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  1. Khrysos

    Reviews On Vortex Dream Mat

    We have had great success w/ mines in Australia actually eliminating their cyanide leach, because the Dream mats were capturing such a high % that what was left over to leach was unprofitable. Plus we are seeing huge success w/ beach miners who are feeling compared to the standard conveyor belt matting, its night & day. We have crusher companies mounting the crushers on top of the sluices & liquidizing the crushing in a single run getting great fine gold recovery. We have wash plants in Alberta reducing their cons w/ before finial clean w/ great results, reducing the finishing load by 10x. In short it has been very interesting to see the market acceptance of the Dream Mat in fine gold recovery.
  2. Here is a 5 min video showing the ability of a hydro cyclone separating sad & clay. Although there are specific short clones, or maintenance clones used for clay, the principle is solid. http:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=scovFSpYnfw Or the title is "Hydrocyclone Performance - Removing sand & London clay from water. But there is a better way to drop silt & clay from your water, but it again in the mining industry that you must look.
  3. Khrysos

    New Vortex Sluice

    Thanks Shasta Ca., That’s why I love my Uncle Dave! he's been sluice & panning for more than 40 yrs. All his mining buddies put me on the plate like fresh meat when I told them I was going to do something NEW. Every time they said, "that can't be done, or that will never work, or they tried that & no one could get it to work". It just added fuel to the fire. My goal was never to proove someone wrong or call something bad. I saw an application that looked promising, fleshed it out w/ 100's of failures (but each time always a little glimmer of hope). My Uncle said after we got it going w/ the duct tape/card board/cut up crème cheese containers; "don't believe it, but it works. Works better than anything I've ever seen." But that’s just his opinion. Fine gold, that’s what were after! The big stuff is easy. I'm a 1 man show with a day job & a family to support. So whenever I get time, I will be updating stuff, web, testing. This is going to be fun! I have some PHD friends that are helping me with my other new stuff, that showed me how to do Flow Visualization of my Sluice & how to mark the gold so we can see how it flows thru the sluice. Gotta builds a some special boxes, but this summer I'm hoping science, data testing, will silence the nay sayers. Want to eliminate the Ford vs Chevy thing. True scientific testing will prove it out. Not all those FEILD variables that can happen, if you know what I mean. I got dreams, "PROSPECTORS DREAMS"!
  4. Khrysos

    New Vortex Sluice

    Taking existing technologies, sizing them or combining them to meet the ever increasing challenge of making this world better. I laugh when people say, "what you fixing", "what's broken?" Hmmmm, let me recall my experiences & observations in the field, a limited and small as they are! 1st time expanded metal that goes over the carpet POPPED out & flew across the creek while trying to get it out during clean-up! Try to figure out who the rocket scientist was that designed a sluice SO short that when ya scoop the dirt in, the fine cloudy stuff just drifts over the top w/ out touching the bottom, (oh, there must be no fine gold in the fine dirt). Trying to grab the piece of quartz that has the gold on it before it rolls out the sluice. Or seeing the gold on the black ribbing, then panning out the cons & thinking WT# did it go? Panning out out a sample spot & finding allot of gold & then running the cons from the sluice from that spot & finding LESS! Then test the spot again & finding more, scratching my head thinking, this sluice needs a math lesson? Watching people check there tailing piles w/ metal detectors for the big ones the sluice forgot about. My personal favorite that I watched on TV was the box overloading so much, dirt was spilling over the sides, BUT THOSE GUYS ARE PROFFESIONALS! Ok, here is a NO BRAINER, vacuum bag gets so clogged it dont work no more (carpet, miners moss, riffles). Bagless technology is solving that. Hey that's a CYCLONE. Hmmmmmm. This is not an charm contest, its science. http://www.dyson.com/vacuum-cleaners.aspx Watch the video if you dare to be inspired! Change happens every day, it coming to the prospecting world also. Hope this guy never gets into prospecting, every ney sayer on this post so far would be screwed! Nope everything’s just fine. I'm new at this! Can anyone tell? I'm the new frog that jumps out of the hot water! (I sure hope everyone know that analogy!)
  5. Khrysos

    New Vortex Sluice

    Eric, Problems the design is supposed to solve; A normal horizontal riffle creates a breaking wave horizontal axis vortex. This is a problem cause just like as on the beach as the ocean floor rises the wave collapse on the shore & the vortex fails. So as the sluice box riffles fill up the vortex moves out & fails, or becomes varying & less efficient. Vertical Vortex design has the vertical profile driven from ABOVE that is a function of the water profile not the BOTTOM profile. So I don't have to worry about 2 things being in the same place at the same time. The water profile above stays constant & drives a mini stream powered vortex to separate out the heavy's. The normal sluice uses gravity only in 1 direction to capture gold. Vertical Vortex design uses it in 2 directions w/ a slightly added 3rd force to capture gold. Using accelerated g-force to separate, like a hydro cyclone, the vortex creates the neg pressure zone in the center, plus uses the accelerated force of the draining function of the whirlpool to "pin" the heavy material to the bottom of the cell. All things we see in nature & see in the physics of a hydro clone. A body at motion tends to stay at motion; this classic "truth" still is constant as the day is long. ALL traditional sluices try to STOP this. Or the gold would stay in motion out the other end of the box. The Vertical Vortex design (like a hydro cyclone) accelerates the body at motion & uses mass/density/gravity all to its advantage to separate the material by such. The heaviest material wins every time! STREAM POWERED! Hydro cyclones are expensive to operate w/ large pumps & material leaving the apex are not just sorted by density, but size so require re crushing or multiple sized clones..... The sluice I have designed requires a prescreened size material, like every wash plant & trommel or by hand operator NORMALLY does in a high production operation. With the cells & the water flow adjusted to accommodate the system it is supporting. I general, No carpet, stop & cleanup are almost to good to be true! Add the fact that the diameter of the cell & its varying pressure zones capture small to large gold. Yup every system has it differences & limits. No one system solves ALL ills. But How many steps did this system eliminate from the traditional sluice? I count 3. How many problems did it solve from the traditional sluice? I count 2. Plus put on top of that a finer gold recovery rate. I get excited every time I think about it. Tradition is good, but there are time we just want to get the gold! I have fun doing both! Oh wait till ya can clip one of these cells into a Gold Grabber Pan, (can ya see it, are ya excited?) Traditional panners way squeal, but let everyone have the fun that best suite them. No worries! Montana Dave
  6. Khrysos

    New Vortex Sluice

    OK the poster is killing it so here it is in pieces; https:// scholarworks. alaska.edu /handle/11122/1111
  7. Khrysos

    New Vortex Sluice

    Notice the previous link was broken; https://scholarworks.alaska.edu/handle/11122/1111
  8. Khrysos

    New Vortex Sluice

    Steve, Yes I have been attacked at every turn & I'm truely sorry you felt my poor behavior. I'm trying to do something new. & everyone who believes that what they see on TV is the extent of the technology being used in mining all over the globe. Every day I work with engineers, that try to re-invent the wheel. Why? take the right wheel, size it to a problem that needs an answer. If the old wheel is not broken, then why fix it? BUT, I hope & may fail at trying to bring what works in one field into another. Technology if it works, should seam like magic to the customer. I'm trying to take the science & physics that work from the largest mining manufactures in the world & make them stream powered for our freinds in the creek. And if it did not work like MAGIC compared to the existing sytems, the I have no magic. Time will tell, it always does. Science & physics don't care or feel, so either it works or it don't. Once again, my applogy for my rude sharp behaivior.
  9. Khrysos

    New Vortex Sluice

    Please name one professional placer gold mining operation in Alaska that uses a hydro cyclone? (I was zipped) Well, OK, I'll fine ONE if I look hard enough. What do I get, a cookie? Oh, what this link? https://scholarworks.alaska.edu/handle/11122/1111 If this is going to be a battle of the wits "princes bride" better have built up your immunity!
  10. Khrysos

    New Vortex Sluice

    Steve, to claim no REAL mines don't use Hydro cyclones, then I reply back with the above, "with the chip on my shoulder" you claim? Yes, a chip! Yer #XXXX on the list of people who have said what you deleted from this post. That will never work, no ones does that! Teddy says it better than me for those groups of people who continually display their ignorance about trying to do it new or better! “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” ― Theodore Roosevelt As far as if it works, Time will tell, it always does!
  11. Khrysos

    New Vortex Sluice

    So..... Steve, I really don't know how to answer that. Because if I were to google image search hydrocyclone what would allot of the images being, but of large overseas mining company manfactures selling there clones, or if you were to get on an direct industry search, the 100's of mining manufactures that make clones for mining. Ok, I'm gonna call Black, Black. I'm working with a company that is using some clones in there operation of a new mine in Africa this spring. The manufacture wanted me to get ahold of the owner, whos a company of USA mining equipment. I think it would be a waste of time for web space to copy & paste every hydrocylone used in a mining operation around the world on this site. So let the owner opf these mines know there not real. Cause Im sure they would have rather paid for it with monopoly money! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWzVqJgxzi0 Steve, send me your e-mail & I'll send you the mine flow chart.
  12. Khrysos

    New Vortex Sluice

    I'm so blonde! Do you mean clean up as in how the drop gate works in the creek? How the plenum diverts the concentrates to the bucket? I have 1 cheesy cell phone video of that. I guess I'll post it on my you tube channel.Feeling so unprofessional with cheesy videos. But we know physics & science don't change with good advertising, just like drinking a bud light don't make all those girls in the commercial show up at your bar!
  13. Khrysos

    New Vortex Sluice

    So in the clean up results? Boring pretending to find barely any gold in Libby Cr Montana? I got buckets & buckets of fresh material, but not much gold in it. I'm always interested in rerunning the tailings to see what was missed. So what you want to see is the salted test. Take know amount of gold. Big, medium, fine, dust. And run that sluice like ya stole it! Ha ha, game on! Be about 2-3 weeks to set up in the basement & run an uninterrupted clip. Whats gonna be funny is everyone trying to figure out why I need 3 sets of cells, when the 1st set does all. Yeah, its always the same. No one thinks we haven't tested & tuned the crap out of this design. But I'm the same way.Let's go sluicing, I will link you tube post to this with done. In the mean time, yer home work is to study & understand the basic principles of a hydro cyclone & why real mines use them, not a wash board.
  14. Announcing a new Prospectors Dream Vortex sluice box & short Pre-Review for Khrysos Vortex Sluice Box. The prototype you see will have a 2 new retail products available to purchase this spring. Riffle inserts for 8"-10"-12" sluice boxes for the DYI's to convert any box into a "state of the art" gold recovery system. A thermoformed 10" wide x 32" long sluice out of 3/16" thick ABS! That can be 'daisy chained' together for any length needed! Also custom design consulting & manufacturing services for all professional or large commercial dredge or mining application. Web site under construction; all sales will be thru exclusive distributorship. Please leave comments or e-mail; prospectorsdream@hotmail.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx3ib9Whc5U Thanks Montana Dave
  15. This should make every person whos trying to get fine gold out of sand excited. There will be riffles & thermoformed sluice avalible this spring!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx3ib9Whc5U If the link dont work, type in the You Tube search; Prospectors Dream, Khrysos Vortex Sluice Box. Watch the Sneak Peek clip.