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  1. chrisski

    Asteroid Miner's Setback

    I'm so afraid that we'll spent hundreds of millions or billions only to find that the mineable asteroids are no more common than mineable minerals here on earth.
  2. chrisski


    Being relatively new, I'd thought about using this to pull gold from my black sand, but the sand left over from my concentrates is not rich enough. I have a five gallon bucketful of black sand of concentrates that I estimate may have a gram worth of gold left in it. For that reason, I'd decided not to mess with amalgamtion. I also don't know the amount of mercury I'd need to charge and put in that sand anyway. I'm still saving my black sands. Although I can't remember the exact amount and from what I've read, to make amalgamation worth the effort, the sands need to be rich enough to see the gold with a loop in each sample I take. My sands are not that rich. I may use amalgamation someday to recover gold, but it will be under a specific set of circumstances, definetly controlled, and after I learn a lot more about it. I appreciate any comments.
  3. Geowizard-- Thanks. Probably should have started out as saying "things I need to do before leaving my house to go prospecting to stake a claim." I try to leave the house with at least three or four areas to check out when looking for a new claim. Sometimes putting eyes on the unclaimed territories turns out to be completely different than the I thought'd be from the research. Kind of enjoy the exploring, and hope to some day get a claim worth the effort.
  4. Three things I need to do before I go to stake a claim 1) BLM records Search as mentioned 2) County Recorder search 3) Land Status search: You'd be surprised how many people have filed with the BLM for a claim that reflects in GEOCOMMUNICATOR or LR2000 and its invalid because its state trust land. This is the AZ site https://land.az.gov/. Going through the records above take me about a week to narrow it down to an area I want to go through. Still, with doing everything above, what you've researched can still be 100 days out of date and you can find yourself on a piece of land that has been staked, but not yet showing in any records. You don't need to file with the county until after 90 days of putting the posts up. Wandering upon these posts on a 160 acre recetnly staked claim that does not reflect in the records may be impossible. Only one post needs to have claim info on it. It then can take a couple of weeks for Yavapai County and BLM records to update. You can do everything right and still be on someone's claim. Took me eight months to learn everything above on my own. I like the mining claim programs out there, but they are not updated daily, so you can still get more accurate records by doing your own research.
  5. chrisski

    Beware Of Phony, Junk Metal Detectors

    I guess if the VA waiting lists are not responsble for deaths, their very well could be no counterfeit metal detectors out there. http://buzzpo.com/latest-internal-va-report-claims-wait-times-tied-deaths/
  6. I like the New Age Mining trommel at www.newageminingequipment.us. Its more rugged than others I looked at like the California Sluice and Javelina. The website rates it at one to two unclassified tons per hour in their field tests, but I do not run near that level.
  7. This is my first post here and I'm excited to have found the forum. I was looking in my first topo map from 1981 from AZ and noticed that only about 3/4 of it had section / township range info, and it was the 1/4 of it that didn't that I was interested in. I got turned onto Geocoder from another forum which if I know the Township info will deliver coords, but needs to be entered in a specific script to get results. This even gives coords of lots. I've found this to be more accurate than putting the tac on the map for the Geocommunicator maps. GEOCODER ======== http://www.geocommunicator.gov/TownshipGeocoder/ and use the lat long section. It gets entered exactly in this format: AZ,14,8,0,N,4,0,W,8,NWSE,0 So, this is: 8N 4W Section 8 North West Quarter Quarter of South East Quarter. Zeros are placeholders for no data, so if you wanted to know the whole boundary for the mile by mile area, enter 0 where there NWSE. It will even give Lat Longs for lots. The State of Arizona (AZ) Salt River Basin (14) Township 8 Subdivision 0 North Range 4 Subdivision 0 West Section 6 North West quarter / quarter of the Southeast Quarter Section