken Byers

    More Garbage From The Icl

    Would someone add the link to the 49'ers site once again can't remember password and even though it say's it was sent to me it never does. I would like the reporter to get a ear full of truth not Idaho Conservation League bullshit
  10. Ken Byers

    Headed To A Diferrent Country?

    I will do more checking. He has been working there for years so I don't know whats up then. He just wanted me to run the 8" my contacts can grease the wheels to get gold out. Thanks
  11. Feel free to share the link and send your point of views to the author. http://magicvalley.com/news/local/gold-miners-frustrated-by-new-epa-permit/article_7107be48-07cb-11e3-b66a-0019bb2963f4.html and if someone can make the link shorter please do. Thanks Ken
  12. Does anyone know much about dredging in Venezuela? Got a 8" headed that way maybe a 10" and my 6" if I go. I was told to worry more about getting shot then eaten by some big lizard. The amount of gold they do a day would be hard to turn down. Any real information would be helpful, can't trust what I read on the net. I ran into a buyer that has contacts in the area he was looking for 50 POUNDS. Ken
  13. Ken Byers

    I Want Your River Trash

    Occupy the river will be in Idaho County. The county sheriff there is the only constitutional sheriff in the state. The county sheriff has more power in his county then any fed's, he can remove them or even arrest them if need be. It's a start or we can just wait until we can't mine anymore then figure it out. The PLP is fighting a good fight as is Dave and the 49'ers, but with the PLP bad mouthing Dave it shows we are all not in the same fight now as a group. The state of ID is waiting to see what happens in Utah before we go after the fed's also. I can't and won't go into detail on what's going on here as miners are not the only ones who view this site. This is not my first fight with the EPA, DEQ, or Forest Service. I grew up in a logging family in northern ID. I am already working with a few law firms, but at the moment the EPA has done nothing to harm or impede me so a suit can not happen. This in not my first rodeo, I don't sit and bitch I do whatever I can. Ken
  14. http://bb.bbboy.net/thenew49ers-viewthread?forum=2&thread=1099