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  1. goldminer101

    100 Year Flood Gold

    That sounds epic. Whenever I get into a bind with gold mining equipment I usually check Gold Rush Trading Post for special deals. I have never been disappointed.
  2. goldminer101

    Small Trommels - 1 Yard Per Hour

    I think that you're looking for something like the Mountain Goat Trommel. It is a small trommel that fits your needs very well.
  3. goldminer101

    Why Are Dredge Sluices So Short?

    I don't know why but my dredge from Gold Rush Trading Post that I bought a few years back doesn't seem that short to me. Not as short as yours at least. Weird.
  4. goldminer101

    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    I am planning on using my awesome dredge from in Alaska this next summer, along with a metal detector. I think it is personal preference IMO.
  5. goldminer101

    Last Summer in Alaska

    I will always remember one of my best friends, my mountain goat trommel. After I bought this trommel it became my best friend. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a trommel for Alaska. Thanks for the great story.