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    I guess the government wants to protect you from yourself !! Guards handrails and such
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    thanx Steve and Geo,
    I am very familiar with the finger bits but on a very large drill, 100K lb.+ machine at a coal mine, ive drilled and been a welder rebuilding the bits. Can drill a 12 1/4" hole 140' in 12-15 minutes, and not have to change bit for a few days, thats drilling sandstone, but one 2ft layer of gravel with ruin the teeth on the bit which are cone shaped carbide. Typical bit has 9 teeth.
     My auger has the spiral center bit carbide, and the cutters are bolted on flat pieces, I may have to modify and use carbide tips, I just hope what works in gravel will do ok up out of the creek in the tundra because I bet it will be frozen clay just under the surface
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    Try this and let us know the verdict. Take the old time moth balls and slightly bury them around yard, let us know if u got any more "piles around the back yard any more"!!!
     A friend just got back from Kodiak deer hunting and did this around a short tree that was hanging the meat at camp, he got a deer close to camp and just drug it closer to their, the carcass, hide, ect. was gone next day!! Meat still in tree 100ft away, Next day up on hill he glasses the camp and sees a brown bear sitting at meat tree just stairing at it!! He got that idea from a old timer up here but said they had to be the old fashioned moth balls.