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  1. Any one ever use a standard earth auger for punching a grid of samples? I have a hyd auger with a 6" and 10" bit. It goes on my mini excavator with rubber tracks. Some miners dig test holes and some do ditches. A ditch would be best down in the creek bottom but I want to test up on the hills with minimal damage. Is a auger just gonna jumble my sample with inaccurate tests? I want to gps and log in 5 gal buckets and take to creek on wheeler to run through a dredge
  2. carter

    Low Level Heating Ideas For Mine Buildings

    The politically correct word is "used oil" this day and age.
  3. carter

    Wash plant for mini excavator

    this trommel looks bullet proof, one thing I see is if you wanted to just throw a 1/4yd bucket from a mini in it that you probably would have a lot of the material 1/3 the way down the drum before it was soaked or tumbled good. Its going straight in instantly, referring to entry #16
  4. carter

    What If

    thanx RotGrub, it seems this day and age a guy has to pick his poison, im way up here in Alaska and slowly trying to graduate from dredging my claims to mining them this summer, so I am sure I will be getting more and more on board with the lower 48 mining issues, they will reflect up here more and more I suppose
  5. Anybody know what I need to expect for my 2016 APMA permits in regards to the aerial photo/photos? Under 5ac. and on state land. I have the bulletin from a few yrs ago but by no means photos now with all the snow, overflow, and ice are gonna show any detail of the creek. Thanx, Carter
  6. carter

    Cleaning Contaminated Gold

    Also it is a wonderful example of what the modern miner can be doing to help clean up the past!! Seen pictures of modern dredgers in the lower 48 with piles of lead(fishing sinkers, ect.) that got removed from streams too.
  7. carter

    Cleaning Contaminated Gold

    Dick, I know nothing about this process but the first picture of the gold I wondered where in all that sand the gold was hiding till you posted the cleaned picture,WOW, thanx for the colorful illustrations
  8. carter

    Gold Refining

    And a magician
  9. Anybody do the paperwork to aquire a piece of equipment from the state on a abandoned claim? What do they require, certain amount of time after filing, sending request to last claim holder? ect.
  10. Geo, I tried PM you twice and site said you cannot receive new messages
  11. I guess I thought I was Quoting to 21 and deleting duplicates, sorry
  12. referring to post 21, running a skidsteer for 10 hrs straight!!! The guy deserves to find lots of gold!!! Very hard on the back
  13. id like to see the guy that can run a skid steer for 10 hrs straight!!!
  14. So fill me in Geo, you still using your plants you built out of unistrut and 2 skid steers, mining long rows of tailing piles that have a road beside them, advancing down stream? You are running coarse tailings with no water, aren't you?(nugget hunter!!)
  15. Yep, ive been into DNR in Fairbanks many times but was hoping someone on here went through the process and told me the hoops/timeframe they delt with
  16. carter

    Mining Based Reality Tv Shows

    I myself would like to have been the first one on the show to slap the kids foul mouth, might've helped the ratings, probably got fired or they may have started a new show with me on it!!!
  17. So you are mining going down the creek? You meant up the creek, right.?
  18. thanx Steve and Geo, I am very familiar with the finger bits but on a very large drill, 100K lb.+ machine at a coal mine, ive drilled and been a welder rebuilding the bits. Can drill a 12 1/4" hole 140' in 12-15 minutes, and not have to change bit for a few days, thats drilling sandstone, but one 2ft layer of gravel with ruin the teeth on the bit which are cone shaped carbide. Typical bit has 9 teeth. My auger has the spiral center bit carbide, and the cutters are bolted on flat pieces, I may have to modify and use carbide tips, I just hope what works in gravel will do ok up out of the creek in the tundra because I bet it will be frozen clay just under the surface
  19. carter


    when I was staking my claims in the Bonnefield district in Alaska I was going up the side of a mountain on my Polaris 6wheeler. It was to steep for a 4 wheeler when I came to a super thick line of alder, once climbing into the thicket I realized there was a ditch and the alder had taken it over. I guess it was 4-5 ft deep and over a 1/4 mile long. getting back on the main trail and looking over on the side of the hill I could make out the alder line, old timers(archives go back to 1905-1909) must have hand dug this to divert spring run off to go to the head of the small creek in the tundra.
  20. the auger I have can take a extension that goes inside the main tube and can extend out with just a pin, I think the extension is 4' with holes every ft. so around 7' total depth
  21. carter

    Mining Based Reality Tv Shows

    This spring I put a resume in with the kid (Parker) and received a phone call interview from the discovery channel. I was seeking a 7 month leave of absence from my current employer when they called for a video conference, said they had 900 applications. While waiting for a answer from my boss I didn't answer the 3rd call and never heard from them after that. The last episode had not been watched yet and realized that the spot was to fill Genes position. I still wonder about how things may have turned for my family, Oh well
  22. it is on state land in Alaska that is basically abandoned from previous owner. It was placer claims and last lease permits were maybe 10yrs ago.
  23. carter

    Low Level Heating Ideas For Mine Buildings

    Propane seems easy all around, oil drip stove requires no electricity. How about coal? I think it is $65 a ton here in Healy. A comparison table - 500 gallons of oil at $3/gal $1500, equivalent coal at 7,500btu is 4.57 tons at $65/ton = $297, difference is $1,202 you save. A ton of the coal has 15,000,000BTU 100 gallons of oil has 12,000,000BTU
  24. carter

    What Qualifies As Assessment Work?

    I know in Alaska if you dredge(even if you have a recreational permit for same creek) on your leased claim you have to file on the mineral royalties if you used a dredge for sampling.
  25. carter

    Wash plant for mini excavator

    I have a mid 90s hitachi ex40(9000lbs) 35hp diesel that only burns1gal/hr wide open, it will reach 18' and dig 11.5' deep. I don't think a backhoe sitting at a trammel would be as useful only being able to swing maybe 180 degrees. A slightly smaller mini in the 6000lb range could be hauled on a car trailer also and probably find one in excellent shape for half the cost of the 416.