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    Crushing And Milling

    Looks like an amalgamation tank inline from a stamp mill.
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    Crushing And Milling

    Hydrocyclone classification methods for very small scale milling operations. I would like to present this topic for discussion and would like to hear from anyone with hydrocyclone design or operation experience. In an effort to drastically reduce the amount of slime on my lab sized shaker table, I have setup 2 small primary cyclones in series (plus a 3rd fine silt removal cyclone to enable recirculating the overflow water ) for the removal of slime and reduction to primarily sulfide and heavy metal concentrates. The following images show a circulating induction point for the -50 to 100 mesh dry classified milled quartz / slate into a venturi powered by the intake pump running between 5-10 GPM. This thin slurry is fed into the larger cyclone (low pressure) constructed with a 15 gal cone tank and yields an underflow ideally outputting all of the metals and sulfides. The overflow of that larger cyclone is sucked into a smaller unit constructed with a typical woodworking vacuum cyclone modified with a lower cone addition. That output can yield some very fine mesh sulfides but mostly the slime that I do not want on my table. I am recirculating all of the water used in this closed 200 gal system so I have added a small commercial 50 PSI cyclone at the end to clean the overflow of this stage. The system uses two 1.5 HP electric irrigation pumps and works well for use it was designed for. A five gallon bucket of milled material can be fed in thirty minutes with ease and excellent results. Underflow is deposited in specially designed buckets with no loss of the desired concentrates. I realize that the entire overflow of a cyclones is normally fed to a slime deck table and the underflow cycled back for additional milling but I needed to eliminate the separate slime deck so I would welcome any comments or questions and hope that some suggestions may follow as well. Thanks.