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  1. Thanks Eric. I will attempt to find a copy of the book. I will study what you propose so I can grasp your ideas. Stan
  2. What type of commercial equipment is available for desert/dryland material processing? I have seen 151 drywashers ganged together and that looks interesting. I have also looked at some of the Goldlands equip .if I get back to WA this summer I want to visit their mfg facility. Seems strange to be looking at desert equip in western WA. Anyone here have experience with Goldlands? And I am not affiliated in any way. I am investigating this idea and would like to reduce the handling of raw material as much as possible. Also I would want to reduce the size of the crew necessary for safe efficient operation. Please share your thoughts and experience. Thanks,
  3. y My apologies Chris, I should have specified how we use the trommel. It is used primarily as a sampling tool and most of the use is 2-3 days per week during the fall and winter and less often during the summer here in AZ. We have on several occasions run it as a semi production unit running 4 or 5 yds per day for a couple of weeks at a time. It is certainly not a production piece of equipment and is not advertised as such to my knowledge. We feed it by hand with shovels sometimes but mostly with buckets. It is labor intensive to operate as a recirc unit as we do. Too much repeated handling of the material. Fill buckets, empty into trommel, empty the tailings bucket in the recirc tub and so on. We also drywash with a 151 and then use the trommel to clean up the cons. This is probably our most productive use of the trommel. But a very expensive piece of clean up gear. All that said I still like it.
  4. My partner and I have run a New Age Reverse Helix trommel for two years without any appreciable wear to the pvc barrel. If there is any issue it would be small gravel becomng caught in the helix requiring manual removal occassionally. Otherwise this tihng has been bulletproof. We run it as a recirc unit. Electric drive and pump 110V.
  5. But all Location Notices must be filed with the County Recorder in the county where the claim is located. Many County Recorders have an online searchable database these days with more adding that feature as demand warrants. It does take time to learn to navigate the LR2000 but it's what you have to do to obtain the info needed. The BLM is slooooooow to update the LR2000 especially now during the fee and filing season. So cross checking with the county recorder is necessary to find the latest claim filings in a county you may be interested in detecting. In Arizona the AZLand.gov site has a Parcel Viewer feature that shows land ownership. As stated before it is difficult to determine land status but it can be done with a lot of work. Probably why clubs are so popular. Clay and Ruby have a good tutorial on their site for the LR2000: http://www.minerdiggins.com/Ripple/rc/read/tuts/LR2000F0.html
  6. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/gas-powered-water-pump I have heard good reports on these pumps. One recomendation was to use synthetic (sp) oil in them. I have not personally used one.
  7. Au+

    Az Aerial Survey

    Thanks for the the links Geo. How are trommel builds coming along?
  8. This photo was in the Wickenburg newspaper about a week ago. They were refueling in WB and conducting the survey near the Crown King area according to info in the newspaper.
  9. Au+

    Eolian Placers

    Hey, I resemble those remarks Barry. I will be sure to check out the article and try to quit thinking like a wet lander :-)
  10. Thanks, I had forgotten they sell trommel parts.
  11. Well, I guess that's the proof I don't know $hit........! Happy New Year !
  12. Geo have you thought about the use of composting toilets for Ophir? Might be a better method than burying "it" in 55 gallon drums and score some points with the green machine.
  13. Sounds great. Care to share the website???? ;-)
  14. Killjoy I'll look up your deal, but still getting the cheap trick too...... Gotta be better than drinking out of a hoofprint as everyone I've met from Texas claims to do.