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  1. artic gold

    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    Don't forget about Golds little brother Silver.. When I was a kid working at a gas stations we sold full service gas for around $.25 to $.35 a gallon. So way back then in the 60's you could buy a gallon of gas for about one silver quarter. Well here we are 2014 and that same silver quarter will still buy you about a gallon of gas. Another interesting ratio on Gold and Silver. A $20 gold piece was about an oz. of gold and the Silver dollar was a little over 3/4 oz. So the ratio was about 15 oz. of Silver =ed about 1 oz. of gold. Today the ration is very different. It takes about 65 oz of Silver for the 1 oz of Gold. So if you go back to these ratios Gold would be about $350 oz or if gold is correct silver would be $88 an oz. Of course none of this makes any difference but to me I don't mind keeping some Silver in the can with the Gold. Small Silver coins may be very handy to buy yourself a loaf of bread some day.
  2. A little history on these machines, The Cat was the first machine we built two seasons ago. We put an old Cat 225 ( cheap ) on top the first year and it was very worn so we replaced it this season with the 320 B. It was a huge improvement. The Komatsu was new this year, built winter of 13. I put a derocker on the first machine and a shaker on the 2nd one. No problem with the undercarriage after we learned how to keep the water out of the gear boxes. The sea floor has a very slow gradient up there so no big problems with keeping it level enough to run. Machines are very stable even though they look top heavy. The tracks are about 40k lbs from much larger excavators. We can dig about 13' deeper than the tracks but most of the time all we dig is about 3 to 5 ft. We can work most days in water up to 10' deep including what ever the surf is on that day. We have been able to run 24/7 several times but hard on people and equipment. Still a lot to learn about this type of mining. One group copied our design and built a machine. They have it up for sale after one season. There were 5 clones of the first one on the second season. Think several more are under construction this winter. I think the next generation designs will have cutter head and solids pumps on the stick instead of buckets. Seems the biggest problem will be finding ground to work. These machines are pretty cheap to run and can take on some pretty crappy weather so they don't need the very best ground to be profitable. Jim
  3. artic gold

    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    Perhaps a larger issues to consider on the future price of gold will be how much faster the Federal Gov. expands Socialism. What we considered normal trade with a Capitalist basis has now been transform in a Communist like Gov. controlled shell game. Our Gov. pour huge amounts of liquidity into any sector it see fit and for whatever reason it chooses. They could crash gold or make it go out of sight with just a flick of a button. GS and the FEDS all feed at the same place, your earnings. The system we have controlling our financial future has clearly established the new rules,, If you produce anything with labor or goods you will be punished and the more labor or goods you produce the more you will be punished with progressive taxes. AND If you choose to fail they will reward you. The more you fail the more they will reward you with someone else's labor and goods. Maybe a few ups and downs for gold but for me I can't wait to trade some more Federal RES. Notes for gold.
  4. That is not ours. The jack up barges you have seen in the background belong to Pacific Marine. They have two in operation 2013. Another barge of similar design also started last season. I have two crawler working within a few hundred feet of Hank and Shawn and have no idea how Discovery is able to edit them out of all the shots. Looks like they may shade them out. We would not sign up for the show. But we can not keep them from filming equipment so they should show up at some time. Most of the show is bs. To bad there are a lot of very good story's up there that would be interesting to watch. Seems all they want in the edit room is drama and more drama. The production crew don't seem to agree with the way they edit what they send in. They say 100 hours of filming = less that 1 hour of show. I still can not manage to upload any pic.
  5. I have tons of info. on this subject of offshore mining machinery in Nome. We built what we call a surf crawler based on a large set of tracks with a 200 class ex. and wash plant mounted on an elevated frame to operate in 10' deep water. I need to learn how to post pic. When I try to attach anything now this site sends me a file too large message. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. If you're thinking about Nome it's worth the cost to go up there first and talk to the guys doing it now. Most of them are very helpful and will share info when they are not working. I see some people think they have the magic idea on how to get the gold up there,,, Make sure you do your home work before you reinvent something that has already failed up there. ps if you apply for and get an Alaska Airlines CC they will give you 25k free miles, That is enough for one round trip from lax to ome on select days.
  6. I don't know how to attach a photo but we have been operating an elevated excavator/wash plant offshore Nome for two year. We can go into 10' deep water so far. New designs in the works to go deeper. In Nome the sea floor is very gradual so it's some distance out. If anyone is interested I will post a pic of our rig. That is if I can figure out how to do it.