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    Here is a photo of the little patch - the dirt in front of Steve - just to show how small an area it was. It did stretch uphill a ways behind Steve, but it was small.

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    Au+ reacted to Geowizard in Limestone Gold Relationship   
    Do a search for "Models and Exploration Methods for Major Gold Deposit Types" + "Paper 48" Author Robert F. Brommecker et al
    It shows illustrations and examples of Reduced Intrusion Related Gold deposits hosted in limestone.
    - Geowizard
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    There is also a set of 7-8 videos on you tube entitled Ore Geology 101 (by Andrew Jackson) .  Helpful and gives some examples of how sedimentary units (such as limestone) are altered and intruded upon.
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    Au+ reacted to chrisski in Small Trommels - 1 Yard Per Hour   
    I like the New Age Mining trommel at www.newageminingequipment.us.  Its more rugged than others I looked at like the California Sluice and Javelina.  The website rates it at one to two unclassified tons per hour in their field tests, but I do not run near that level.
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    Killjoy    I'll look up your deal, but still getting the cheap trick too......  Gotta be better than drinking  out of a hoofprint as everyone I've met from Texas claims to do.
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    Intrusives like the one shown above are usually seen as a simple hill. Yet upon taking a closer look, you climb to the top of the hill and find that it is made of quartz. The intrusive may be mineralized with gold and silver. There-in lies the importance of carrying small light weight inspection tools like a magnifying lens known as a "loop".  
    To be continued...
    - Geowizard    
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    I think I read in one of your posts that "your" pluton is associated with a fault or near a fault. So which comes first, time wise, the pluton or the fault. Is a fault not associated with a pluton as likely to have valuable minerals nearby as a fault with a pluton or is there no correlation? Thanks. I am curious because the area I am working in AZ has a few faults. I assume (dangerous) all faults are not equal?
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    Thank you for the informative reply. Appreciate it.
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    I learned there are simple, elegant solutions to very complex problems!
    - Geowizard
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    Thanks Geo.  In addition to being a miner you must be a mind reader too.  You are answering my questions before I can type them........
    As difficult as it probably is to keep equipment operating in the Ophir environment, I imagine keeping your crew operating efficiently is the bigger challenge.
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    Okay, so your planning on doing a 1099 on everybody so let me rephrase my question.  How many contractors do you foresee needing to accomplish your goals for the coming season?----K Rose
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    Au+ got a reaction from Geowizard in Ophir Placer Gold Mine - An Example   
    Hi, really enjoying this thread. Post 45 outlines going forward plans. In 2016 you have projected plans for a rather large increase in equipment. Along with the additional equipment there will need to be an increase in personnel. Especially if still planning to run 20 hours per day. So housing, food, potable water, laundry facilities, toilet facilities, etc will have to be expanded also, right? I am interested in the planning and logistics to pull it off. Thanks for a great read.