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    Commercial Drywasher

    no problem mine I got made up locally by an old guy who has been making them on and off over the years mine is about number 30 he has made over the years so has been fine tuned. The trays run on a bellows system works welI get about 60% recovery some fines are lost through gold being caught up in little clay balls or if ground is not very dry, there are a few units that run a trommel / scrubber they get a better recovery on very fine gold. these units are much bigger than mine and have a higher through put - also a lot more to go wrong and cost more to build. there is a 6 tray version which will run 15tph which in hindsight would be better cheers Tom
  2. flying kiwi

    Commercial Drywasher

    hey fellas I run a large dryblower over here in Western Australia runs about 10tph over the decks depending on the ground, break even for my operation is 0.2g/t check out my youtube page for a few videos username - zealand81 https://youtu.be/oQGs43PQ5ds cheers Tom